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  1. And to include year group...... and form class....... you need too....... 😉
  2. Do SLT's not just use paper?
  3. ADT

    Image Carousel

    Hmmm... thats strange it only loads the first 30 for me!! As you might have seen I've also put a Masonry Wall Widget on the page which works!! O well i might need to take the carousel off!!
  4. And if its beyond Quincy then its well beyond me!!
  5. See now that's a better answer......
  6. ADT

    Image Carousel

    Hi @Jay sorry to reopen this one... thought it would be easier than adding a new one!! I've just been asked to create a site for our Yr 11 Prom pictures... there is about 300 of them... and when I've added a Image Carousel widget I'm only seeing the first 30??? Did you hit a limit @nward?? Thanks!
  7. ADT

    Slides from Frog19

    Got my email this morning....
  8. ADT


    Thanks Jay!
  9. ADT


    Thanks Jay!! That's a bit long winded... but ive done it!! I suppose the next question is whats the limit and why is it so small??
  10. ADT


    Easy now..... PPT.... These are icons I've used on links! for course sites I've made! Made sense to pin them to use again and again.....
  11. ADT


    Hopefully an easy one to answer.... How do you remove things from your pinboard?? Mines full!!!!
  12. See i said you would say that......
  13. I was wondering if there was a way to reset a Poll on a page... without needing to edit the page? So I've been building resources for next year which we share across the department. I've been using polls on pages but thought it would be great if there was a way to press a hidden (visible to staff) which would show the results and then another one to reset the results for the next teacher?? Your probably going to say something like add the date viewer brick.... but wondered if it could be easier than that!!! Just wondering..... o and look no styling!!!! @Graham Quince
  14. ADT

    Frog 19

    If you are down at the conference say hello... I’ll be the the loud mouth northerner sitting near the back!! 😉 Good Luck Frog Family!!! 👍
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