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  1. Here is our staff porta
  2. Also not so much of a suggestion, but the Page to External Link is great, however, it doesn't work on tablets or touch devices.
  3. Yes, basically a way students can add to a 'log' on a page without having to go into 'Edit' and use the text widget. It needs to be visible on the page all the time without having to look in a data viewer.
  4. I often get asked if Word doc based forms/logs can be turned into a system on Frog. At the moment I say yes, and usually use forms and a data viewer. This is a bit clunky sometimes, so it would be good if there was a similar widget to the Text Activity which worked without being part of an assignment. Basically, a big blank box which can have a question or header attached, which students can type into and save.
  5. gbligh

    MyFrog app

    A few companies have a message when you call support saying 'If you are a parent please contact the school' etc.
  6. gbligh

    MyFrog app

    The school will need to inform users, not you as Frog (in my opinion)
  7. gbligh

    MyFrog app

    I don't think Frog need to worry about people's data plans - that's not your issue, it's our issue to inform users. The menu opening first would be good too. Students are savvy about data these days so I don't think it's a worry for you.
  8. gbligh

    MyFrog app

    You were right about assignment creation! https://www.frogcommunity.com/app/os#!columbus/myfrog---mobile-app/myfrog-mobile-application-staff---basic-assignment-creation
  9. gbligh

    MyFrog app

    I’m not sure what everyone else’s views are on the MyFrog app, however, here are a few suggestions: - Optimised for iPhone X and above: currently the app has black bars at the top and bottom of these phones and doesn’t take use of the full display and the ‘notch’. - Open on dashboard: could there be a setting in the platform where schools could decide what opens first on the app? For example, for us it would be better if the app opened on the dashboard first. Thoughts? @pconkie @ADT @Graham Quince
  10. gbligh

    Picture Series

    Wonder if the speed issues have been identified yet? Or is it just me
  11. gbligh

    Picture Series

    The 'menu' frog code widget seems to work fine which is odd. I changed the theme too and it's the same.
  12. Can we get the Web Files widget!! @Graham Quince
  13. You can! I only found out a few months ago that Parent profile appears as an option when you share a folder.
  14. Shared Folders widget for us
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