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  1. How do I hide just the first 2 columns? @Graham Quince
  2. I'd be interested to know what other school's log in numbers are like now we are getting closer to the summer. Our student ones are dropping off each day .... normally get around 1,900 - 2,000 student ones per day but yesterday we was down to 870! Similar patterns? @Graham Quince @ADT
  3. We have a form that has a 3 column layout question. Teachers will be editing the form, so when it's opened in the data viewer pop up, it would be good if it was full screen - or just bigger than it is now. Is this possible? @Graham Quince @pconkie
  4. We was, but recently it's been a bit hit or miss with showing the reports. Meaning to tell Paul. So, we just switched to the default Frog ones for now
  5. SIMS Linked Documents
  6. Lots of our parents don't change the select date widget when looking for progress reports, therefore they claim they are not there! Is there a way to tell the Select Date widget to choose certain dates? I'm thinking always change the from date to September? @ADT @Graham Quince @pconkie
  7. Had a request today - could the widget be used with a group rather than an individual? For example, a head of year wants to type in 'Year 7' and see the whole year group at once. We tried the assignment monitor, but it crashes with a whole year group @Graham Quince
  8. If push is simpler then that would be great
  9. 2 way would be good. But push would be fine too.
  10. That would work, however, I’d only want messages for that subject/class to appear in the area.
  11. I've been building a template that allows teachers to create a 'workspace' like area just for their class. I wondered if there was a way in Frog Code to have a notice board/message wall style widget that allows you to only send messages to certain kids in that group. In Google Classroom, you can choose to send a message to the whole class or just certain kids. @Graham Quince @pconkie
  12. Never thought of that - great idea though.
  13. Screenreader would be a good one. Lots of kids don't know how to install an extension.
  14. We have added a small accessibility tools section to our student dashboard using the widgets inspired by @Graham Quince We have also embedded Google Translate for EAL students. Links Dimmer Switch: https://schools.frogeducation.com/community/training/frogcode/a-f/dimmer_switch OpenDyslexic Text: https://schools.frogeducation.com/community/training/frogcode/n-q/opendyslexic Google Translate code: https://forum.frogcommunity.com/index.php?/topic/3579-is-there-a-way-i-can-use-google-translate-on-frog/#comment-8819
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