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  1. Bit slow at Frog Towers at the moment @Graham Quince..... 😜
  2. ADT

    Select date widget

    No point asking me... it sounds like it involves code!!! Im out!! 😜
  3. Well our version seams to still work?? Bet i've just jinxed it now! 🙄 @Graham Quince security permission have changed like ours?
  4. Is this one of @Graham Quince 's?
  5. I don't want your excuses im after a solution... 😜
  6. @Graham Quince nevermind giving out badges can we fix the look of the Dyslexic Text background button....😜
  7. Got to love the Frog Community..... See... Like... Steal... 5 mins later.... By the way i already had the language selector on!! 😜
  8. @Graham Quince Can the page background button not be part of the button... seams like an after thought?
  9. Is this your way of saying the app is crap? 😜
  10. ADT

    Appearing by time

    I had a play with this years ago.... well with the help of @Graham Quince if i remember! <script> /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /// you will need the data-content-uuid of the widget you want to show/hide // get this from the inspector (right click - - inspect) ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// var widget_to_hide = "42140000200287F6954DBF1CEB29FA0C24F4607C6376CF04"; // attach click functions to buttons $( ".showme" ).click(function() { $("div[data-content-uuid='"+widget_to_hide+"']").show(); }); $( ".hideme" ).click(function() { $("div[data-content-uuid='"+widget_to_hide+"']").hide(); }); // automatically by time of day? var format = 'hh:mm:ss'; // var time = moment() gives you current time. no format required. var time = moment(); var beforeTime = moment('10:30:00', format); var afterTime = moment('15:30:00', format); if (time.isBetween(beforeTime, afterTime)) { console.log('is between'); //show? $("div[data-content-uuid='"+widget_to_hide+"']").show(); } else { console.log('is not between'); //hide? $("div[data-content-uuid='"+widget_to_hide+"']").hide(); } </script> <button class="showme" type="button">Show</button> <button class="hideme" type="button">Hide</button>
  11. ts that time of year again.... again..... again... again I have completed my yearly look to see which weirdo was on Frog over the Christmas Holidays..... Still the worst game of Top Trumps ever!! 🎅 5 users logged in between 23:00 - 23:59 24th Dec (all students... last member of staff was on at 9:40pm) 5 users logged in between 00:00 - 01:00 25th Dec (again all students... 1st member of staff was on at 9:16am) 145 users logged on in total on the 25th Dec (6 Members of staff and 1 Parent ) 2 users logged on during the Queens Speech (3pm - 3:10pm) 0 users logged on between 23:00 - 23:59 31st Dec (last login was by a student at 9:52pm) 20 users logged on between 00:00 - 03:00 1st Jan 375 users logged on in total on 1st Jan (including 10 Staff & 2 Parents) 1687 users logged in over the holidays (including 98 Staff, 32 Parents & 4 Governor) with a total number of logins of 7452 Totaling 4499 hours on Frog or 187 Days!!! 2021- 2022
  12. Its not often @gbligh has a point 😜.... but he's right it does seam stretch past the page edge... even with your extra bit of code!
  13. Always happy to help!! 👍 Enjoy your weekend!
  14. We have a Tutor dashboard (pip at the bottom of the screen)!! Staff can add notices to whole school... specific year or drill down to form class!!! That way if a tutor is off and someone is covering they can see see notices for years... or specific notices to be pass on to specific kids in a form class!! Which might have been just emailed in the past..... and the cover teacher wouldn't be able to pass on!! Is that the thing you were after?
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