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  2. As we countdown to all the fun of summer, we wanted to offer some tips on ensuring that your platform is all set for the year ahead. Two of our kind schools have shared their plans to help you. Both schools based in Bristol, entirely separately, have shared with us their strategies for Teachers and Admins for their start of year preparation for Frog. Richard Gash at Collegiate School prepared a Word document for teachers – helping them set up their classes, remind them of some useful tools and inform them of elements of Frog they might not be aware of. View the full article
  3. @C Wilson - yeah unfortunately no Frog Tags, but that's partly why I created the Data-to-Form widget, so we could get that functionality from Frog3 back.
  4. I think CSS is probably the way to go. If you add the subject headings to the table cells as a class, you should be able to hide them, something like: $.each(data, function(index1, datum) { var subjectClass= index1.replace(' ',''); if (index == 0) { myDataDiv.find('.hwheading').append('<th class="'+subjectClass+'">'+index1+'</th>'); } if (datum) { myDataDiv.find('.row'+index).append('<td class="pastel_'+index1+' '+subjectClass+'">'+datum+'</td>'); } Alternatively, you should be able to add an option into the If statement to determine if it should draw the heading and cell: if (index == 0 && datum) { myDataDiv.find('.hwheading').append('<th class="'+index1+'">'+index1+'</th>'); } if (datum) { myDataDiv.find('.row'+index).append('<td class="pastel_'+index1+'">'+datum+'</td>'); }
  5. We'd like to use the Data-to-Form widget for a potential "hybrid" Results Day. The only snag is I'd like to hide subject headings if their is no data in the cells eg Alan Aardvark does English, Maths, Science, Computing but Andrew Aardvark does just English, Maths, Science but Andrew would see the Computing column as it's included in the spreadsheet. As you can imagine we'd end up with quite a few empty subject columns for the majority of students. I've tried adding some CSS to the code but can't quite achieve what I want... can anyone suggest a way to do this? Example attached with what I want removing. Ps. do Frog Tags still exist?? 🤔 @Graham Quince
  6. Set Teams meetings inside Frog View the full article
  7. Sounds about right! 😠
  8. Sooooo, of all things I didn't check and hours pouring over this... It appears to be an issue with Microsoft Edge. How very Microsoft!
  9. Hi @Marcus Goluch This is a tricky one - I've checked but we would not provide any configurations as it can cause issues if not done correctly. Our advice is to leave Frog as it is, with ports 80 and 443 open directly to the server. Without these, we cannot provide support or updates.
  10. Here is one for you, If I wanted to put Frog behind an NGINX reverse proxy what would the config look like?
  11. Afternoon George.... You need to keep in mind we are a high school with a sixth form... so we have lost two of our year groups.... about 600 kids!!! So for May we were averaging about 3.5k mid week for June we were averaging 2.7K mid week!! Thanks!!
  12. I'd be interested to know what other school's log in numbers are like now we are getting closer to the summer. Our student ones are dropping off each day .... normally get around 1,900 - 2,000 student ones per day but yesterday we was down to 870! Similar patterns? @Graham Quince @ADT
  13. Gosforth Academy is a large high school located in Newcastle-upon-Tyne for Years 9-13. The school is part of the Gosforth Group Multi-Academy Trust. Adrian Tate is an ICT teacher and the school’s VLE Co-ordinator. View the full article
  14. We are delighted to share some stories with you from Frog schools about how they’ve used their platform to issue exam results.  FrogParent can distribute results via its SIMS Linked Documents* and many schools like Greenshaw use it for this purpose.  View the full article
  15. You might want to add modal-body to make it longer.... <style> .modal { width: 60% !important; left: 35% !important; } .modal-body { max-height: 800px !important; } </style>
  16. Try this, on the site in an HTML widget: <style> .modal { width: 90% !important; left: 20% !important; } </style>
  17. Something i mentioned ages ago.... cant remember what the response was but clearly it wasn't the one i was after!! ?
  18. We have a form that has a 3 column layout question. Teachers will be editing the form, so when it's opened in the data viewer pop up, it would be good if it was full screen - or just bigger than it is now. Is this possible? @Graham Quince @pconkie
  19. With this topic in the news at the moment, Greenshaw High School are sharing their fantastic Exam Invigilators Portal... View the full article
  20. Bit slow at Frog Towers at the moment @Graham Quince..... ?
  21. Here's a much neater, combined version both for students (and for staff to use with the user picker widget): <style> .my_data { border-radius: 6px; border: 1px solid #cccccc; padding: 10px; text-align: left; font-size: 19px; line-height: 25px; } </style> <div class="my_data"></div> <script> var myDataDiv = arguments[0].find('.my_data'); var FORM_UUID = 'FORM_UUID'; var USER_FIELD_UUID = 'USER_FIELD_UUID'; // Field value for the User ID, you may need to check the Developer console to confirm this UUID var user = FrogOS.getUser(); function getEntries(userUUID) { myDataDiv.empty(); var apiData = { content_uuid: FORM_UUID, current_user_only: false, form_uuid: FORM_UUID, limit: '5', module: 'form', offset: '0', sort_dir: 'DESC', sort_field: 'date' }; if (user.profile.name == 'Staff' || user.profile.name == 'Admin') { apiData.filters = [{ field_name: USER_FIELD_UUID, value: userUUID }]; } Frog.Model.api( 'dataviewer.gettable', apiData ).done(function(response) { var personalData = response.data; $.each(personalData, function(index, entry) { var data = entry.fields[1].responses[0].response; data = JSON.parse(data); $.each(data, function(index, datum) { if (datum) { // if (index == "Score" || index == "Grade") { // should you wish to only return some fields myDataDiv.append( index+ ': '+ datum+ '<BR>' ) // } } }) // end of data $.each }); // end of personalData $.each }).fail(function(e) { // Report Error console.log("failed to load data"); }); }; getEntries(user.uuid); $('div[data-content-uuid="75BD91D02002887198A0CF29FBAE2E0C598CBA9CDECD6026"]').on('broadcast.selectedUser',function(el, ev) { var user_uuid = ev.model.uuid; getEntries(user_uuid); }); </script>
  22. You are a star... thank you so much Graham, much appreciated.
  23. We was, but recently it's been a bit hit or miss with showing the reports. Meaning to tell Paul. So, we just switched to the default Frog ones for now
  24. I thought you used @pconkie's version which didn't require dates.
  25. SIMS Linked Documents
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