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  1. pconkie

    Frog Avatars

    Came across this old post again today: It includes avatars like this : and like this : and about 14 others that have no link. Are these images from frog or by the post owner ( @Phil Stiles )? If they are available to download from frog, could somebody send me the link... Thanks
  2. pconkie


    Is there a way to filter by creation date when getting entries? FrogOS.fdp({ url: 'datastore/get', path: '/api/fdp/2/', type: 'GET', data: { target_uuid: myid, created_on: {from: '1557579988', until: '1557589988'} } Something like the above returns entries without error but only entries created on 1557579988 NOT between those two date-times. Similarly leaving out the 'until' portion altogether. Thanks
  3. For the student that has been chosen from a "select user" widget - display a list of assignments and include the status of each assignment (not viewed / viewed but not handed in / handed in late / handed in on time etc).
  4. Is the My Child Work app being withdrawn or not? If so, will there be/is there a version of markbook for parents?
  5. pconkie


    @Matt @adamw With the (relatively) new Markbook app comes the fantastic feature of being able to see if a student has even bothered to open/read an assignment. I'd like frog to flag up for me all students who are (typically) not opening/reading assignments. Does the markbook expose an api which when provided with a student uuid (and maybe a date range too) returns a list of all assignments for that student including the flags for viewed/not viewed/completed-on time/completed-late/absent etc. A bit like what Assignment Monitor does when you search for a user, but with the new Markbook flags. This could be really powerful. Thanks
  6. I've done some extensive changes to the mobile menu, but this doesn't appear to be the cause of the issue when uploading to finished theme files.
  7. Here is the demo for both orientations on mobile: 15026EA6-76DF-48C9-92EA-B038082F73C7.MOV
  8. Here is the test site: https://froglearn.backwellschool.net/sw It has the boiler plate theme applied with all the custom css on the home page as per your tutorial. It works and looks as expected. Here is the demo on desktop: 2019-04-09 15-04-44.mp4
  9. pconkie

    Exam Timetables?

    I’d write a strongly worded letter to Capita if I were you! Clearly there is a way for companies to pay money to capita and use an api to get this information out of Sims cleanly. Schools have to spen hours reformatting....
  10. I’ve got a site (site A) set to presentation mode. On another site (site B) I want to use the embed page widget to embed a single page from site A. The page picker used to select the page from site A from within the embed page widget on site B doesn’t work. It renders site A in presentation mode within the page picker. Using the forward and back buttons closes the page picker rather than changing pages. I had to go to site A and change from presentation to site mode. Save and close. Go to site B, back onto the embed page widget to correctly select the page. Save and close. Then finally back into site A to switch back to presentation mode. Save and close. Please could the page picker widget preference ignore presentation mode! Thanks
  11. Great! Looking forward to closing all those assignments now...
  12. No matter what i try I get this oops message when attempting to close and assignment.
  13. pconkie

    Exam Timetables?

    Make sure you have the latest version of the widget as I made some changes for George to fix the "more than one page" problem. As for the other issue, your format must have changed since your mock exams!!! Why would that be? I take it you used the *special* version of the macro i sent you? Don't suppose the original version of the macro now works for you?!
  14. I know everyone is busy, but did anyone get to the bottom of this @Graham Quince?
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