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  1. Yeah ive been using Feedback for ages... it can be a bit hitty missy....... We've rushed showed staff how to use it..... and ive already had a few saying some files dont show... others do!!!
  2. ADT

    Picture Series

    Erm did you ever get round to fixing this one.... and how did your OFSTED go? @pconkie
  3. ADT

    Permissions change?

    Ah so we aren't talking about linking to an asset on a site.... like a file in a file drop widget!! https://vlevm.ga.newcastle.sch.uk/app/file/asset/CAE838DD200304CB6E857F9F7BBED20BE61721CCFEDCE4CF.pdf
  4. We already use a Frog form to submit reprographics work....... we can use this to send work and get that passed to admin....... assuming someone is there!! ðŸĪŠ
  5. OK so........ We are setting core weekly tasks for each subject for all students on Frog. They are being set by a designated person in a department (could be TALL or leader of course) per year group/course.... Staff can then "top up" if they want to!! Using Markbook's individual staff teacher can see what has been set and mark as needs be. Some of us are then using FrogFeedback to give students feedback if they have been asked to digitally hand something in. We have got FrogPlay turned on.... and i know some staff are setting these for some groups of students. We also use 365 to create PowerPoints, help sheets, worksheets etc and then link them to a Frog site so students can download them at home fill them in and submit them on Frog. Email is getting hammered by staff... and students!! No doubt we are using a million of these online quizzes, games, sites that we already use or are getting for free for the next...... however long!! No doubt there is more........ i'll add when i remember!!
  6. ADT

    Permissions change?

    Do you not need to have the file extension on the end?
  7. ADT


    Its a shame you cant use messages message to send a messages to teachers of "Little Johnny"!!!! @gbligh
  8. Its about time he did some of his own work... instead of just stealing other peoples and passing it of as his idea............ 😜
  9. ADT

    Exam Timetables?

    He shoots... he scores!! Conkies back!! 😀
  10. Notes section would be useful.... 😝
  11. Hmmm... For a personal To Do list (Staff/Student)... you would want the ability to add, delete, edit and tick off items For a Staff Member (Shared)... you might want to same but for a group of staff to have the ability to manipulate a shared list widget? For a Student for tasks given by staff.. you might want to be able to populate an individual's list via a group membership... but the student would be able to tick things off.
  12. ADT

    Exam Timetables?

    Check higher up the thread.... have you got the right version?
  13. ADT

    Picture Series

    How did OFSTED go?
  14. ADT

    Exam Timetables?

    If only this was something Frog could pull in without the need to for the "donkey work"!!! I mean its not like Exams are the bread and butter for secondary schools..... but..... Erm.......... @Graham Quince @lucy.evans @Gareth Davies (Frog) @SteveH
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