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  2. Well that was a shock...... i thought i might have been in the running!! 🤪
  3. Obviously Paul has won this. Well done @pconkie - we've got slight issue with publishing his app, so I can't share it yet - but I'll be sharing here as soon as I can.
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  5. Widgets can really transform your actions in Frog but there's lots of them to get to know. We will be introducing you to these useful additions through #WidgetoftheWeek. View the full article
  6. Hi @gbligh, Looks like we need to add an IF statement to check for only assignments with start dates less than the current dates. Try this: <style> .row-template { display: none; } .assignment-widget-header { background-color: #231f20; padding: 1em; position: relative; text-align: left; } .assignment-widget-header::after { content: ""; width: 98%; height: 60%; position: absolute; top: 3%; left: 1%; border-radius: 5px; } .assignment-widget-header h1 { color: #fff; font-size: 20px; margin: 0; } .no-homework { padding: 1em; text-align: center; } .assignment-list { list-style: none; padding: 0 1em; margin:0 0 0 0; } .assignment-list :hover{ background-color:#ededed; } .assignment-list .assignment-link { border-bottom: 1px solid #ddd; padding: 10px 10px 10px 10px; margin: 0.5em 0; cursor: pointer; } .assignment-list .assignment-link p { margin: 0; } .assignment-list .assignment-link .assign-icon { width: 32px; height: 32px; display: block; float: left; margin-top: 2px; background: url() no-repeat; } .assignment-list .assignment-link .assign-details { padding: 0 1em; float: left; } .widget-header { width: 100%; height:50px; line-height:50px; vertical-align:top; padding-left: 20px; box-sizing: border-box; background-color: #0497da; border-top-left-radius: 6px; border-top-right-radius: 6px; border: 1px solid #cccccc; border-bottom-width: 0; color: #ffffff; font-size:12pt; background: #0497da; /* Old browsers */ background: -moz-linear-gradient(top, #0497da 0%, #0064cd 100%); /* FF3.6-15 */ background: -webkit-linear-gradient(top, #0497da 0%,#0064cd 100%); /* Chrome10-25,Safari5.1-6 */ background: linear-gradient(to bottom, #0497da 0%,#0064cd 100%); /* W3C, IE10+, FF16+, Chrome26+, Opera12+, Safari7+ */ filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient( startColorstr='#0497da', endColorstr='#0064cd',GradientType=0 ); /* IE6-9 */ } .widget-body { background-color: white; border-bottom-left-radius: 6px; border-bottom-right-radius: 6px; border: 1px solid #cccccc; border-top-width: 0; } </style> <div class="widget-header"> This week's homework: </div> <div class="widget-body"> <p class="no-homework">You've not been set any homework yet</p> <ul class="assignment-list" style="display: none;"> </ul> </div> <script> var getHTMLElem = arguments[0]; var assignments = FrogOS.fdp({ url: 'assignment/getAssigned', data: { status: 'open', limit: 15, order: 'start desc' } }); assignments.done(function(data) { var assignments = data.response.assignments, assignment; for (var uuid in assignments) { if (assignments.hasOwnProperty(uuid)) { assignment = assignments[uuid].assignment; var currentDate = moment()/1000; /// Convert from miliseconds to seconds getHTMLElem.find('.assignment-list').show(); getHTMLElem.find('.no-homework').hide(); if (assignment.start < currentDate){ var assignSubject = '<p><strong>' + assignment.subject.name + '</strong></p>'; var assignTitle = '<p>' + assignment.name + '</p>'; var assignEnd = '<p style="color: red;"><strong>Due: ' + moment(assignment.end, 'X').format('Do MMM YYYY') + '</strong></p>'; var assignLink = assignment.link; var liElem = '<li class="assignment-link clearfix" data-assignment-link="' + assignLink + '"><div class="assign-icon"></div><div class="assign-details">' + assignSubject + '' + assignTitle + '' + assignEnd + '</div></li>'; getHTMLElem.find('.assignment-list').append(liElem); } } } }); $(getHTMLElem).on('click', '.assignment-link', function(el){ $(this).trigger('os.app.siteviewer', { data: { site: el.currentTarget.dataset.assignmentLink } }); }); </script>
  7. Students really like it however they have notices that assignments appear before the ‘available from’ date. So, if staff set any assignments to appear on a certain day they will appear in list before that day. Is there a way to change that?
