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  1. pconkie

    FDP oAuth Question

    So how would i/could i go about using frog authentication for an external app?
  2. Is the information in the FDP docs (circled in red below) up to date? My frog server doesn't seem to have the urls mentioned and there is talk of a toolkit which makes me think of frog3!
  3. Was about to! But thought I’d check back here first..... to be fair it has become quite difficult to follow this thread now and work out exactly why you have to do! Glad it is working.
  4. In this case you should use “19-20 Y10 PC1” as the name of the report.
  5. I’ll check that the Beethoven release didn’t break it. There is no special role that parents need to have.
  6. Thanks @Graham Quince I’ve actually found where it was moved to (and fixed the bug) and got the functionality back in the various apps and widgets that we’re using it. Only remaining issue is with the ckeditor as mentioned above. Can anyone shed any light on this? Thanks.
  7. Since the update we have had some parents tell us they didn't get an email about their child's detention. Too many parents have said this to be the usual junk email issue. However, there is no apparent error when we scrutinise the frogcode widget. I've therefore done some more testing with the following: FrogOS.fdp({ url: 'email/sendmessage', path: '/api/fdp/1/', type: 'POST', data: { subject: 'Call Out', message: 'Test Message', to: "pconkie@backwellschool.net" } }).done(function(thisResponse) { this.hideLoader() }.bind(this)).fail(function(e) { var error = JSON.parse(e.responseText); var error_msg = error.response.message + "<BR/>Failed to send email" this.hideLoader(); this.modal("There has been an error", error_msg, "modal-4FDC8814200489BB58471FBB81DE9B03CD461BECB489AFEC", null, false); }.bind(this)); I get a success confirmation in the console However the email never arrives. Are there logs that can shed more light on this? This is an urgent issue for us. Thanks
  8. Just one more thing and all will be fixed and back working.... The CKEDITOR is no longer loaded when frog first opens. So my app (which sends messages to parents about detentions) breaks unless I open up something that uses the editor first. This is the code which was working in the last release to render the Ckeditor in a widget. steal.import('public/js/libs/ckeditor/ckeditor').then(function() { CKEDITOR.config.skin = "frogos"; CKEDITOR.disableAutoInline = true; CKEDITOR.config.allowedContent = true; CKEDITOR.config.scayt_sLang = 'en_GB'; CKEDITOR.config.scayt_autoStartup = true; CKEDITOR.config.removePlugins = 'elementspath'; CKEDITOR.config.resize_enabled = false; CKEDITOR.config.height = 260; }.bind(this)); I've tried a few things, but no luck. I get error message in the console - CKEDITOR is not defined. How can i load the editor when needed? Thanks
  9. The client side tabler sorter seems to have been removed in Beethoven. In the past $(this).tablersorter() used to turn any table into a sortable table. Has this been replaced with anything? and if so how can I use it to get this functionality back?
  10. pconkie

    FrogSeats v2

    @Tom The latest version on my server has the fixes required for the changes to jquery introduced in Beethoven (I think). The one on this test platform https://backwell.frogosdev.co.uk (which i can no longer access btw) has it at any least.
  11. pconkie

    Frog <--> MIS

    Sorry George it's undergoing a major change over the holidays (which i've already started) and so it's not in a fit state to share at the moment.
  12. pconkie


    Why has my markbook now got all of the students in the class listed twice?
  13. pconkie

    Frog Store Working?

    Still not shown up. How long should I wait??
  14. pconkie

    Frog Store Working?

    No sign of it after refreshing....
  15. pconkie

    Frog Store Working?

    Hold on. Where does it go when downloaded? I've waited....I've logged out and back in.....I've closed the browser and re-opened - no Election 2019 site?
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