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  1. I don't think folders can be shared publicly ...
  2. We use this widget: https://www.frogeducation.com/community/frogcode/frogcode-showcase/studentassignment
  3. gbligh

    SysAid helpdesk

    Hi all, we use this software for an IT helpdesk - https://www.sysaid.com Just wondered if anyone else uses this and has managed to get SSO or something similar inside FrogLearn?
  4. gbligh


    Are there any plans to create an Inbox widget? For example, students are missing the inbox button in the menu bar ... if we could expose messages on a page, that would be really useful.
  5. gbligh

    MyFrog Login

    We seem to be OK at the moment with it
  6. Is it only assignments with attachments? Or sites with attachments? I set HW earlier without any attachments, or without a site linked, and it went through fine.
  7. We can't set any either
  8. gbligh

    MyFrog Login

    That's odd, it's been fine here so far ... I will keep an eye on it though. Are you still Frog3/Learn?
  9. gbligh


    Yep us too. I have reported it and it's a known bug. They said it will be fixed ASAP.
  10. gbligh


    We launched this to staff this morning - they love it! FrogLearn_Frank_Patch_Release_Notes_-_Messages_Application.pdf
  11. @pconkie forgot to copy you in to my reply Paul!
  12. gbligh

    MyFrog Login

    This looks to be fixed now in the Frank Patch Is there any plans for the app to be updated to take advantage of the iPhone screens with the notch? Eg. iPhone X etc?
  13. Hi Paul, Just had a go and it seems to work. As you say, not sure how it affects everything else in the platform! Is there a way to specify what size it minimises too? And also so it can be centred on the screen? This is me now being very OCD!!! This code won't work on mobile devices too right?
  14. Just need someone to work some magic now ....
  15. Is there a way this can be added into a HTML widget so that it defaults all sites to open a certain size? I'm just thinking it would really help people navigate. We STILL have staff/kids/parents that try and click the back button in the browser to, naturally, go back and end up logging themselves out. I'd rather all sites opened in a smaller way and they have the option to make them bigger. Not sure what thoughts are about that? @ADT @Graham Quince @pconkie @Adam
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