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  9. Whether in recognition of great work or good behaviour, a reward system is a really beneficial part of school-life. View the full article
  10. Didn't intend for this to be so soon, but I've had to update the Page Menu / Headlines widget. Version: 0.3.0 Altered the way the widget responds to page rules
  11. In order to help you know when a FrogCode widget or application is updated, I've created this thread. If you use the Follow button, you'll be emailed when there is a new post here. My plan is to make a new post whenever there is an update to any widget. And take a look at this code for an HTML widget to let you know what versions of each widget you have: For reference, here's all the version numbers of active FrogCode widgets - date: 6/9/21 Applications: Assignment Look-up - v. 0.0.4 Document Analytics - v. 0.0.7 Seating Plans - v. 3.2.8 Widgets: Activity Timer - v 0.0.2 Assignment Activity Hand-ins - v 0.0.14 Assignment Open Report - v 0.1.2 Assign with Title - v 0.0.3 Card Sort - v 0.0.2 Data to Form - v 0.0.3 Diamond Nine - v 0.0.2 Dice - v 0.0.3 Digital Signage - v 0.0.1 Directory - v 0.0.2 eBooks - v 0.0.3 Email Alert - v 0.0.2 ePortfolio Embed - v 0.0.1 ePortfolio Groups - v 0.0.6 ePortfolio User Details - v 0.0.8 Event Countdown - v 0.0.3 Exam Timetables - v 0.0.4 External Links on your Site's Navigation - v 0.0.2 Flash Cards - v 0.1.1 Folders (Site Assets) - v 0.0.2 Folder Search - v 0.0.1 Fund-Raising Thermometer - v 0.1.1 Google Folder Embed - v 0.0.3 Google Search - v 1.1.2 Groups Contextual Data - v 0.0.1 House Points Bar Chart - v 0.0.2 Image Slider - v 0.1.3 Join a Group - v 0.0.5 Learning Locker - v 0.1.2 Link Log - v 0.0.3 Link to File Lozenge - v 0.0.4 Link to Page Lozenge - v 0.0.5 MS Stream - v 0.0.1 Multi-File Upload (FrogDrive Folder) - v 0.2.4 My Notifications - v 0.2.02 365 Document Viewer - v 0.0.4 OpenDyslexic - v 0.1.1 Opinion Line - v 0.2.5 Padlet - v 0.0.3 Page Menu - v 0.2.6 Paper Cut - v 0.0.3 Personalised Welcome - v 0.0.2 Picture Series - v 0.0.7 QR Code - v 0.0.8 Set Keyword and Email - v 0.06 Set My Preferences - v 0.0.1 Site Favourites - v 0.0.2 Site Search - v 0.0.3 Site Sharing Status - v 0.0.3 Staff Parent Child Selector - v 0.0.2 Staff Remote Access - v 0.0.1 Style Control - v 0.0.4 Task Randomiser - v 0.0.1 Telephone Link - v 0.0.2 Traffic Light - v 0.0.1 Twitter Feed - v 0.0.4 Visitor Log - v 0.2.3 Week Indicator - 0.0.2 Who am I teaching? - v 0.0.2
  12. Here's a snippet I've just put together which you can drop into an HTML widget and get a list of all your installed FrogCode applications and widgets with their version number. Might make keeping track of what you're got easier: <style> .packageList { font-size: 11pt !important; width: calc(50% - 45px); float: left; margin: 5px; background: #FFFFFF; border: 1px solid #cccccc; padding: 10px; border-radius: 7px; } .packageIcon { width: 35px; height: 35px; margin-right: 10px; } .packageItem { width: 100%; margin-bottom: 5px; } </style> <div class="packageList"> <table class="installedApps"></table> </div> <div class="packageList"> <table class="installedWidgets"></table> </div> <script> Frog.Model.api('packages.get', { enabled: true }).done(function(response) { var apps = response.data.app; var widgets = response.data.widget; widgets.sort(sortFunction); for (var a = 0; a < apps.length; a++) { listPackage(apps[a].extended_data.appname,apps[a].extended_data.version,apps[a].extended_data.appicon,'installedApps'); } for (var w = 0; w < widgets.length; w++) { listPackage(widgets[w].name,widgets[w].extended_data.version,widgets[w].extended_data.icon,'installedWidgets'); } }).fail(function(e) { console.log("FAILED"); }); function sortFunction(a, b) { if (a.name.toLowerCase() === b.name.toLowerCase()) { return 0; } else { return (a.name.toLowerCase() < b.name.toLowerCase()) ? -1 : 1; } } function listPackage(appName, version, icon, type) { $('.'+type).append( '<tr class="packageItem">'+ '<td><img class="packageIcon" src="'+icon+'"></td>'+ '<td>'+appName+' </td>'+ '<td>Version: <b>'+version+'</b>'+'</td>'+ '</tr>' ); } </script>
  13. Here's an interesting snippet should anyone need it. A school deleted a collection, but kept the ePortfolios as sites, not realising that this meant the sharing would be transferred to each site. They were faced with manually altering 1000 sites, so I helped them with this: <div class="btn btn-danger shareChange">Change Teacher Comments share</div> <div class="shareStatus"></div> <script> var SEARCH_TERM = "old sites"; function getSites() { Frog.Model.api('sites.search', { exclude_sources: ["temporary"], filter: {is_eportfolio: "0"}, include_associations: "true", limit: "1000", offset: "0", order: {updated: "desc"}, query: SEARCH_TERM, requires: {columns: "false"}, scope: "global" }).done(function(response) { var sites = response.data.sites; $('.shareStatus').text("Found: "+sites.length); onebyone(sites,0); }).fail(function(e) { console.log("FAILED"); }); } function onebyone(allSites,i) { console.log(i); if (i < allSites.length) { if (i == 100 || i == 200 || i == 300 || i == 400 || i == 500 || i == 600 || i == 700 || i == 800 || i == 900 || i == 