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  1. There are no silly questions.... just questions..... 😜
  2. Sounds about right! 😠
  3. Afternoon George.... You need to keep in mind we are a high school with a sixth form... so we have lost two of our year groups.... about 600 kids!!! So for May we were averaging about 3.5k mid week for June we were averaging 2.7K mid week!! Thanks!!
  4. You might want to add modal-body to make it longer.... <style> .modal { width: 60% !important; left: 35% !important; } .modal-body { max-height: 800px !important; } </style>
  5. Something i mentioned ages ago.... cant remember what the response was but clearly it wasn't the one i was after!! ?
  6. Bit slow at Frog Towers at the moment @Graham Quince..... ?
  7. ADT

    Select date widget

    No point asking me... it sounds like it involves code!!! Im out!! ?
  8. Well our version seams to still work?? Bet i've just jinxed it now! ? @Graham Quince security permission have changed like ours?
  9. Is this one of @Graham Quince 's?
  10. I don't want your excuses im after a solution... ?
  11. @Graham Quince nevermind giving out badges can we fix the look of the Dyslexic Text background button....?
  12. Got to love the Frog Community..... See... Like... Steal... 5 mins later.... By the way i already had the language selector on!! ?
  13. @Graham Quince Can the page background button not be part of the button... seams like an after thought?
  14. Is this your way of saying the app is crap? ?
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