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  1. gbligh

    HW calendar code

    Nice! But how the hell do I use it!!! @ADT
  2. gbligh

    HW calendar code

    Hi, Is there any code available which only shows a certain subject within a homework calendar? @Graham Quince
  3. Sorry only just getting back to this ... @Graham Quince if you could make this work that would be great
  4. gbligh

    Parent Letters

    We usually just get parents to use the 'password re-set' function - then they get emailed their details
  5. gbligh


    We had it custom built and have actually has it re-designed again for next week. This takes advantage of the crystal theme as we need it to work fully on iPads/tablets.
  6. gbligh

    FrogSeats v2

    Ah that's a shame thanks for the quick reply though Paul - hope you are well
  7. gbligh

    FrogSeats v2

    Hi all, Quick question - I'm trying to embed the Seating Plans app into a page, but I just get a white box .... anyone else get this? @ADT @pconkie
  8. Probably only by using a CSV import?
  9. gbligh

    Exam Results Extract

    That's the only problem, is the upload. We will have to go into each students page and upload a PDF copy of their results, which should be fine with a few of us on it at once!
  10. gbligh

    Exam Results Extract

    We are going to use ePortfolios for this
  11. @Graham Quince - just had a meeting with some leadership and this came up .... could be useful for next year. Let me know if you want to talk it over
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