1000) { $('.shareStatus').html('Pausing for 1 minute to prevent maxing out API requests'); setTimeout(function(){ changeshare(allSites,i); }, 60000); } else { $('.shareStatus').html('Running '+i+' of '+ allSites.length); changeshare(allSites,i); } } } function changeshare(allSites,i) { Frog.Model.api('sites.sharing.set', { associations: {template: "0"}, external_url: allSites[i].external_url, is_external: "false", site: allSites[i].uuid },{ type: 'POST' }).done(function(response) { }).fail(function(e) { console.log("FAILED to share :"+i+" - "+allSites[i].uuid); }); Frog.Model.api('share.set', { permissions: 'none', target: allSites[i].uuid },{ type: 'POST' }).done(function(response) { }).fail(function(e) { console.log("FAILED to share :"+i+" - "+allSites[i].uuid); }); i = i+1; onebyone(allSites,i); } $('.shareChange').click(function(){ getSites(); }); </script> This removed the individual shares, although I had to go back over it and remove the profile shares. To do that, I removed the shares from one site and observed the API call. The permissions for share.set were stored as an object. The search term is what was a searched for in FrogDrive > Sites to identify the sites to change.
  14. Hi everyone, Over the last year we've had a couple of minor requests for changes to Seating Plans, which led to a version mismatch. (If you have a Delete All button, then you cannot make seating plans for registration groups, if you can make reg groups, then you won't have the delete all button) Changes for version 3.2.8, released: 2nd September 2021: Underneath the existing Delete button (which removes plans created in the previous year), there is a Delete All button which removes all Seating Plans. These buttons are only visible to the admin profile. You can now create Seating Plans for any group in Frog, not just classes. Previous versions of Seating Plans only retrieved plans created within 20 days of the current academic year. Admittedly we didn't check with Paul about that reasoning, but it was causing confusion so now Seating Plans returns all plans created. You'll need to use the Delete buttons to remove older plans. The developers at Frog are responsible for these changes, given our commitment to support Seating Plans for schools. I've forever grateful to our Frog Community Genius @pconkie for sharing. You can download the latest version of Seating Plans from this link: https://schools.frogeducation.com/community/frogcode/frogcode-showcase/seatingplans
  15. We've got a school keen to reuse their class sites, but they've made extensive use the Site Timeline for galleries. (Biggest one had 7.5Gb of files in the timeline) There's various support / dev options possible, but seeing as all they wanted was the exact same site without any pictures attached, I've prepared this code for an HTML widget. It's not 100% perfect (i.e. it could do with tidying up) but it clears out a site's timeline in the background: Site UUID: <input type="text" id="uuid" class="siteuuid" name="siteuuid"><br> <div class="btn btn-warning assetDELETE">DELETE Loads of Timeline Assets</div> <div class="deleteStatus"></div> <script> function deleteOldAssets() { var siteUUID = $('.siteuuid').val(); if (siteUUID) { console.log(siteUUID); Frog.Model.api('timeline.search', { context: siteUUID, limit: "2500", refresh: "true", requiredKeywords: ["timeline asset"], since: "0", target: "62D1A1EE20025294051F3FC408A84B01A904A4FC50D3E7CE" }).done(function(response) { var events = response.data.events; $('.deleteStatus').text("Found: "+events.length+" images"); for (var i = 0; i< events.length; i++) { Frog.Model.api('timeline.deleteevent', { uuid: events[i].uuid },{ type: 'POST' }).done(function(response) { console.log("DELETED"); }).fail(function(e) { console.log("FAILED"); }); } }).fail(function(e) { console.log("FAILED"); }); } } To get the Site UUID, I used Chris Smith's bookmarklet:
  16. Here's Chris Smith bookmarklet to easily grab a site's UUID From Wikipedia: Whenever I need to get a site's uuid, I have to right-click on the site, choose "inspect" or "inspect element" then scroll through the developer tools to spot the uuid. javascript:$(".os_core:first").one("click", function(ev) { var i = jQuery(ev.originalEvent.target), p = document.createElement('p'), l, r, s; i.is(".sites_core") || (i = i.closest(".sites_core")); l = i.data('controllers').sites_core.site.uuid; p.innerText = l; document.body.appendChild(p); if (document.body.createTextRange) { r = document.body.createTextRange(); r.moveToElementText(p); r.select(); } else if (window.getSelection) { s = window.getSelection(); r = document.createRange(); r.selectNodeContents(p); s.removeAllRanges(); s.addRange(r); } if (document.execCommand('copy')) { Frog.Controller.prototype.growl('Site UUID copied to clipboard', 'FrogOS Developer Tools', 'configmanager'); } else { window.prompt("Copy to Clipboard: Ctrl+C, Enter", l); } if ('remove' in Element.prototype) { p.remove(); } else { document.body.removeChild(p); } }); To make: Make a bookmark to a random page Edit the bookmark Replace the link with the code above To use: Click on the bookmarklet Click on the site- the Site's UUID will be copied to your clipboard.
