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Due to further security updates and ongoing integration strategies following the latest release all schools using SIMS, WCBS or Progresso MIS systems will need to upgrade to the latest MIS extractor available here. All other schools using UK based MIS providers will be required to move to Groupcall XOD prior to the start of the next academic year. Please contact our service desk team who will help guide you through the process on 01422 395939 or via support@frogeducation.com.


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  1. gbligh

    Exam Timetables?

    @pconkie Paul, what was the Excel macro you used? Was it for formatting the columns/rows? We have exported the CSV, however, nothing is aligned.
  2. gbligh

    Group of parents

    Is there a way I can create a group of parents per year group, for example, a group of only parents of Year 7 students? Can’t think of a quick/easy way … @Graham Quince @Adam
  3. gbligh

    Booking Calendar Widget

    Looks great thanks Adam. I think this does pretty much what we would like at the moment!
  4. gbligh

    Booking Calendar Widget

    @Graham Quince @Simon Law Happy to have a chat if needed gents
  5. gbligh

    Booking Calendar Widget

    Just bumping this to the top again
  6. gbligh

    Exam Timetables?

    Nice one Paul - @Graham Quince can we get this on the FrogCode showcase?
  7. gbligh

    Careers requirements: Gatsby Benchmark 3

    Hi Sue, Not sure if this helpful which I just posted - George
  8. Hi all, With the arrival of Frog Academy, I thought I'd share a rather new system we've built in case anyone else wants it. We needed a way for career information to be stored for each student, so we built a template, run the ePortfolio wizard and created 'Career Action Plans'. It allows students to add data about themselves to bring to the career meeting. It only has 5 dummy student accounts at the moment, but we are planning to run it for Years 10 and 11 later this week. We have used the following: ePortfolio system Set Keyword widget Site List widget Form widget Data Viewer widget Notice Board widget Splash theme Crystal theme Here is a video explaining it and seeing it in action. Let me know if anyone would like support with setting up and creating something similar. I do tend to talk quite fast on these things, so if there is any points I rushed past, please do pull me up on them! George Frog_Careers.mp4
  9. gbligh

    This document can't be previewed

    Hi @adamw - is there an update on this one? Cheers
  10. gbligh

    Exam Timetables?

    I have just asked our exams manager to send me a blank timetable so you can see what it looks like. I'll send it over when done. Can I PM you on here @adamw???
  11. gbligh

    Hiding a few columns?

    I hope so
  12. gbligh


    Thanks Paul https://frog.greenshaw.co.uk/8082c17df5c4bb2d7f4a5a9e07128c10
  13. gbligh


    I get the same!
  14. gbligh

    Hiding a few columns?

    Hi all, Does anyone know how to hide some columns in assignment manager. As you'll see in the screenshot, it's a bit messy on our homework page. All I want to KEEP is title, issue date, due date and the close button. Thanks
  15. gbligh

    Exam Timetables?

    No worries hope you had some good time off I'll get something out of SIMS for you and send it over - anonymised of course