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  1. I'd like to add animated snow, christmas lights etc... Can you help?
  2. We'd like to use Google Translate on our Frog platform. Is this possible? We have lots of EAL parents who struggle with Frog in English.
  3. I would like to reuse the assignments I set last year / I would like to check my marking from last year, how do I see last year's markbooks?
  4. Our school uses Google Calendars. I would like to have these appear on the Staff and Student Dashboards. Is this possible?
  5. We have ( meetings planned for each student / their option choices / personal tutorial links / something else not driven by our MIS ) and wish to use Frog to display this data just for the student and their parents. Is this possible to do in FrogLearn?
  6. Some students are reporting that when they try to open a quiz, they are seeing screens like this one: Please can you advise on the problem and what I can tell the students?
  7. I'd like to display student photos in Frog, how do I do that?
  8. I'd like to know when my students send me a message on the assignment wall, without having to keep checking markbook. Is this possible?
  9. Is there a guide available for the reporting app for assignments?
  10. Our office admin team would like a guide they could follow for Messages, do you have one?
  11. I know the MIS creates student accounts, but after import, I have to export all the new students, set their usernames to match AD and then import them again. Is there a way to sync with AD?
  12. Twitter's embed code doesn't seem to work with Frog, I often only get the link, but I want the feed in the page instead.
  13. I'm interested in setting up some sites with a different view for mobiles, but it's not working as I expected.
  14. We use Office365 and have all our calendars on there. We'd like to embed the shared calendars in FrogLearn pages. Is this possible?
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