  17. We have a complete guide to end-of-year / start-of-year housekeeping on this link: https://schools.frogeducation.com/community/training/housekeeping This link shows the steps involved in arching old users: https://schools.frogeducation.com/community/training/housekeeping/froglearn/old-users And this one shows how to get rid of old groups: https://schools.frogeducation.com/community/training/housekeeping/froglearn/groups
  18. I've got to delete all the old user accounts and classes, it there are walkthrough for how to do it?
  19. It is time to get recognition for your activities in Frog! We are pleased to announce the release of the Frog Specialist and Genius certification. As part of the Frog Digital First Training, brought to you through the new Professional Development platform, we are offering the opportunity to test your Frog knowledge whilst working towards a Frog accreditation. How it works There are three levels to collect: 1. Frog Community Advocate Simply register yourself to collect level 1 2. Frog Community Specialist Demonstrate your understanding of Frog to collect this level. 3. Frog Community Genius Show complete mastery of Frog and share your knowledge to top the levels. Are you up for the challenge? View the full article
  20. Another Conkie Special! Makes you wonder where he finds the time!!! 😜
  21. I've done a widget called "Check List" - I'm using it to keep track of learning objectives (no we don't have FrogProgress). but it could be used for lots of other things too. Faster and easier for the typical member of staff than FrogForms. Contribute permission required for students to submit their data to the teacher. Here is a 30 second video showing a new list of learning objectives being created (most of us have these lists already in word / excel, so wanted to literally be able to paste them all into frog in one go). new list.mp4 Here is a student filling a list in: fill out.mp4 Finally, needed a way of analysing all of the student responses. Here is a frog app called "Check Lists" which allows you to pick your list and review the submitted responses. No video because of real student names / pictures (blanked out on image below). I've borrowed heavily from the Frog Markbook for this part...
  22. With a decision from Government to move away from isolating bubbles and towards testing, here's you can manage it in your Frog platform... We asked a few of our schools how they intended to manage this new process in September and they've kindly shared their Covid19 Test Portals with us for inspiration. Using Frog Forms it is possible to quickly collect test results, obtain necessary consent and share important information. We have created a COVID19 Testing Portal that you can download from the FrogStore... To install on your platform Please access the FrogStore via the application link in your Frog platform and click install! Special thanks to Gosforth Academy and North Lakes School! View the full article
  23. Rather than try to fix Simon's widget, I've retired it and added in these features to the Page Headlines/Menu widget. It should do the same job.
  24. @Graham Quince did we ever fix this and how come the link no longer works?
  25. You can create accounts for new staff in the regular way using the Users app and the new user button. When the new academic year starts, there is an option in the Action Cog to reassign the MIS link to the account you created earlier. Once the new academic year starts, find the newly created account for the staff member, the new one will have a tick in the MIS column: And in the Action Cog, look for Reassign MIS Link. This pop-up will open: Frog will do its best to identify the appropriate account to switch to, but you can also search for the user in the Assign to search box. Once completed, you can archive the now un-needed account. Automatic importing is also possible (with a few steps) if SIMS The SIMS extractor does include an option for pre-admissions for staff, students and parents. However, Frog creates these accounts as Inactive. To use effectively, you need to follow these steps: Check the box for pre-admission in the extractor Once an import has run, uncheck the box - if the checkbox remains checked, the accounts will become Inactive at next import. Export all users (or just parents....) via the Users app and amend the CSV to make the accounts Active. Import this CSV
  26. We have loads of new staff starting in September and our MIS manages all the Frog accounts. Is there any way to create their accounts early?
  27. Before you return in September. It's currently undergoing last of the testing - and we really wanted it ready before the break, but it's looking too tight to make that end of term deadline.
  28. This looks like it might be useful.... whens the next release date?
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