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  2. If you find the uuid of the student profile group you could use one of the group apis to return all students. You might need to call a second api to get the specific details about the student you want (can’t remember what attributes are returned in the group api) but you can do this in batches rather than one at a time. You will have to go deep into promises and asynchronous code for this - argh!
  3. Not sure what you mean about all users. Looking at the API calls I can see (not directly at the codebase) it looks like you do need a user UUID for this. The Categories returned with fields based on the user (probably a bit of forward planning so that different categories are return on different set ups).
  4. Thank you That sounds like exactly what I need, just out of curiosity do we have a function that returns the same data as users.getOne but for all users? I am writing up a sync task and the less api calls the better, otherwise I am going to have to do 1 API and 1 MYSQL call per user. Whilst this is the nature of such applications, short cuts are always welcome.
  5. Hi UPN is available via a simple call: var user = FrogOS ? FrogOS.getUser() : this.getUser(), upn = user.pupil_number; And email and username are also included in getUser(); I take it you're after the MIS ID instead? users.getOne is returns a lot of information about the user, including the category UUIDs when you first look at a user in the Users app.
  6. @Graham Quince The category uuid for the MIS data was not easy to locate and I will assume it is a different UUID per server. The idea of the platform I am creating is for it to be used by other schools and thus I need a solution for finding the correct category with out user input. I am not liking the idea of writing an installation manual that says fire up Google chromes networking console and reverse engineer an internal API call. Is there a way for me to look up that uuid for mis data if not can an endpoint for it be added?
  7. Well, what ever you guys have done, I am now getting a response from the API.
  8. Hi Marcus, I asked a developer to check the error logs and there's nothing apparent. Can you try again please and note the exact time and how long before anything happens. We can then check the logs again and try to narrow down the issue. Graham
  9. Eager to continue on this project, any updates?
  10. Hi everyone, Here's a bit of CSS you can add to an HTML widget to hide the first three columns in the Data Viewer widget should you want to: <style> /* Hide first three columns in Data Viewer */ div[data-content-uuid="WIDGET_UUID"] .dataviewer-list th:nth-child(2), div[data-content-uuid="WIDGET_UUID"] .dataviewer-list th:nth-child(3), div[data-content-uuid="WIDGET_UUID"] .dataviewer-list th:nth-child(4), div[data-content-uuid="WIDGET_UUID"] .dataviewer-list td:nth-child(2), div[data-content-uuid="WIDGET_UUID"] .dataviewer-list td:nth-child(3), div[data-content-uuid="WIDGET
  11. Ok, hold onto your hat @Graham Quince because your now heading into one of my rabbit holes. So, firstly I have a function that uses the node js request library to make an API call on the Frog 1 API. This takes an API endpoints url and creates the API request with the oauth headers. const fCallAPI = (sToken, sTokenSecret, sMethod, sURL, oParams = { }, fDone) => { let oConfig = pFrogApi.config.get(); oPrototype.request(`${oConfig.oauth.frogsite}/${sURL}`, { method: sMethod, oauth: { consumer_key: oConfig.oauth.clientid, consumer_secret: oCon
  12. Yes please. The more clues you can provide the better
  13. I am indeed. I am using the same oauth headers as the api 1 call. Should I start sharing node JS code snippets?
  14. Are you including the header with this API call: X-AuthType: oauth_1_0_a
  15. All the 1.0 api calls work fine. I have tried 2 of the 2.0 api calls and they do not work and just hang. I would try more but, I have only dug up how to use: users.getSummary users.getDataInCategory If you have any for me to try I am happy to.
  16. Some schools use different aspects in SIMS for target grades and predicted grades and it can end up with the Attainment Table widget having to have both columns visible with no information in for the wrong key stages. I've just sorted this code which I thought I'd share: <div class="attainCSS"></div> <script> var user = FrogOS ? FrogOS.getUser() : this.getUser(); var year1011 = false, year789 = false; user.groups.each(function(index,group) { if (group.name == 'Year 10' || group.name == 'Year 11') { year1011 = true; }
  17. Hi @Marcus Goluch - I'm sorry, I was snowed under yesterday. I know you were stuck trawling the code. I've never used this before. I'll try to get a developer to take a look.
  18. @Graham Quince Can you please verify I am doing this correctly since all the internal API (2) calls just seem to hang and i never get a response. I am trying to query users.getDataInCategory as you sugested. MIS data is located under uuid 66851A4F2004C1C988B59F411F928605CB7D97BCEDF3177F. So, I am sending a GET request to https://<frog-server-address>/api/2/ with the following parameters: method: users.getDataInCategory _device_class: computer user_uuid: <Put student frog uuid here> uuid: 66851A4F2004C1C988B59F411F928605CB7D97BCEDF3177F This
  19. thanks @Graham Quince So, I can use the endpoint for the category API. What is the best way of getting the info on the internal API end points and parameters? Otherwise I'll be browsing though obscured frogOS java script clientside code looking for them for days. Frog's user front end is exceptionally complex
  20. Confirmed - the credits api refers to FrogPlay And When we say "External APIs", it is referring to APIs that we as a company do not change. these are APIs external users can use. Internal APIs might be adapted by our developers and while ideally you wouldn't use these, there is nothing stopping an outside of the platform, authenticated call from using them. Just be aware that Internal APIs are subject to change.
  21. Ah right. I'll ask, but the only thing with Credits that I know of is the FrogPlay credits. So it's either that or some never released functionality. I don't believe there is an external version of the category API. If you can't call the existing one after authenticating in, then I think you'll need to put it on the Ideas Portal.
  22. Hi Graham, Is there an API endpoint for users.getDataInCatagaory because I am using the external API. Also Balances is this thing here
  23. Hi @Marcus Goluch, Sorry, I've not heard of balances. Can you post a screenshot or let me know where they are referenced? To get user info, I tend to use the API: users.getDataInCategory with the params: user_uuid uuid (where the category uuid is the section of the Users app - annoyingly this uuid is different per school)
  24. @Graham Quince This one I think will need a dev to look at. Can i use /api/fdp/2/user/get to get a students enrolment number. At the moment it does not seem the API provides that. I am working on a user end extractor/importer for frog. This would allow server admins to import data from services like Bio-Store into our custom widgets.
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