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  2. I think this is known by Frog. I have reported the bit in bold a few times.
  3. We have just moved away from Show My Homework to save money and from September will be using FROG Assignments. We have asked parents to download the MyFrog app ready for September and the first feedback has started to come in about the app and it's not very positive. An example of the feedback is: "If you stay logged in it does not fully load up so in order for the app to work on a iphone it requires you to log out/in each time Very slow and cumbersome compared to SMH" I have to agree the app isn't brilliant and doesn't work very well on my iPhone Xs Max. Do any other schools use the app and had similar feedback? Are FROG looking at making improvements to the app? Regards Matt
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  5. OK, so how do I actually use this? ๐Ÿ˜… I am a non codey person!
  6. adamw

    Open a site as a pop up??

    Right, Sorry about the delay in responding, super busy here at the moment (as always!). You could try something like this: FrogOS.openSite({ site: datalink, assignment_uuid: uuid, fullscreen: false, resizable: true, height: 500, width: 500 }); I've not tested this - but the code seems to look like it will accept those params. If not, I'll have to consult one of the front-end experts. Obviously you don't need to pass any params you're not using - for example assignment_uuid
  7. Just something I'm working on, a new widget which you can link to a form and display a list of people from the group and a tick and time / date of submission. I think it needs more work with formatting - I've used the group selector from the Random Name Selector (included here because I know @pconkie was also talking about group selectors and I bet others are interested too) 'widget.live': function(el, ev, data) { this.element.html( this.view( 'main.ejs', {widgettitle: this.prefs.widgettitle.value} ) ); this.element.find('.memberlist').hide(); var warn = this.element.find('.warning'); if (JSON.parse(this.prefs.preselected_form.value).formUuid=="") { warn.html('<h4>No Form selected</h4>'); warn.addClass('alert-danger'); } else { warn.hide(); } steal.import('frogui/modules/selectusers/selectusers!frog-component').then(function() { var groupName = this.element.find("div.group-select input.groupName"), groupSelect = this.element.find("div.group-select"); groupSelect.frogui_modules_selectusers({ show_label: false, show_permission: false, show_submit: true, submit_label: 'Check submissions', allow_convert: false, search_users: false, max_selections: 1, profiles: ['admin','staff','parent','governor','student','external admin','external staff'] }); }.bind(this)); }, 'selectusers.submitted': function() { var groupSelect = this.element.find("div.group-select"); groupSelect.trigger('selectusers.getSelected', function(data) { if (!data.groups.length) { return; } var selectedGroup = data.groups[0].uuid, formData = JSON.parse(this.prefs.preselected_form.value), formEntries = [], timeEntries = []; ....
  8. Thanks Graham. I suspected a full html solution would be the only way (for now). Was hoping to make a nested page that could be put on a page with any video in the widget, for staff who don't know html could just drop it on not worrying about the code. That's cool though, I definitely will use it for digital signage.
  9. Hi Sean, Martyn from North Lakes asked about this a while ago, but the trouble is all the browsers (from May 2018) block autoplay videos unless audio is muted ๐Ÿ‘ฟ*. So if you want a silent video to autoplay this is still possible, otherwise you have to set an override in the browser's settings. For example: <video controls autoplay muted> <source src="movie.mp4" type="video/mp4"> <source src="movie.ogg" type="video/ogg"> Your browser does not support the video tag. </video> Here's the bit in Chrome you'll need to change, just paste this into your browserโ€™s address bar chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy For Martyn, we got the videos playing for his digital signage, using the above workaround and the HTML widget. If you want us to add this into the Media widget, the Ideas Portal is the best option for highlighting this to the Product Team. * Which i understand as itโ€™s about the browser companies clamping down on intrusive background ads on webpages. but it's still frustrating when you want to do it.
  10. gbligh

