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Embed submenu within a site


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There are several themes which do this, Binder, Sidebar.  If your staff want to stick with their current theme, you'll have to fake it with a Text widget menu.  If you make another page, add the text widget to this page, then use the Nested Page widgets you can add it to all the other subpage quite quickly.  If you're not concerned about updating these links often, then you can also copy and paste the text widget contents and the links will remain too.

You're going to be excited (hopefully) by a new feature in Galileo* (next release after Christie).  Sorry, I know you haven't got Christie yet and I'm going on about the next one.  From that release onwards, you'll be able to embed a site within a site, so your menus will appear in the way you want #remembertabs



*ETA mid-Feb

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@Graham Quince Cheers Graham - I have to say I'd had a look at the themes and although they'd get the menu there they don't really fit the style of the site or restrict the content area to a very small width.

I will probably end up doing this in the text widget which I was also trying to avoid as this will be very time consuming to do for a few hundred links in total!

I will look forward to Galileo!

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On ‎23‎/‎03‎/‎2018 at 16:12, Graham Quince said:

@Simon Law has turned this into a widget - thank you Simon

It's the the Navigation widget and available to download from the showcase


Is there some destructions with this???  How do I get it to only show some of the menu??  I get it needs to go in the "Start Navigation Path" bit but what do I need to put in it??

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58 minutes ago, Simon Law said:

The start navigation path is the path found by inspecting the menu item you want to start from.

<a href="#" data-link="/some/link/here/">



Champion...  was trying to use the data-uuid like we do for most things!! :D

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