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    Hi Jamie... It depends on how you are giving the student the quiz.... If you add a quiz to a site you can set something called Examination Mode - which doesn't show them the answers Single Attempt - which means they can only attempt each question once. You can find these settings using the advanced settings button in the edit window. If you are setting it as an assignment there are two similar options Set as Exam Single Attempt Hope that helps! Adrian!
  4. ellesmere_jw


    Hi, How do I turn off the "check answer" function when I create a quiz? I don't want the student to be able to just keep trying until they get the right answer. Many thanks Jamie
  5. Bow School is a mixed secondary school in London who have been part of the Frog family for over 10 years. Their latest requirement found them looking for a secure and robust staff intranet. The purpose of the intranet was to be a "go to" for all staff and to act as a central hub. View the full article
  6. The summer holidays will soon be a distant memory as marking and class planning take over once more. View the full article
  7. I know we have the Site Favourites widget, but is there any chance of a widget that creates a 'Add to Site Favourites' button to be placed on a site? @Graham Quince
  8. Using the Pencil icon on the Quick launch, you can remove all the links you've set Globally and for yourself, but you can't remove links individuals have made. These links are by definition the links an individual wants quick access to.
  9. I’m looking to tidy up our quick launch to make it more useable. Is there a way we can wipe the quick launch completely (even things not added by us) so we can start from fresh? @Graham Quince
  10. There are a few pesky bugs to squash first!! 😜
  11. ePortfolio Embed and My Notifications both use a model connected to ePortfolios. It's a simple line change, but we were stuck waiting for everyone to get to Turing.
  12. When you say a couple............. anything we use? 🀨
  13. Hi George, We're aware of an issue with a couple of frogcode widgets, but the fix will break pre-Turing schools. I'll get them onto your platform today.
  14. We use the Portfolio Embed widget quite a bit, but it seems to have broken in Turing. Could that be looked at? @Graham Quince
  15. Hi everyone, It seems with the ongoing, ummm... issues with Twitter, that the latest feature to be removed is embedding tweets. I've got this happening on one test platform, is it happening elsewhere? We might need to pull the widget if it can no longer be used. Such a shame Graham
  16. OK sorry! The holidays are not quite here... But we wanted to say to all of you have a fantastic break! We are available throughout the holidays if you do need any support; you can contact us via the normal channels. View the full article
  17. Just had a case where we needed to display the form data in a table: <div class="refresh"> <span class="ff-refresh-mono"></span> Refresh </div> <div style="float: right;" class="btn download_doc"> <span class="ff-download-mono"></span> Download for MS Word </div> <div class="docx"> <div class="WordSection1"> <table class="table table-bordered table-hover my_data"></table> </div> </div> <script> var refreshButtonOBJ = arguments[0].find('.refresh'); var downloadDOC = arguments[0].find('.download_doc'); var docx = arguments[0].find('.docx'); var myDataDiv = arguments[0].find('.my_data'); var user = FrogOS.getUser(); var formUUID = 'FORM_UUID'; function getObjSummary() { myDataDiv.empty(); Frog.Model.api('dataviewer.gettable', { content_uuid: formUUID, current_user_only: 'false', form_uuid: formUUID, limit: 50, module: 'form', offset: '0', sort_dir: 'DESC', sort_field: 'date' }).done(function(response) { var submissions = response.data; myDataDiv.append('<tr class="headerrow"></tr>'); var headers = submissions[0].fields; $.each(headers, function(ind,field) { if (field.type !== 'freetext') { // Freetext is the text widget field myDataDiv.find('.headerrow').append( '<th>'+field.label+'</th>' ); } }); $.each(submissions, function(index, submission) { myDataDiv.append('<tr class="sub_'+index+'""></tr>'); var fields = submission.fields; $.each(fields, function(index1,field) { if (field.type !== 'freetext') { myDataDiv.find('.sub_'+index).append( '<td>'+ field.responses[0].response+ '</td>' ); } }) }); }).fail(function(e) { console.log('Failed to load form'); }); } getObjSummary(); refreshButtonOBJ.click(function(){ getObjSummary(); }); downloadDOC.click(function(){ var html, link, blob, url, css; // EU A4 use: size: 841.95pt 595.35pt; css = ( '<style>' + '@page WordSection1{size: 841.95pt 595.35pt;mso-page-orientation: landscape;}' + 'div.WordSection1 {page: WordSection1;}' + 'table{border-collapse:collapse;}td{border:1px gray solid;width:5em;padding:2px;}'+ '</style>' ); console.log(docx); html = docx[0].innerHTML; blob = new Blob(['\ufeff', css + html], { type: 'application/msword' }); url = URL.createObjectURL(blob); link = document.createElement('A'); link.href = url; // Set default file name. // Word will append file extension - do not add an extension here. link.download = user.displayname+' Objectives Summary'; document.body.appendChild(link); if (navigator.msSaveOrOpenBlob ) navigator.msSaveOrOpenBlob( blob, 'Document.doc'); // IE10-11 else link.click(); // other browsers document.body.removeChild(link); }); </script> <style> .refresh { float: left; color: #919191; cursor: pointer; margin-bottom: 15px; margin-right: 15px; } </style> With a handy option to export this as a word doc too.
  18. Have you got new staff starting in September? Then why not introduce them to Frog straight away so they can quickly become familiar with how easy it is to set work in the platform. View the full article
  19. @pconkie has updated the Multifile Upload widget - mainly to optimise loading times - it's a very clever implementation for storing the details of files uploaded. You can download the latest version (version: 0.3.2) from the community site: https://www.frogeducation.com/frogstore/widget/multi-file-upload Thank you Paul!
  20. Morning Mate...... Sorry, we don't have anything like that here.......... well i mean until you make one and share it! 😜
  21. Hi all We are looking at (for September) creating a homework data dashboard (probably in Excel) which pull together Markbook data and gives us some breakdowns e.g. how many have handed in their Year 10 Science homework. Does anyone do this already or have some templates? Copying in the usual suspects @Graham Quince @pconkie @ADT
  22. During Enrichment Week, timetables are collapsed and students are offered a range of alternative learning experiences outside of the usual curriculum. View the full article
  23. Do these housekeeping reminders help? I'm interested to know how we can better support you removing old users and classes
  24. We want to help make sure Frog works smoothly as possible in the new academic year so here’s a reminder of the tasks you might want to work through on your platform: View the full article
  25. Sports Days are synonymous with Summer and yes sometimes that means it will rain! Nevertheless, it’s a fantastic day that everyone loves to be involved in and planning is easier than before. View the full article
  26. What...... you mean you've gone back to using these?? πŸ€ͺ😜😜πŸ€ͺ
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