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  1. ADT

    Frog Store

    If you look at the other thread in this section there is a work around..... 😜
  2. ADT

    Frog Store Working?

    Worked for me..... 😜
  3. ADT

    Frog Store Working?

    You've broke it......
  4. ADT

    Frog Store Working?

    Hit refresh.... it'll be added as one of your sites!!
  5. ADT

    Frog Store Working?

    He shoots... he scores..... 😜
  6. ADT

    Frog Store Working?

    So that's how it is... you respond to Connor but not me? Shocking..... 😜
  7. ADT

    Frog Store Working?

    Are you trying to access the Frog Store from within Frog.... Go to FrogDrive... Applications....
  8. ADT

    Wall Widget - remove posts?

    You can assign specific pages... so although the whole course/unit is on a specific site you might have "work pages" which you could assign as you go!! If @Graham Quince wasnt so busy no doubt he's offer to show you the new "courses" module they are building!! 😉
  9. ADT

    Wall Widget - remove posts?

    Hi Mark... We build sites which house all our lessons..... with linked in PPT's and resources from OneDrive.... quizes... file drops etc!! Rather than assigning them we just share them to specific classes meaning you lose no rights.... and can change them whenever you want! You could add multiple walls which you could hide based upon class...... Just trying to think of a quick way round the issue... rather than waiting for the permanent fix! 😉
  10. ADT

    Wall Widget - remove posts?

    OK so i created a test site...... Made a wall page and added a wall.... Shared the site with my test student account and gave them contribute access... I then created a second page called Ass and added a Frog Page widget and selected the wall page. I assigned the ass page using the share option... Student see the one on the left... from the wall page i can still see the delete button!! 😉
  11. Seams like a sensible request..... but no doubt the official advice will be to add it to the Ideals Portal!! 😉
  12. So the answer would must be the resource has to be a site asset.... for it to work!!
  13. OK so im sure this is going to be a 5 mins answer....... i have a form on a site that i have shared 'Public on the web'. I have a image on the form but it doesn't show. The image is in a Frog Drive folder but how do i share it??? Ok where am i going wrong? @Graham Quince @gbligh @pconkie
  14. ADT

    Wall widget

    Stick the wall on a new site and then embed it back onto the first one!!
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