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  2. Oakwell Rise Primary has SATs sorted by using FrogPlay. View the full article
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  4. It was very quiet in the last couple of days leading up to Christmas, so I finally got a chance to put together an advent calendar. Obviously too late for 2023, so all the links are set up for December 2024. There's 48 images on the front page, with Rules managing their visibility. Each "door" links to a different hidden page. There is a fun bit of trivia on each page, but I'd strongly encourage you to edit this and make it your own - you could add: prizes quizzes walls pictures videos messages from teachers You can find it on the FrogStore along with an example with a few open pages. https://www.frogeducation.com/frogstore/content/advent
  5. Love the King's speech stat!
  6. Hmmm it seems i didn't do this last year? Strange.... o well here are this years stats for anyone that wants to look and play Top Trumps! As usual, I have completed my yearly look to see who was on Frog over the Christmas Holidays... 🎅 3 users logged in between 23:00 - 23:59 on 24th Dec (last member of staff logged on at 20.39, last parent at 21.30) 4 users logged in between 00:00 - 01:00 on 25th Dec (a parent logged in at 02:37 while the first staff member wasn't until 18:20) 114 users logged on in total on the 25th Dec 2 users logged on during the King's Speech (3 pm - 3:10 pm) 7 users logged on between 23:00 - 23:59 on 31st Dec (the last login was by a student at 23:56) 11 users logged on between 00:00 - 03:00 on 1st Jan 220 users logged on in total on 1st Jan (including 2 Staff, 5 Parents & 1 Governor) 1760 users logged in over the holidays (including 71 Staff, 92 Parents & 3 Governors) with a total number of logins of 7174 Those who logged in managed to total 2474 hours on Frog or 103 Days!!! 2023- 2024
  7. Happy new year and welcome back. Jesmond Park Academy truly have started as they mean to go on! View the full article
  8. Before we wrap for the holidays to begin, View the full article
  9. 'Tis the Season for sparkles and snow… View the full article
  10. When your school closes, teaching and learning doesn’t have to stop. View the full article
  11. Nope...... cant be installed on personal devices is the current guidance.......... i don't see why though!
  12. I'll try to find some school contacts for you from the big FrogSnap users, but that's an interesting position by your data team. I take it all the controls around clearing images held no sway with them?
  13. So I'm being told by our Data Team that we can no longer use FrogSnap on personal devices? Only on school devices? Are you using it in your school??? Thanks Adrian!
  14. Hi Paul, I'm sorry you're having issues with the signage widget. I'll drop you a line and we can discuss it. Graham
  15. “Parental engagement has a large and positive impact on children’s learning” (Goodall et al., 2011) We know that parent communication is key for any school, however with busy lives and ever-changing schedules, getting hold of parents isn’t always possible and can become extremely time consuming. View the full article
  16. pdurber

    Signage Widget

    I'm having an issue with the signage widget. Once I've embedded it I can't add new pages to the menu without it crashing, or not recognising the new pages. The only way I can update it is to remove then add back the widget to page 1, which then means I have to re-type all the timings. What am I doing wrong?
  17. Your Frog platform can be used for so much more than just setting work. We’ve got a great idea to get more people going back to the platform regularly, which has worked time after time for Gosforth Academy. View the full article
  18. When Chris Langstaff at North Huddersfield Trust contacted us for some assistance on forms, we knew he was after more functionality than currently possible with Frog. North Huddersfield Trust School have been with us for almost 10 years now and Chris works hard to utilise their platform in a variety of different ways. View the full article
  19. ADT


    Hi Jamie... It depends on how you are giving the student the quiz.... If you add a quiz to a site you can set something called Examination Mode - which doesn't show them the answers Single Attempt - which means they can only attempt each question once. You can find these settings using the advanced settings button in the edit window. If you are setting it as an assignment there are two similar options Set as Exam Single Attempt Hope that helps! Adrian!
  20. ellesmere_jw


    Hi, How do I turn off the "check answer" function when I create a quiz? I don't want the student to be able to just keep trying until they get the right answer. Many thanks Jamie
  21. Bow School is a mixed secondary school in London who have been part of the Frog family for over 10 years. Their latest requirement found them looking for a secure and robust staff intranet. The purpose of the intranet was to be a "go to" for all staff and to act as a central hub. View the full article
  22. The summer holidays will soon be a distant memory as marking and class planning take over once more. View the full article
  23. I know we have the Site Favourites widget, but is there any chance of a widget that creates a 'Add to Site Favourites' button to be placed on a site? @Graham Quince
  24. Using the Pencil icon on the Quick launch, you can remove all the links you've set Globally and for yourself, but you can't remove links individuals have made. These links are by definition the links an individual wants quick access to.
  25. I’m looking to tidy up our quick launch to make it more useable. Is there a way we can wipe the quick launch completely (even things not added by us) so we can start from fresh? @Graham Quince
  26. There are a few pesky bugs to squash first!! 😜
  27. ePortfolio Embed and My Notifications both use a model connected to ePortfolios. It's a simple line change, but we were stuck waiting for everyone to get to Turing.
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