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  3. Yes, this was just a sort of academic exercise done by someone who was trying to understand the HTML widget and how to use it to manipulate text on pages. It was never meant to be a serious alternative to the Text widget. But it has turned into a bit of a competition between 2 members of staff.
  4. Thanks for that. I've had a look. Though there's no difference in the way each image is loaded, you may be seeing a difference in speed as some of the images are being loaded from other servers. Images loaded from Frog itself are usually subject to permissions checks as we want to make sure only the people who can view your site can view the images. This check doesn't take long but it's there. On the other hand, images loaded from other servers may take more time to download to your location. Or less! It's not an exact science. The HTML widget was originally intended for when you want to achieve something you can't do with other widgets; it's more powerful but is also more difficult for everyone to understand and update. Any speed differences you see will be dwarfed by random changes in your connection speed.
  5. Here you go. https://portal.fromecollege.org/app/os As you are Frog Staff I assume that you can get in to edit mode. The 2 "Coded" images/links are the Google Drive and Google Classroom ones.
  6. "creates the image using code" has me curious. Could you post a link to the site?
  7. Hi We've used a couple of methods to build links from our dashboards. links from pictures using the text tool and some HTML code widgets, which creates the image using code. Which is the best method for speed of loading? I have 2 members of staff arguing about it, there are egos involved, so I'd like to be sure of my ground before I say to use one or the other.
  8. Hi @pdurber Things got a little busy yesterday. Ticket created for you now
  9. @Graham Quince Thanks for all the advice yesterday, it helped immensely. And thank you to Amber for adding the extra page to all the existing portfolios. ๐Ÿ˜€ Did you put a ticket in about the duplicate sites showing? I haven't received anything.
  10. Dice is now available for download from the Community: https://www.frogeducation.com/community/frogcode/frogcode-showcase/dice
  11. ADT

    CV Maker

    Does the job.. was looking at some of our CV support files and they cover much what you did.... which I'm assuming as you will have done your homework you would have expected me to say!!
  12. ๐Ÿ‘Installed for you now
  13. ADT

    CV Maker

    You know me... i'll "break".... sorry i meant test it for you!! ๐Ÿ˜œ
  14. Excellent. I'll use just the site widget then, that works as long as I can remove staff from the list of people "Appraisal Management" is shared with. In the version that I want to use there's a "duplicate page" action button that allows the user to set up the next year's appraisal targets from a page hidden in the Management site, do they have to have sharing rights to that site to be able to duplicate the page, if so, I'll have to have a think about where I store it.
  15. Hi @pdurber Sorry, my mistake. The ePortfolio List widget will only show your eportfolios (or in the case of parents, their children's eportfolios). However, as ePortfolios are essentially sites, the Site List widget will show you all sites which match the search criteria that you have access to. For a Maths teachers, the site list widget above would list their eportfolio only For the head of Maths, it would list all the maths teachers For the head of school, it would list all appraisal sites. If you edit the widget to include the Search option, you can also search by department to see all the appraisals for a department.
  16. @Graham Quince "The ePortfolio List widget is in the Advanced Category" - yes I know, but at the moment it only shows my own eportfolio, not the ones I line manage (2nd list in screenshot obtained using the "Site List" widget and keyword, which also shows the "Appraisal Management" site to all staff.)
  17. Hi @pdurber The ePortfolio List widget is in the Advanced Category. The system does use Walls, as this information should be unique to the individual. I know a few schools who have swapped out the walls for central forms - but this does limit who can access what information. A line manager is unable to access their staff's appraisals when using forms, unless they are sitting with their appraisee. I'll email you and we can have a proper discussion. Graham
  18. I should have said - if anyone would like this prototype to try out, I'm happy to install it.
  19. @Graham Quince Some extensive investigation later........ I can get lists of the eportfolios using the "Site List" widget and a keyword. But not the "eportfolios list" widget ???? Bizarre. The guy who set this up appears to have done it twice. If I log in as a member of staff to see what they can view, there's 2 appraisal sites showing, one completed, one not. But I, as administrator, can only get to the current one, not to the one that I would need to delete in order to tidy things up - suggestions please. The system uses "walls" to record the individuals objectives, which I can't collect together at all. Even if I go into each individual staff members site?? How can I manage this better? Surely a form would be better? As it stands I would have to sit with a bit of paper, go into each person's objectives and tick off whether they've completed them and whether they were appropriate? In order to add this year's objectives to the menu I need the staff to be able to view the "appraisal management" site? or else do each individual one myself, or am I missing something? Happy to do a screenshare/Teams meeting.
  20. Graham Quince

    CV Maker

    Hi guys I started playing around with Forms and HTML and was able to produce this CV Template: Print view: The second page has a print button and styling to force the page to look like it's been printed from word as opposed to a web page. The form is set to be editable. I'm thinking that for a first CV for students, maybe even as an assignment it covers the basics, but does it need more?
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  22. How did I guess you are an IT teacher? ๐Ÿค”
  23. Iโ€™ll have to try that.... with the rest of the IT Dept Iโ€™m in... ๐Ÿ˜œ
  24. So, I'm thinking this wasn't set up correctly then. The site list widget shows my personal e-portfolio only, to get to ones I line manage I need to go into Frog drive to see them. Screenshare sounds like a good idea. When would be convenient?
  25. Talk to them, they're not used to social interaction, so coherent sentences and a smile confuses the hell out of them. ๐Ÿ™‚
  26. How do you tame an IT teacher???
  27. Hi @pdurber Happy to give you a proper training session over a screenshare if you like. But to answer your question - the site list widget will only show you appraisal sites you have access to. So for a department manager, the page called Appraisals will only list their team. For you as an admin, it will list everyone's site.
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