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    Auto Direct

    Stick this in a html widget on the main student dashboard. Use rules to display it only to the year group you want to auto direct. <Script> $( "li.os-desktop-navigation-spot[data-original-title='GCSE Revision Site']" ).trigger( "click" ); </Script> Change the 'GCSE Revision Site' bit to match the name of the dashboard you want them to auto direct to. There must be a dashboard with correct name otherwise it will silently fail.
  2. pconkie

    Auto Direct

    Would this work for you because we already have this set up for Y11: Add your Bridging course as a new dashboard for students (assumes you have some spare dashboards) Add html widget to first student dashboard (I’ll supply some code to make it trigger the transition to the new dashboard) and use the rules to make this visible only to students in year 11 so other students stay on the main dash.
  3. pconkie

    Due Dates changing

    I’ve had this reported to me by one of my staff now. Apparently ever since we changed to British Summer Time. Only seems to affect assignments set for future release ie those where you change the “available from” date. Not reported it before because not considered it an issue. Then a parent complained because an assignment set to be released on a future Monday got released by frog a day early and the parent didn’t think it was right that work should be set on a Sunday (which it wasn’t!) The way to fix it is to set it to release on a Tuesday (to then go live on a Mon). If it is set one day ahead it is fine, but two days and it jumps back a day!
  4. I tend to open the actual file and use the assignment wall for feedback, sometimes almost like a commentary. This can be done instantly and students get email notifications when a member of staff puts a message on their assignment wall. Consider using the Text Activity (if all you want from the students is a written response / essay ). For some reason I have found that the feedback button works instantly for this.
  5. Files that are not already picture/images need to be converted to images to work in the feedback app. This is not instant and files join a conversion queue. Try again tomorrow (or if your platform is like my platform in a few days).
  6. It’s all in the video Graham. Maybe you could give them to @ADT ................ once he’s made and shared one!
  7. No widgets for @ADT !
  8. As has always been the case. Everything is available to share (except not now with @ADT I expect @Graham Quince will now ban him from the forums so he can spend some time learning how to code) The style widget is Graham’s and already available. The advanced activity rules widget to anyone that wants it - note it doesn’t work with every theme. To answer @gbligh question - activity review is a new app I made last week. At the moment it only does text activities and it needs some dashboard code to get it inserted into the markbook app which might put people off, but otherwise give it a go!
  9. Some work I've done on this, It's a long-ish video written for our staff, but there are a few new things in the middle 5 and last 5 minutes worth a watch. https://youtu.be/XRWKkqYJ1Hc
  10. We've got this calendar view we can look up for any student (tutors checking regularly.... Grey - not opened Orange - opened but not handed in Green - opened and handed in Red - not done (from teacher markbook) I have had to take the timeline off the left hand side to hide the student details. You can just make out some white horizontal lines - one i today and the other is 1st May. Good engagement Mixed engagement Poor engagement
  11. pconkie

    Open an app

    But that looks identical to what i posted!! However - it does work. Thanks! BTW I do consider you an expert.
  12. pconkie

    Open an app

    No, nothing. Could my app not be called what i think it is called? <script> console.log("running?") FrogOS.openApp( 'app.externalapps.42134a12.activityreview', { assignment_uuid: "52A6047720003DD21F405F682109D30B81F312EC00EAA941", } ); FrogOS.openApp( 'activityreview', { assignment_uuid: "52A6047720003DD21F405F682109D30B81F312EC00EAA941", } ); FrogOS.openApp( 'Activity Review', { assignment_uuid: "52A6047720003DD21F405F682109D30B81F312EC00EAA941", } ); </script> It does something......I have tried the above (the last one is what it is actually called in frogcode). First one is what it is called in groups and policies. But no app. Looks like it can not find the correct url?
  13. While you're digging around in the code base..... did you see my query? https://forum.frogcommunity.com/index.php?/topic/2673-open-an-app/ Final piece of the puzzle so a very useful app can be released!
  14. pconkie

