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  1. A from the outside would seam the easiest for you!! And from an "us" point of view... we use forms to collect behaviour data!!! So if a member of staff leaves we still would want to see the data, as its also about a student!! Hope that make sense!! So an A from me!!
  2. ADT

    New Markbook App

    Yes you do.... you're tagged all over on the forum!!! 😝
  3. ADT

    Mark Schemes Manager

    It makes sense..... but having to go into each one.... then edit each one... then move the slide for each one......... then save each one........... seams a bit tedious!!
  4. ADT

    Mark Schemes Manager

    Hmmmm see they are all turned off.... now i would think i would have remembered turning them all off individually.......... or are they all turned off by default?
  5. ADT

    Mark Schemes Manager

    Is there an easy way to turn on all the MIS imported mark Schemes... rather then having to open each one... and manually click edit... and then turn it on... and then click save and then..................
  6. ADT

    Training Course

    Hi Jay.... as you say its only recently been releases..... so will be getting "tweeks" in the upcoming releases. Ive just linked to the site..... incase there are any changes to your copy of the site.....
  7. ADT

    Training Course

    But if the the Course is updated....... wont someone have to remember to reshare to the Frog store... then we have to download again etc ????
  8. ADT

    Training Course

    I've set up a page on our staff dashboard called Frog How To's? and created links!!
  9. ADT

    Frog Avatars

    They look a bit crude to me..... then again could be early FrogTrade...... 😉
  10. Here's our staff portal... not the prettiest but it works for us!
  11. Well ive got it and installed it...... not sure when i might need it but hey!!
  12. Are you at a loose end at the moment?
  13. One that can do all my marking?
  14. ADT

    New Markbook App

    @Mattwhat about making the next and continue button going to the next piece of work that's been handed in??
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