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  1. pconkie

    Frog Store Working?

    Still not shown up. How long should I wait??
  2. pconkie

    Frog Store Working?

    No sign of it after refreshing....
  3. pconkie

    Frog Store Working?

    Hold on. Where does it go when downloaded? I've waited....I've logged out and back in.....I've closed the browser and re-opened - no Election 2019 site?
  4. pconkie

    Frog Store Working?

    @ADT has the correct solution again. He should get commission or something. You do have to access the store from within frog - actually from within the local frog store app, which doesn't appear in search results with the following search terms "frog store" or "store" but is in frogdrive/applications or with search term "frogstore" (all one word). Downloaded now - thanks! Perhaps this can be made a little bit easier?
  5. pconkie

    Frog Store Working?

    It’s break time (or was) I was drinking my cup of tea!
  6. pconkie

    Frog Store Working?

    From within frog - yes - by clicking on the ribbit and following the links. Searched for frog store inside frog - didn’t find anything. didn't look in apps!
  7. pconkie

    Frog Store Working?

    I’ve tried both @Connor Hutchinson
  8. pconkie

    Frog Store Working?

    Ok, I give up! How do you actually get to download the election site from the frog store? I am logged into my VLE!
  9. pconkie

    DataStore Question

    It worked. Thanks.
  10. A few questions for the datastore experts @adamw We have been using datastore as a replacement to the SIMS behaviour module since September. It has been very well received by staff as our new system is so quick and easy to use. Parents love the fact that sanctions, detentions and rewards become instantly available in frog (rather then waiting for the overnight sync). We have incorporated the new email api to push notifications out to parents. Its working really well at the moment, In 8 weeks we have generated 3375 behaviour datastore records. With another thousand or so related records for detentions and time spent in our behaviour support room. There isn't a noticeable performance hit yet, but is there anything i should do / should be aware of to keep things working optimally? I did give staff the option of viewing records "for all time" initially, but have removed this now in favour of "this academic year" (which I think may eventually have to go as well). I've set records from "today" as the default filter option. I'm using incident category e.g "formal warning", "removal from lesson", "serious incident", "other" etc as the alias in the main datastore. 80% of records are warnings. Is there a way to filter alias in the api call along the lines of "NOT formal warning" or "everything except formal warning". This will certainly improve things further. If anyone is interested I attach the structure we are using for the frog datastore and our behaviour system flowchart. It needed to be a 'live' system and frog allows us to do this. Thanks Paul sanction data structure.docx Colour behaviour.drawio.pdf
  11. @ADT As for your second request......why????
  12. I just happened to have some similar code for working out the whole school attendance rate by going through the attendance of every mis linked student getAllStudents: function() { this.showLoader(); Frog.Model.api('users.getSummary', { mis: "mis", profile: "profile-student", sortBy: "surname", direction: "asc", group_types: "registration|year" }).done(function(response) { for (var x = 0; x < response.data.length; x++) { var student = response.data[x]; if (student.details.thumbnail == null) { console.log(student.displayname) } } this.hideLoader(); }.bind(this)).fail(function(e) { var error = JSON.parse(e.responseText); var error_msg = error.response.message + "<BR/>Failed to get user data" this.hideLoader(); this.modal("There has been an error", error_msg, "modal", null, false); }.bind(this)); }
  13. A little bit of code could prepend a P_ (or similar) to the username of the primary contact for you...
  14. pconkie

    Frog <--> MIS

    This one isn't being shared at this stage - sorry. Reasons for not sharing at this stage - its not been tested enough its too bespoke to our school (which is a roundabout way of saying it would be too much work at the moment to make it work properly for your school context) Thanks
  15. pconkie

    Frog <--> MIS

    Clicking on the students name take's you to full certificate and interventions record...
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