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  2. Ive just spent an hour going though all the work for this week.... changing handed in to not done!!! Dont get me wrong i would have done the same myself given the chance..... in face do you think i can get away with it with the work i have to do????? 😜
  3. Got to be a pet hate of most teaching staff!!!! So you set an assignment and you add a Quiz..... File Drop.... and a Text Activity!!! Student sees they have loads of assignments and they want there parent/guardian to think they have done everything so they just hand it in!!!! Can there not be a way Frog sees that there are activities that haven't been completed so doesn't let them? hand it in? https://ideas.frogcommunity.com/ideas/FRG-I-1445 @Graham Quince
  4. Just been asked by a school if they could have an alert when their policies page is visited. The Email API requires a logged in user, but the Form widget does not. Using this code in an HTML widget with a Form on the page, you can auto-submit the form and trigger an email: <script> setTimeout(function(){ $('.btn-success').click(); }, 5000); </script> <style> div[data-content-uuid="WIDGET_UUID"] { /* Hides the form from view */ display: none !important; } </style>
  5. This virtual workshop is all about you, our Frog family. We know that this year has thrown plans into chaos and brought about the steepest of learning curves with the switch to online and blended learning. Your Frog platform should be working harder than ever in support of all this activity but in reality there are bound to be gaps where knowledge, time and motivation is just not on your side. The Frog Virtual Workshop is designed to bring you practical support and inspiration in a convenient format that's easy to digest. https://www.frogeducation.com/community/events/calendar/worksh
  6. As we find ourselves in yet another lockdown situation, we are keen to provide Frog schools with as much help and support as we can. In the Frog Virtual Workshop held in December, we asked how we could best support you in 2021 and our audience voted for more webinars. Whilst we intended to work on a programme that would run over a few months, we believe we can be of greater help to you by accelerating these sessions and providing the help needed NOW. We have started the ball rolling with five pre-planned LIVE sessions that begin this Thursday (7th January) at 4pm. The LIVE format en
  7. I sent it via the Forums direct message system.
  8. By email? m****@******k.bm Thanks!
  9. I have forwarded you a little something.
  10. Hi @mhamilton, Our Azure documentation is a bit outdated apparently (MS keeps making changes to the process). If you would like to set this up, I can create a ticket for you and one of our systems team will walk you through the process.
  11. That would be great Chris. We have ADFS active so would love to see your implementation with Teams. Many thanks!
  12. @mhamilton I am working on something with ADFS that I recently showed Graham. It would allow seamless teams and streams integration. It could easily be adapted for Azure SSO. If you like, I can throw you a copy of the documentation I wrote, get some feedback from another frog admin.
  13. Thanks Graham, can you direct us to more information with Azure SSO? With this active will it allow for better integration of the Teams environment? As you know one of your competitors is heavily pushing the integration with Teams - something our school is looking for. We have not heard much from Frog on this topic unless I missed a news update. We would love to see the collaborative side of Teams integrated into Frog allowing Teams chat, Teams Meetings and Teams breakout rooms. Any update on this. Much appreciated.
  14. I’m trying to create a way of finding students who’ve never logged into Frog, or haven’t logged in within a specific time frame. My idea was to compare the analytics login data with the user API to get a list of student who are current users but haven’t logged in. The problem I’m finding is that with ‘analytics.getStats’ there’s no unique data to compare against. I was hoping that the data would include the student UUID or Username but it just has the display name. Is there any way to get the API call to include the username or the UUID? Here’s the code: Frog.Model.api('analytics
  15. Earlier
  16. If you try again, then report the date and time of the attempt to the service desk, they can run a check which might indicate what the issue is. I know all files uploaded to Frog are virus checked, so I doubt that's the cause.
  17. I've had an email from a student (passed onto me from a Member of staff with the same issue) She is trying to upload a word file but it just comes up with an error!! I've tried all sorts and get the file to upload at my end (via her account) by saving the file as a copy of itself through Word!! She said she has tried the same but no joy!!! The wonders of trying to support students at home with there own devices!!
  18. Hi @Miss Morgan, I've logged into your school platform and trying to spot the assignment in question. It looks like most of the assignments have file drops which are allowing students to upload. We might need to know the name of the assignment to work out any specific issues. If the students are trying to use FrogSnap to hand in work, then for the moment, only the iOS version allows them to take a photo and send it to an assignment. The Android version should be released in the next couple of months. However, students can use MyFrog and their phone's camera to submit photos on bo
  19. I have had a flurry of emails this evening from students saying that they have been unable to upload files of work to the drop box I have for an assignment. Students are taking photos of their work and trying to upload the files. Why would this be happening?
  20. Hi Megan, You're not the first person to ask for this feature. It is a little tricky if pupils are handing in work but not actually uploading. One solution we've come up with is the Assignment Activity Hand-in report Frogcode widget: https://www.frogeducation.com/community/frogcode/frogcode-showcase/assignmentactivity Which was designed with pastoral staff in mind to be able to view individual students, their assignments and whether they were handing in work across all their subjects. One question I would ask you about the icon change you describe, is that if students han
  21. Hi there, I think only the notifications for if a student has made a file drop currently exists. My colleagues and I would greatly appreciate an icon to represent a file drop has been made in the markbooks. Currently the green or greyed-out tick system doesn't specifically let us know if a file has been submitted by the student unless we click to open each one. Would it be possible in the near future for this to become a feature? Frog is an excellent platform, and we would very much like to maximize its efficiency for us as language teachers. Thank you so much,
  22. Works for me!! Works for me!! Tried it in Chrome and Safari!! 👍
  23. I have managed to get Google Translate working with the HTML widget, if anyone would like to try it out and report back: <script> var google_translate_element, googleTranslate = document.createElement('script'); google_translate_element = $("<div>", { id: Frog.Utilities.generateSimpleId() }); window.setTimeout(function() { new google.translate.TranslateElement({pageLanguage: 'en'}, google_translate_element.attr('id')); }, 5000); googleTranslate.src = "//translate.google.com/translate_a/element.js"; document.head.appendChild(googleTranslate); arguments[0].append(google
  24. And the 10 who logged in between 11 - 12 pm on New Years Eve..... 😲
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