    Picture Series

    @pconkie - it turns out is was running slow due to the size of the size .... Did you every figure out if the widget could open another Frog site?
  11. This would be very useful
  12. Hi Sean, This is a great idea! However we are unable to answer this query via the Support section of the forums due to it being custom code. I have moved this post to the coding section of our forums. Either one of our developers, or a code savvy individual can now see and respond to you with a more adequate answer. Hope this helps for now! Connor
  13. Is there a bit of html I can add to a page to autoplay videos in the Media widget on page load? Many thanks Sean
  14. @pconkie - Thank you for sharing as always. Paul's new application is now available to download from the Community: https://www.frogeducation.com/community/frogcode/frogcode-showcase/seatingplans
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  16. And to include year group...... and form class....... you need too....... ๐Ÿ˜‰
  17. I'll probably end up turning this into a widget, but in the meantime, if you want to display the user's picture when they log in: <div class="userpic"></div> <script> var user = FrogOS ? FrogOS.getUser() : this.getUser(); Frog.Model.api('users.getOne', { uuid: user.uuid }).done(function(listResponse) { var photo = listResponse.data.categories[0].fields[6].value; if (!photo) { photo = "users/public/images/default_no_gender.png"; } this.element.find('.userpic').html( '<img style="width: 150px; max-height: 150px;" src="'+photo+'">' ) }.bind(this)); </script>
  18. I've just been working with a school who uses lesson Attendance codes as a way of reporting behaviour. The widget works pretty well anyway, but you have to mouse over the green tick to see the behaviour. Using CSS to target the widget and the tick's Title, we were able to add a pseudo element. Thought I'd share it here: <style> div[data-content-uuid="widgetuuid"] .attdetail_lesson[title="Maths. [Outstanding]"]::after, div[data-content-uuid="widgetuuid"] .attdetail_lesson[title="Science [Outstanding]"]::after, div[data-content-uuid="widgetuuid"] .attdetail_lesson[title="English [Outstanding]"]::after { content: " Outstanding"; white-space: pre; } div[data-content-uuid="widgetuuid"] .attdetail_lesson[title="Maths. [Outstanding]"], div[data-content-uuid="widgetuuid"] .attdetail_lesson[title="Science [Outstanding]"], div[data-content-uuid="widgetuuid"] .attdetail_lesson[title="English [Outstanding]"] { border-right: 50px solid #15a100 !important; } div[data-content-uuid="widgetuuid"] .attdetail_lesson[title="Maths. [Good]"]::after, div[data-content-uuid="widgetuuid"] .attdetail_lesson[title="Science [Good]"]::after, div[data-content-uuid="widgetuuid"] .attdetail_lesson[title="English [Good]"]::after { content: " Good"; white-space: pre; } div[data-content-uuid="widgetuuid"] .attdetail_lesson[title="Maths. [Good]"], div[data-content-uuid="widgetuuid"] .attdetail_lesson[title="Science [Good]"], div[data-content-uuid="widgetuuid"] .attdetail_lesson[title="English [Good]"] { border-right: 50px solid #C0C0C0 !important; } div[data-content-uuid="widgetuuid"] .attdetail_lesson[title="Maths. [Requires improvement]"]::after, div[data-content-uuid="widgetuuid"] .attdetail_lesson[title="Science [Requires improvement]"]::after, div[data-content-uuid="widgetuuid"] .attdetail_lesson[title="English [Requires improvement]"]::after { content: " Requires \a improvement"; white-space: pre; } div[data-content-uuid="widgetuuid"] .attdetail_lesson[title="Maths. [Requires improvement]"], div[data-content-uuid="widgetuuid"] .attdetail_lesson[title="Science [Requires improvement]"], div[data-content-uuid="widgetuuid"] .attdetail_lesson[title="English [Requires improvement]"] { border-right: 50px solid #cd7f32 !important; } div[data-content-uuid="widgetuuid"] .attdetail_lesson[title="Maths. [Inadequate]"]::after, div[data-content-uuid="widgetuuid"] .attdetail_lesson[title="Science [Inadequate]"]::after, div[data-content-uuid="widgetuuid"] .attdetail_lesson[title="English [Inadequate]"]::after { content: " Inadequate"; white-space: pre; } div[data-content-uuid="widgetuuid"] .attdetail_lesson[title="Maths. [Inadequate]"], div[data-content-uuid="widgetuuid"] .attdetail_lesson[title="Science [Inadequate]"], div[data-content-uuid="widgetuuid"] .attdetail_lesson[title="English [Inadequate]"] { border-right: 50px solid #FF0000 !important; } </style> It needs tidy up and unfortunately, using the Title means that each subject needs to be included,
  19. Do SLT's not just use paper?
  20. ๐Ÿ‘ What would that look like? Just a summary of how it's going? Or is it more a whole section for the dev plan with a form to record updates?
  21. A RAG system for the school development plan
  22. Hey folks, I'm busy updating the Frog Templates at the moment. Changing their looks and adding in new functionality. I'm currently looking at the SLT Portal and wondering if anyone has set one up and what sort of things they have on it, Graham
  23. Sneaky preview of FrogDrive with an installed package. Quick note, that I've noticed that some older SCORM packages tend to use a lot of flash. These are going to have problems running, due to browsers dropping support for Flash entirely. https://www.chromium.org/flash-roadmap#TOC-Flash-Disabled-by-Default-Target:-Chrome-76---July-2019-
  24. Yup, I believe with a fair wind, you should have the ability to run SCORM from Beathoven release. A couple of caveats: We've only built for v2004. Any SCORM files you have uploaded to Frog3 cannot be downloaded. Frog3 unpacks the SCORM files and provides no way for you to download them. Hopefully you still have your original files* *That being said, drop me a line and we can look into options.
  25. Gareth mentioned at the conference that a SCORM widget was coming Am I right? @Graham Quince
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