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  2. This is the guidance we have issued to staff: Guidance.docx
  3. Sorted thank you. My problem was that my image was more or less square, so I was making it the correct height, assuming the page would fill in the sides. But it wasn't. Changed the canvass size to the recommended one and it's perfect now. Thank you
  4. @Graham Quince Sorry to add to this but... The Visitor Log widget would help me going forward, but I have also been asked to provide a report of student login patterns for groups and individual students e.g. Vulnerable students for the week passed. The Analytics app shows me total number of logins, but I need the raw data that the count is sourced from. Is this something that Frog can provide me with? Even if it was an Excel dump I can process it as needed. Any help gratefully received as ever!
  5. @Graham Quince Hopped on our platform this morning to give this a whirl. I could see the widget already installed, checked and there were no updates. But when I add it to a site, even a brand new site, it adds a strange empty placeholder and then I am not able to save the site, or click any other buttons in fact. Refresh the page is the only available action. Any ideas?
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  7. This video guide to the Analytics Application shows you how to get data about who is logging in. You can choose dat ranges and it now includes information about who is accessing the platform via MyFrog: We also have the FrogCode widget Visitor Log, which records all users who visit a site: https://www.frogeducation.com/community/frogcode/frogcode-showcase/visitor-log Here's a nice case study about how Greenshaw High use the Visitor Log: How schools are looking after teacher and student wellbeing Routine can be our friend in times of change, something which the team at Greenshaw High has recognised as a way to reassure staff and students. This week all of their students have had work set for them on Frog, providing them with a completely structured day. They have used the VISITOR LOG widget to check that all students are logging in and accessing resources in the right way, This forward planning has enabled the teachers to get a week of prep time, ready for post-Easter break teaching. Additionally, the school has created a wellbeing portal, providing friendly advice and guidance for staying fit and healthy. Greenshaw High has kindly shared this content with us, so it may be adopted by other Frog schools: https://www.frogstore.me/sites/staff-well-being Benefits of approach Providing a consistent structure for daily home learning Relieving teachers for a period to be able to catch up Helps create some normality for everyone Checks on logins help the school identify disengaged students Wellbeing portal provides advice and guidance for all to use and adopt.
  8. We'd like to see who is logging into the school and when
  9. Hi all, we use Frog Secure Gateway, we have one server for RDS, its the gateway but also the server that the users uses for apps. I believe we should introduce two terminal servers and run them with the existing RDS server, is that right? Has anyone done this and if so, could you briefly explain the logic behind it?? Thanks!
  10. Yeah ive been using Feedback for ages... it can be a bit hitty missy....... We've rushed showed staff how to use it..... and ive already had a few saying some files dont show... others do!!!
  11. We have a bit of an organic approach - which can at times be confusing for students. Given school closures and 'remote learning' it has become far more important that this is clear and easy to get. Most of that is down to us as a school to get our guidance right, however, there may be things that could be changed/improved that would also help. Currently our staff are using a mixture of: The feedback application (which more people would use if it more reliably converted documents or allowed line breaks in comments) but when it does work the stickers are great and audio feedback is supported! Feedback in this way get's flagged in lots of places with the "Purple pen icon". The message wall on the assignment - this is good for two way dialog but could do with more space to type and a message delete button. It does support line breaks in the messages! Feedback in this way get's flagged in some places with the "blue number icon". The comments box on the bottom of the assignment - when a comment is written in this box it doesn't get flagged (a real benefit of the first two). Staff need to tell students to look or students need to look in every assignment. In addition I don't think we have pushed the assignments app enough (not since current assignments were introduced into the frog bar), so a lot of students fall at the first hurdle when trying to find their feedback. The assignments calendar widget helps a bit with this, but it only has flags for feedback via #1 above. The assignments app has flags for #1&2 above, but the tabbed layout (open, handed in, closed) - which really helps staff organise their assignments - again gets in the way of finding feedback for some students. The ideal for me would be: something like the assignment calendar widget with a month view or list view which flags all three methods of feedback above (or at the very least the first two to bring it in line with the assignments app) has a filter that can be set to only show assignments with one or more of these types of feedback Thoughts? Also why is there sometimes no feedback button on uploaded documents with the purple pen icon? Take this as an example... Clicking on Trigonometry... Gives me feedback buttons to press, But clicking on 'First task'... No feedback button. Student has to go into assignments app, find the assignment in hundreds of others in the 'handed in' tab and then they can press the feedback button!
  12. Here's a widget which runs the Set Preferences API automatically. Users who login (I'd suggest placing this on dashboards) will have their Notification Preferences configured to a default. There are options for hiding the notifications area within My Preferences and it uses the Datastore to record that a user's preferences have been set. This means you're not updating the preferences every time someone logs in. It uses a text reference so that you can alter everyone's preferences or have the data references match, so students can have different preferences to parents etc... https://www.frogeducation.com/community/frogcode/frogcode-showcase/setmypreferences
  13. Tom

