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  1. I was hoping for professional support, but this answer is actually correct!
  2. Checked that first before posting!
  3. Where have my mark books for last year gone?
  4. Very often on mobile (not app) users inadvertently swipe to the next dashboard. Any way to disable this?
  5. pconkie

    FrogSeats v2

    I don’t think any of the frog code apps successfully embed on a page in a site 🙁
  6. Why is maths so much bigger then English and science?
  7. pconkie

    scrolling broken

    I think I found the issue .ui-theme-tinybannermenubottom-container is missing a height: 100% on it. This means the child divs are not able to size height correctly.
  8. pconkie

    scrolling broken

    Sorry @Graham Quince I'm not sure which page you mean for the space widget.. I can see the code above has been added to the main page but the scrolling is still broken.
  9. pconkie

    scrolling broken

    Any chance of some css (to put in a html widget) to rectify the issue quickly before a future patch?
  10. pconkie

    scrolling broken

    Since the recent update scrolling seems to have been broken on public sites viewed without logging in. e.g. https://frog.backwellschool.net/jstutor If you use the menu to choose another page with content longer than the available height you will see hopefully what I mean.
  11. Well at least the random name pick widget still works with these 'old' groups.
  12. Tried manually searching. No luck!
  13. So I can see now that the MIS link tick has gone, but the groups are still in frog and those groups still have members and leader(s). We haven't rolled SIMS over but Year 13 may have gone past their end of course date in course manager. Still, is it the case that if they are not MIS linked they can not have an assignment set?
  14. We are still doing a lot of work with our Year 13 students via frog. However we can no longer select a Year 13 class to add as recipients to an assignment The classes are still visible in the groups app and are populated with the correct students. Any idea what is going on?
  15. pconkie

    MyFrog App Issues

    Lots pf parents today saying their children are no longer visible in the app Is this because of the changes? Do they need to download the latest version?
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