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  1. Another Conkie Special! Makes you wonder where he finds the time!!! 😜
  2. @Graham Quince did we ever fix this and how come the link no longer works?
  3. This looks like it might be useful.... whens the next release date?
  4. ADT


    Is there a list some where??? I think some people might find there is SSO's they didn't even know existed!!
  5. ADT


    Out of interest is there an SSO's for... CPOMS ProvisionMap Is there a list of ones that you have got set up?? @Graham Quince
  6. ADT

    Picture Series

    So as far as i know you can open an external site (or an internal site via the URL)..... or open an internal page within that site!!! I've never tried but surely there is a way to code a redirect to an alternative site when you open an internal page?
  7. @Graham Quince out of interest when is the next big update...... would be nice to be able to edit forms!
  8. Much nicer than my random bit of code that brings up an alert box..... the only issue as with anything like this is to stop it popping up every time someone opens a page............
  9. ADT

    Live resultsometer?

    Morning...... Have you tried using the Poll widget?
  10. I thought you were turning this into a widget..... ?
  11. Hi Chay... that looks like an issue with your theme!! You might want to wait for one of the Frog Team to get in touch!! @Graham Quince
  12. Hi Chay... Do you mean a way change the page layout? You can do this using the Page settings !! Hope that's what you wanted? ?
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