    malcolm furness

    Hi Malcom Would you kindly be able to provide a screenshot or a brief explanation of where you are looking on your Frog platform? This will help me indicate what the issue may possibly be. Look forward to hearing from, you. Thanks, Tom
  14. Tom

    Permissions change?

    I can confirm a service desk ticket has been created with Paul to investigate further. Thanks, Tom
  15. Last week
  16. Hi @katy In the Messages app, if you click on the View button, you can change the option to All Messages. This will load in messages sent from everyone, instead of just yours. You will need to know the title of the message, but once located, you can click in the message to see who has opened each one.
  17. katy

    Messages frp, students

    Hello I have notifications that say I have messages from students but my inbox only has one message, from another teacher. How do I access my students' messages? Also, I clicked something and now all of my notifications have disappeared, how do I get them back? thanks
  18. malcolm

    malcolm furness

    students not showing as online when they are ?
  19. We are all fine right now. Working remotely. Team communication was a little tricky to get right, but we're getting there. If you are ever struggling with anything, or waiting for a response, copy in Amber - she's coordinating questions and answers. Having said that, posting on the forum really helps too, as others with the same question can find answers.
  20. Hi Graham, I see what you are saying, I will have an experiment with this, thank you. Hope you are all doing okay.
  21. I think the problem with a network folder might be that the Admin person won't know how many copies are needed or when it's needed for. There also the questions of prioritising and what to do with documents already printed. If they delete the document or move it, accidents can happen. If they leave it in the folder, they can lose track. At least a form can send an email to the admin person.
  22. Thanks for the reply, we have something similar but the issue is finding the quickest/easiest way for teachers to collate their work in some order ready to be accessed and printed, they probably will just have to save copies of work in a folder on the network whilst assigning work, Is this what most schools do? I was wondering whilst they were setting the work in assignments they cold send to a group for 'paper packs' and admin could access all the work and print, but doing it this way is I think is much more time consuming to access and print (as its not designed for this) than the teachers simply also saving copies into a folder on the network. I think I know what they need to do - just wanted to check there was no other way whilst work was being assigned this could include collating work for paper packs! Thank you
  23. Hi @pdurber, There's a video guide for setting this: https://www.frogeducation.com/community/training/administratortraining/systempreferences/loginpagebackground The important bit, images are recommended to be either JPG or PNG file of 1680 pixels wide, by 900 pixels high around 200kb in size.
  24. Is there some trick to get the image on login the right size. I've used part of our logo and resized it to the correct resolution and file size, but it appears massive. While writing this, it's just occurred to me, do I simply change the canvas size?
  25. Staff have been told that we expect that they set an assignment if their class has a lesson that day. Yr9 10 & 12 is fairly generic work (unless they have an AS this year). Some faculties already use sites like Hegarty, so they are just extending that. We did some CPD before everyone self isolated on how to use online sites to set self marking work and I'm producing "How To guides" on various methods of doing online lessons, either recorded or live (no-one's done a live one yet - chickens). They are using both Office and Google Classrooms alongside Frog in the same way we have since September. However, this has encouraged staff to attempt online marking and uploading of files..... Result! We've rushed out Teams for department meetings, with an expectation that they do a formal meeting at least once a week. Some Depts have gone mad with it and have a meeting at 3.00 every day. We've been using office365 since September and it's just doing it's thing, Some staff are still completetly in awe of working on a docment at the same time and really can't get their head around working in the Cloud (one long time PA has actually announced she is to retire because she's found it too confusing) Dept/House Heads are going to start phoning parents at the end of the week using data from the assignment monitor/reports. That reminds me, must put a request in for customisable reports with an export option.
  26. ADT

    Picture Series

    Erm did you ever get round to fixing this one.... and how did your OFSTED go? @pconkie
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