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  1. I think this is known by Frog. I have reported the bit in bold a few times.
  2. OK, so how do I actually use this? 😅 I am a non codey person!
  3. gbligh

    Picture Series

    @pconkie - it turns out is was running slow due to the size of the size .... Did you every figure out if the widget could open another Frog site?
  4. This would be very useful
  5. A RAG system for the school development plan
  6. Gareth mentioned at the conference that a SCORM widget was coming Am I right? @Graham Quince
  7. We have a Year 10 reporting cycle coming up next week. Is there any chance it would be ready for then?
  8. Hey Graham - could we get that app? cheers
  9. gbligh

    MyFrog Login

    Happens here too - I have had a few students find me about it. I've got a ticket open with Frog at the moment.
  10. Thanks Paul - I thought I was missing something!
  11. I mean how do I run the reports as per @pconkie screenshot? Thanks
  12. I might be being really basic here, but how do I actually get to it?!
  13. @pconkie @Graham Quince
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