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  1. Well you see i just asked ChatGPT......................................................... 😜
  2. We use O365 and when you copy a link you can choose to not let someone download the file.. By the looks of it you can do the same on Google...
  3. By the way in that lads case he didn't do anything wrong...... he used a tool to help him fix an issue with his code!!! He didn't get the tool to write his code for him! 😜
  4. I'm not overly concerned..... i mean at some point it will become a subscription service (which students wont pay) to use or it gets pulled all together! I think we need to be teaching the student about it..... and how to use it rather than panicking and seeing it as a negative thing. We were a bit concerned that a Yr 13 who has asked about ChatGPT in a previous lesson had used it to write his NEA, one min he didn't have anything done and next he had loads done!!! We had a chat to him about it as and he admitted to using ChatGPT to help him with his code...... not to write it but to fix a bug he couldn't work out. When we had a proper look through his code he clearly didn't get ChatGPT to write his code... it wasn't very efficient!!! 🤣😂🤣 In the real world if you are stuck you ask someone..... or google it. As a teacher when i have new lessons plans to make the first thing i do is try and find someone else's resources to tweak. We cant blame students for trying to cut corners but they should be shown its a really useful resource to support there work.... not to do it for them!! Just like Wikipedia 🤣😂🤣 On a personal note i think its great.... I've just got it to help me create my Frayer Model PowerPoint sides..... I've asked it create topic tests... give me some examples of tasks to do with the students for some of the boring theory lessons........ but it wouldn't give me the lottery numbers for the weekend!! Like all tools you have to be trained on how best to use it..... hence the need to teach the students about it.... rather than panicking, blocking it at school, making it a bad thing to use etc!!
  5. Evening... So we use MyFrog... its something I suggest to all of our users to download when i introduce Frog to them. Users can use MyFrog to access the expected thing, timetables, homework, read messages. Staff find it useful to be able to set work "on the fly" while traveling to work (not driving obviously). Parents like the fact it "pings" like any other app when a message/homework has been set.....students not so much. The fact you can quickly go to your Dashboard is really useful if you want to access the "real" site is really handy!! Im not saying its all positives.... we also see some of the negatives like getting randomly kicked out like @MrsCotterill has pointed out.... but what app is perfect!! Overall if its an easy way to get students, staff and parents to use Frog.... its a winner for me!! 👍
  6. Id heard they were looking into a way to detect if it wrote essays etc........ but there is no way to detect coding!! Computer Science NEA's are going to be fun if you can't tell if the kid has done it or an AI!! 😜
  7. Anyone tried Chatbot GPT yet?? You can ask it to create code...... as long as you ask it the right questions it can generate it in mins!! 😜 @Graham Quince
  8. Afternoon... So not sure how many of you use SIMs and Frog.... there is an issue that sometimes crops up!! When there is a clash on the timetable we can select in SIMs which is the "favoured" lesson! This is not picked up on Frog so students sometimes have lessons on Frog that they shouldn't be attending and the correct lesson not showing! It seam's there was a attempt to get this sorted a number of years ago.... but if you could put your weight behind it please do!! Thanks https://ideas.frogcommunity.com/ideas/FRG-I-423
  9. There are no silly questions.... just questions..... 😜
  10. Afternoon George.... You need to keep in mind we are a high school with a sixth form... so we have lost two of our year groups.... about 600 kids!!! So for May we were averaging about 3.5k mid week for June we were averaging 2.7K mid week!! Thanks!!
  11. You might want to add modal-body to make it longer.... <style> .modal { width: 60% !important; left: 35% !important; } .modal-body { max-height: 800px !important; } </style>
  12. Something i mentioned ages ago.... cant remember what the response was but clearly it wasn't the one i was after!! ?
  13. Bit slow at Frog Towers at the moment @Graham Quince..... ?
  14. ADT

    Select date widget

    No point asking me... it sounds like it involves code!!! Im out!! ?
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