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    @ADT Yes they SSO with SchoolCloud room booking. We use it
  2. Any ideas Mr Quince? @Graham Quince
  3. Has anyone else’s app started to log them out after a few days?
  4. Hi all, At the moment if you export a markbook it doesn't show you the handed in, late, not done etc. markers on the spreadsheet. I have created this ticket so if you want that, could you please show support! https://ideas.frogcommunity.com/ideas/FRG-I-1459 Thanks @ADT @pconkie
  5. The only thing I would say we'd need is the name of the assignment somewhere.
  6. Just had an idea for a widget. Could there be a button/icon that can be placed on a site, that when clicked added the site to the user’s personal quick launch?
  7. Students really like it however they have notices that assignments appear before the ‘available from’ date. So, if staff set any assignments to appear on a certain day they will appear in list before that day. Is there a way to change that?
  8. gbligh


    Last time I asked, this was the list:
  9. gbligh

    Picture Series

    Just coming back to this widget as I am starting to use it more. Was there a way for it to open a site? @Graham Quince @ADT @pconkie
  10. Can teachers see student calendars?
  11. Is there a way we could have a diary like feature for each day? Is there also a way they could all have a calendar, so staff could add events and meetings to student calendars?
  12. We are also looking for a planner where students can add notes for each day etc. More like a diary I suppose
  13. We are looking to do this for sixth form so if anyone can share, that would be great. Or if there is a solution already? @Graham Quince
  14. gbligh

    HW calendar code

    Nice! But how the hell do I use it!!! @ADT
  15. gbligh

    HW calendar code

    Hi, Is there any code available which only shows a certain subject within a homework calendar? @Graham Quince
  16. Sorry only just getting back to this ... @Graham Quince if you could make this work that would be great
  17. gbligh

    Parent Letters

    We usually just get parents to use the 'password re-set' function - then they get emailed their details
  18. gbligh


    We had it custom built and have actually has it re-designed again for next week. This takes advantage of the crystal theme as we need it to work fully on iPads/tablets.
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