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  2. Thanks @Graham Quince - is there a way to turn off the games for staff, but still allow them to see what they got right and wrong? Also, will the data viewer only show their submissions?
  3. Depending on what settings you've set for you quiz (e.g. not in exam mode) staff should be able to see an immediate summary of how well they've done: They also see on the page the last attempt percentage: And if you add the Data Viewer to a page, they can see all the results: What you do not get is a Class Report / Quiz Report. That's limited to assignments only and you cannot set assignments to teachers. If you need to assess teachers, then maybe a form would be a better option. It won't do the marking, but you'd get the detailed answers;
  4. Can staff complete a quiz and then see their report? @Graham Quince
  5. Last week
  6. To use your own image, upload it in the File settings options and at the bottom of the icon dropdown, there's an option for custom. Unfortunately due to the way Frog is coded, you cannot use the custom image for an uploaded file. Widgets only allow one file uploader. (I suppose you could upload the file elsewhere, then use the internet link option)
  7. Yes, yes you are... ๐Ÿ˜œ
  8. I am probably being silly ... how do I add our own image as the button?! @Graham Quince
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  10. To ensure your Frog platform works smoothly as possible in the new academic year, hereโ€™s a reminder of the tasks you should work through on your platform: View the full article
  11. Inspired by the dashboards like Greenshaw, I've put together a new widget to make it slightly easier to create an icon driven menu. Image button (suggestions welcomed for a better name) comes preloaded with the icons available in the digital downloads section of the community. You can also upload your own images. https://www.frogeducation.com/frogstore/widget/image-button
  12. The simplest way to find a Form's UUID is to add the following code to an HTML widget: <div class="form_list"></div> <script> var htmlWidget = arguments[0]; var formList = htmlWidget.find('.form_list'); var site = htmlWidget.closest('.sites_core'); var siteUUID = site[0].children[0].children[0].dataset.siteUuid; Frog.Model.api('dataviewer.getlist', { // look at all forms on the site module: 'form', current_user_only: 'true', site_uuid: siteUUID }).done(function(allFormsResponse) { $.each(allFormsResponse.data, function(index,form) { formList.append( '<li><b>'+form.title+ ' UUID:</b> '+index+'<br><br></li>' ); }) }).fail(function(e) { // Report Error Frog.Controller.prototype.growl('Failed to find forms.','HTML widget','app-name',{time:5000, icon: 'sites/widget/'+self.packageID+'/icon.png'}); }); </script>
  13. We might be able to adapt the Parents Evening widget, but it is coded for times - rather than a seat. But a single form, set to Single Submission might work here.
  14. Using this link: https://www.frogeducation.com/frogstore/widget/link-page-lozenge - the blue button on this page: https://www.frogeducation.com/download_file/e8ae4496-abb9-45b6-9efb-10f4a11a0b2c/3990
  15. @Graham Quince Cough.... this is my finally getting round to trying to download this at home...
  16. I could think of a quick way to allow the kids to choose a table.......... give them a first second and third choice and it would only allow them to choose the same table once......................................................... The rest no idea!!
  17. Hi all, We would like students to be able to choose their seat at their prom. I am thinking of using a form, however, the seats will need to disappear as an option once a student has chosen it. We'd also like a way to display which students have chosen which seats easily on the page, so the kids can see where their friends are sitting. Any ideas?! @Graham Quince @pconkie @ADT
  18. Give your Year 6 transitioners a jump start with Frog View the full article
  19. Yep found that out today as well! And we use it all over!
  20. Our link to page widget has broken as of the patch release on Friday - I have reported it
  21. Still not working for me.... on my school laptop or on my phone? Anyone else download this? @gbligh@pconkie
  22. You can use CSS to force a new title and hide the old one, but it does tend to be problematic with different screen sizes. Alternatively, you could embed the app into a site and then name the site whatever you want.
  23. gbligh

    Code to rename

    Is there some code we could use to rename a part of Frog? For example, if we wanted to rename Progression Charts to something that we would choose internally? @Graham Quince @pconkie @ADT
  24. Strange it works for me, could it be blocked by Newcastle?
  25. We recognise the significance of exercise for adults, but it's equally important to encourage our students too. Walk to School Week aims to promote this by creating an enjoyable, engaging week for students. View the full article
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