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  2. Hi @pconkie, We're looking into the FDP situation, but for now, we'll drop your an email to discuss options.
  3. Hi Paul, In answer to your first question, the documents haven't been updated since 2016 - to be fair, the FDP APIs documented shouldn't have changed since then either.
  4. Sorry @pconkie - i'm trying to get someone to answer your original question.
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  6. pconkie

    FDP oAuth Question

    So how would i/could i go about using frog authentication for an external app?
  7. Hi Ali, Since we now have a support ticket with you regarding this issue, we will handle all further correspondence on there. Regards, Connor
  8. Thank you. Whatever you did it is working now. šŸ˜
  9. Hi @Ali I've just had a quick look on your platform, but cannot see a Learning Resources page. It sounds like either there's a caching thing going on or a sharing change. Can you let me know how to find the page and I'll take a look.
  10. It's on the staff dashboard, but it's currently hidden from everyone except admins. When you login is it as an admin?
  11. Hi, sounds like we'll need our support team to get in touch with you so we can check this out. @Connor Hutchinson
  12. Hi Ali, Could you please confirm your platform's URL? Regards, Connor
  13. Hi Adrian, I think we may need to raise a ticket for this as it looks like we will need to go to development with it. Speak to you shortly! Connor
  14. Hi @pdurber, I've just logged into your platform and added the widget and it's emailed me. Can you let me know where the problematic widget is please?
  15. Hi, I seem to have a broken page on our Frog community. Photos and logos are not appearing to teachers but can be viewed logged in as an administrator. This has only been an issue since Christmas and only on our Learning Resources page. Small black mini computer icons appear with white crosses in place of the images. It makes no difference which browser is being used and the page is published and I cannot see any preferences set and nothing is blocking things via the browsers. Any ideas?
  16. I would love to use this, but I can't get ours to email out. Is there any way I can inspect the code for it to check why?
  17. Is the information in the FDP docs (circled in red below) up to date? My frog server doesn't seem to have the urls mentioned and there is talk of a toolkit which makes me think of frog3!
  18. ADT

    Duplicating Sites

    Well then.... i have found a problem..... I cant duplicate a site called ICT & Computer Science Berlin 2018.... it claims its too big!! Even though it has copied??
  19. ADT

    MyFrog Login

    Morning Matt.. Its not as broke as first thought... it does however launch on a blacked out window which looks to have the URL and buttons... before after a short while getting on!!!!
  20. Matt

    MyFrog Login

    MyFrog requires iOS 10 or later. So any devices running older versions than that will not work. What device / iOS version are you running @ADT?
  21. Thank you. Works a treat for us. Like you said, I hope this stops the tide of Parental phone calls/emails...
  22. pdurber

    Select Date Widget

    Yes, worked a treat, thank you
  23. Was about to! But thought Iā€™d check back here first..... to be fair it has become quite difficult to follow this thread now and work out exactly why you have to do! Glad it is working.
  24. gbligh

    Select Date Widget

    Does this help?
  25. So now, shame-facedly I have to say I can now see the read receipts. I hope you've not spent any time trying to fix something that wasn't actuslly broken - sorry. User Error.
  26. In this case you should use ā€œ19-20 Y10 PC1ā€ as the name of the report.
  27. Thank you for giving your time to this. Just a small question about the reporting widget. in the "Name of the report" field, do I need to put part of the filename that the parents see, or part of the filename that it is called in the Parent Manager? So if the parents see the name as "Report 19-20 Y10 PC1 for <student name>" and in parent manager it is seen as "49c15f91<student name>-012529-Y10 PC1.pdf" What do I type into the reporting field? Cheers
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