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  1. I know we have the Site Favourites widget, but is there any chance of a widget that creates a 'Add to Site Favourites' button to be placed on a site? @Graham Quince
  2. I’m looking to tidy up our quick launch to make it more useable. Is there a way we can wipe the quick launch completely (even things not added by us) so we can start from fresh? @Graham Quince
  3. We use the Portfolio Embed widget quite a bit, but it seems to have broken in Turing. Could that be looked at? @Graham Quince
  4. Hi all We are looking at (for September) creating a homework data dashboard (probably in Excel) which pull together Markbook data and gives us some breakdowns e.g. how many have handed in their Year 10 Science homework. Does anyone do this already or have some templates? Copying in the usual suspects @Graham Quince @pconkie @ADT
  5. I spotted this the other day - I gave it a go and it works nicely. I'm on Mac, and it looks like an app.
  6. gbligh


    I have been using these recently. When I tried the Google Sheet option, it says Google sheet not found. I have published the shared the link correctly. Any ideas? @pconkie @ADT @Graham Quince
  7. No, I mean once a student has selected it in their form it disappears from the other drop downs in that form.
  8. Is there a way to remove an option from a dropdown/radio button, within a form, once it has been selected? @Graham Quince
  9. I am playing around with a form we may use for appraisals. I have a few hidden fields, but is there any way I can hide the lines on the form which separate them? It looks a bit odd at the end of the form!
  10. The other thing I forgot to mention is that when students scroll and their finger lands on the assignment calendar, then it opens the assignment by accident.
  11. Our parents like the app the most because they don't need to always log in. That seems to be the biggest selling point to them. Our students use it on a regular basis to access the platform. They like the notifications and not needing to always log in. One thing they all ask for is if the 'Show dashboards on WiFi only' toggle to be turned off by default and then they turn it back on if they need it. Staff tend to use Frog in the browser.
  12. Is there any code which can make the length of the data viewer longer? @Graham Quince
  13. @Graham Quince I've added the lights, but they seem to stretch again giving the site a scroll bar at the bottom. I changed the first line of code too.
  14. How do I hide just the first 2 columns? @Graham Quince
  15. I'd be interested to know what other school's log in numbers are like now we are getting closer to the summer. Our student ones are dropping off each day .... normally get around 1,900 - 2,000 student ones per day but yesterday we was down to 870! Similar patterns? @Graham Quince @ADT
  16. We have a form that has a 3 column layout question. Teachers will be editing the form, so when it's opened in the data viewer pop up, it would be good if it was full screen - or just bigger than it is now. Is this possible? @Graham Quince @pconkie
  17. We was, but recently it's been a bit hit or miss with showing the reports. Meaning to tell Paul. So, we just switched to the default Frog ones for now
  18. SIMS Linked Documents
  19. Lots of our parents don't change the select date widget when looking for progress reports, therefore they claim they are not there! Is there a way to tell the Select Date widget to choose certain dates? I'm thinking always change the from date to September? @ADT @Graham Quince @pconkie
  20. Had a request today - could the widget be used with a group rather than an individual? For example, a head of year wants to type in 'Year 7' and see the whole year group at once. We tried the assignment monitor, but it crashes with a whole year group @Graham Quince
  21. If push is simpler then that would be great
  22. 2 way would be good. But push would be fine too.
  23. That would work, however, I’d only want messages for that subject/class to appear in the area.
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