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  1. I'll check for you but......I have since tried on my iPhone and the same thing happens.....
  2. Every time I visit a public facing frog site I get the cookie notification popup to accept. Steps to reproduce the issue: 1. Close all browser windows 2. Open a browser and go here: https://froglearn.backwellschool.net/pictureseries 3. Accept the cookie notification 4. Close all browser windows (ignoring the prompt that your changes might not be saved! what changes?!) 5. Repeat step 2. This is on chrome browser - I haven't tried other browsers.
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    Oops! What about now?
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  5. @Graham Quince I've found the quiz in the community and enabled it. It still doesn't work! There is no obvious way to assign it to staff - am I missing something?
  6. This one seems like an obvious avenue for frog to explore but...... Be careful, it's a minefield! Things that all schools do, but all do in a different way need to be highly configurable. I tried to make a frogcode app for our own particular way of doing parents evenings and quickly found that the api's you would need don't currently exist. Of course being frog you could create them! Off the top of my head you would need to consider at least the following: ability to set start and end times for evenings these may be different for each evening ability to open/close booking windows for parents ability to choose how long a standard appointment is this may be different for different year groups this may be different for different subjects ability to override the standard appointment length this may mean longer/shorter appointments for some staff for some/all evenings this may mean longer/shorter appointments for some parents for some/all evenings ability to enforce a gap between parent appointments (travel time) some schools might want to turn this off! ability to give teachers "breaks" could mean ability to give teachers the ability to give themselves breaks some schools might want to turn this off! ability to easily select parents who can book for a particular evening e,g, all parents of year 7 students e.g. all parents who are the primary contact of year 10 students e.g. all parents of PP students e.g. all parents of sixth formers e..g all parents of students in bespoke group A ability to open bookings early to a sub-set of parents initially e.g. all parents of students who are a progress concern followed by all parents 4 days later ability to handle multiple evenings simultaniously not happening simultaneously (this would just be one larger event) but administration of ability to handle availability "turn off" certain subjects for some/all evenings "turn off" certain classes for some/all evenings override the class teacher with another member of staff in the case of a shared class determine which teacher will be present or will it be both? what should happen when a teacher has no more appointments left? display a message? have a waiting list? give them the teachers email? options for any of the above to be selected? ability for parents to get confirmation email - summary of appointments ability for school to email reminder message to those who "haven't booked yet" ability for parents/teachers to cancel/amend ability for parents to say they can not attend ability for teachers to take a register or make some notes ability for teachers to see a markbook view for the current appointment Others will be able to add to this list I am sure!
  7. We use parentseveningsystem.co.uk too. Does the job.
  8. Thanks for this @Graham Quince really useful. Thanks for sharing Martyn. Graham - how do i get the quizzes to work? They say they haven't been assigned to me, but I can't figure out how to assign them?
  9. Great! But after the widget has been saved and the UUID is now valid, what event can I use to re-check the UUID? Or can I 'watch' the tag attribute and use the change to trigger the code?
  10. //i've got this widget prefrence from the docs. internal_url: { type: "pagepicker", label: "Link to a frog page", defaultValue: JSON.stringify({ page_uuid: '', site_uuid: '' }) }, //i'm trying to open the site and sepecfic page selected //but there is no example in the docs... //this opens the site, but not to the correct page... Frog.Model.api('sites.getByUuid', { uuid: internal_url.site_uuid }).done(function(resp) { FrogOS.openSite({ site: resp.data.link, page_uuid: internal_url.page_uuid }); }); What do I need to change to get the correct page to show when the site is opened?
  11. Looks really useful - where can I get a copy from @Graham Quince?
  12. We just have ePortfolios for our PP students currently. Thinking about SEND, but we haven't got the PP portfolios working like we want yet. Yes, this "Who am I teaching" widget was a means to an end, rather than the end in itself.......more to come....issue at the moment is: there isn't enough widgets around that can take advantage of the possibilities ePortfolios open up.
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