    Open an app

    Can anyone stop me from wasting any more time on this? @adamw Please! I need to open an app from a html widget (because I need to send the app an assignment uuid) I have code that does this from inside a frogcode widget, but it doesn't work in a html widget I was getting: error trigger is not a function. Implying this.trigger wasn't the way to go. I got a little closer by using $('div.os_core:first') to trigger from, but still got an error about an undefined name. var c = $('div.os_core:first'); var appID = "0597421320048F43D12ECF7C62B12F01382427CCB9FE4A12"; c.trigger('os.internal.launchapp', { name: appID, assignment_uuid: "any assignment uuid", appModel: new Com.Frog.Model({ 'uuid' : appID, 'role_name': Object.values(_Roles.serialize()).filter(function(role) { return /app\.frogplay$/gim.test(role); })[0], 'extended_data' : { 'from_package' : true } }) }); Here is my code - you can see that i'm sending option data (assignment_uuid) and using my frogplay role to authorise (I can't figure out the roles but i'm sure this works as it worked in frogcode). Any ideas? Thanks Paul
  15. Hi @Graham Quince Thanks for this. It's just that non of the teachers can see this at all (they don't even see the notifications tab (no third step to click). This includes my teacher account (rather than my admin account). Push notifications - they work, do they? Thanks Paul
  16. @Graham Quince how do you enable the notifications section of the my preferences app in the first place? I have had a look in the group policy section and all of the relevant apis seem to be enabled...
  17. pconkie

    Picture Series

    @ADT @gbligh Sorry for the delay - simple fix - i'd just forgotten to actually make that button do anything! Works now! @Graham Quince can you update the widget? Version 7 on my box is latest. Thanks!
  18. This is the guidance we have issued to staff: Guidance.docx
  19. We have a bit of an organic approach - which can at times be confusing for students. Given school closures and 'remote learning' it has become far more important that this is clear and easy to get. Most of that is down to us as a school to get our guidance right, however, there may be things that could be changed/improved that would also help. Currently our staff are using a mixture of: The feedback application (which more people would use if it more reliably converted documents or allowed line breaks in comments) but when it does work the stickers are great and audio feedback is supported! Feedback in this way get's flagged in lots of places with the "Purple pen icon". The message wall on the assignment - this is good for two way dialog but could do with more space to type and a message delete button. It does support line breaks in the messages! Feedback in this way get's flagged in some places with the "blue number icon". The comments box on the bottom of the assignment - when a comment is written in this box it doesn't get flagged (a real benefit of the first two). Staff need to tell students to look or students need to look in every assignment. In addition I don't think we have pushed the assignments app enough (not since current assignments were introduced into the frog bar), so a lot of students fall at the first hurdle when trying to find their feedback. The assignments calendar widget helps a bit with this, but it only has flags for feedback via #1 above. The assignments app has flags for #1&2 above, but the tabbed layout (open, handed in, closed) - which really helps staff organise their assignments - again gets in the way of finding feedback for some students. The ideal for me would be: something like the assignment calendar widget with a month view or list view which flags all three methods of feedback above (or at the very least the first two to bring it in line with the assignments app) has a filter that can be set to only show assignments with one or more of these types of feedback Thoughts? Also why is there sometimes no feedback button on uploaded documents with the purple pen icon? Take this as an example... Clicking on Trigonometry... Gives me feedback buttons to press, But clicking on 'First task'... No feedback button. Student has to go into assignments app, find the assignment in hundreds of others in the 'handed in' tab and then they can press the feedback button!
  20. pconkie

    Permissions change?

    Yes, we are, but you shouldn't need the file extension. Try taking the extension off your example - it should still work! @adamw I tried with my admin account and it still gave me the permission error.
  21. pconkie

    Permissions change?

    We have some direct links to files that have been uploaded as site assets. e.g. we upload a word document and use a text widget to serve it via its link: https://froglearn.backwellschool.net/app/file/resource/15F2D9232003061952ADCF6034A2C9046E21F56CFF133428 In the past this has allowed us to quickly put lots of files up into a site. Despite this working for years and despite users having the correct view permissions to the site they have been uploaded to, the links no longer work. We get a you are not authorised to access this page message. Is this a result of a recent change? Many hours of work would be lost of we needed to re-upload these files individually into file link widgets.
  22. I'd like to hear from people about their 'remote learning' strategies. Assuming your strategy has frog at it's center, what have you done about: expectations around frequency of work set - does this differ for different year groups? what will students hand in (if anything) what are your expectations around feedback? have you prescribed how this should be done by staff? what other software/platforms are you using with frog? Teams? Google? Office 365? how are you monitoring all of this from staff and students perspectives? Is this through assignment monitor or is there a more useful report we could ask frog to think about? Thanks
  23. pconkie

    Exam Timetables?

    When i paste this into an Exam Timetable widget i don't get the same as what is shown in your video. The Code and Seat columns show "undefined". Which is the same as the pdf error message, which I can now replicate. In the data above 'ClassCode' should be 'CompCode' and 'Seat Number' should be 'Seat'. Also the duration's need to be treated like text. This means they need to be wrapped in quotation marks, Once i make these changes the pdf is produced despite the seats being blank!
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