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    Appearing by time

    I had a play with this years ago.... well with the help of @Graham Quince if i remember! <script> /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /// you will need the data-content-uuid of the widget you want to show/hide // get this from the inspector (right click - - inspect) ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// var widget_to_hide = "42140000200287F6954DBF1CEB29FA0C24F4607C6376CF04"; // attach click functions to buttons $( ".showme" ).click(function() { $("div[data-content-uuid='"+widget_to_hide+"']").show(); }); $( ".hideme" ).click(function() { $("div[data-content-uuid='"+widget_to_hide+"']").hide(); }); // automatically by time of day? var format = 'hh:mm:ss'; // var time = moment() gives you current time. no format required. var time = moment(); var beforeTime = moment('10:30:00', format); var afterTime = moment('15:30:00', format); if (time.isBetween(beforeTime, afterTime)) { console.log('is between'); //show? $("div[data-content-uuid='"+widget_to_hide+"']").show(); } else { console.log('is not between'); //hide? $("div[data-content-uuid='"+widget_to_hide+"']").hide(); } </script> <button class="showme" type="button">Show</button> <button class="hideme" type="button">Hide</button>
  2. ts that time of year again.... again..... again... again I have completed my yearly look to see which weirdo was on Frog over the Christmas Holidays..... Still the worst game of Top Trumps ever!! 🎅 5 users logged in between 23:00 - 23:59 24th Dec (all students... last member of staff was on at 9:40pm) 5 users logged in between 00:00 - 01:00 25th Dec (again all students... 1st member of staff was on at 9:16am) 145 users logged on in total on the 25th Dec (6 Members of staff and 1 Parent ) 2 users logged on during the Queens Speech (3pm - 3:10pm) 0 users logged on between 23:00 - 23:59 31st Dec (last login was by a student at 9:52pm) 20 users logged on between 00:00 - 03:00 1st Jan 375 users logged on in total on 1st Jan (including 10 Staff & 2 Parents) 1687 users logged in over the holidays (including 98 Staff, 32 Parents & 4 Governor) with a total number of logins of 7452 Totaling 4499 hours on Frog or 187 Days!!! 2021- 2022
  3. Its not often @gbligh has a point 😜.... but he's right it does seam stretch past the page edge... even with your extra bit of code!
  4. Always happy to help!! 👍 Enjoy your weekend!
  5. We have a Tutor dashboard (pip at the bottom of the screen)!! Staff can add notices to whole school... specific year or drill down to form class!!! That way if a tutor is off and someone is covering they can see see notices for years... or specific notices to be pass on to specific kids in a form class!! Which might have been just emailed in the past..... and the cover teacher wouldn't be able to pass on!! Is that the thing you were after?
  6. @gbligh FYI booking form has a bug.... well it is if you try and make it look pretty!!! Leave it full screen its supposed to work but it's being looked into! 😜
  7. Morning... yeah i just searched the forum for anything booking stumbled upon this and thought id see if the man himself @gbligh was experiencing the same issue! But yes.... i've also included Adams code on the page.... quite useful for letting staff delete their own entries. And no.... i didn't get chance to log it with the service desk.... that is on the list for today!!! 😜
  8. @gbligh What about if you try and click on an entry.... does it appear above the area you can actually see?
  9. Don't suppose you have seen this? Went to a new page then back to the form page.... @Graham Quince
  10. @gbligh Are you still using this? I've been tasked with creating an iPad booking system.... so just wanted to see if there were are do and don'ts!! Tricks and tips!!
  11. ADT

    School Gateway

    My thoughts exactly.... just a shame we have just bought into it..... and I've only found out now!!!! 🙄
  12. @gbligh by the way did you know there is no "My Calendar" link on the menu for Students.... this gives them access to their timetable etc? But there is for staff? Granted if as a student you open "My Assignments" and swipe left it actually opens the "My Calendar" page... but it seams a bit daft to not let kids access there timetables via the app without having to open the dashboard!! 😜
  13. ADT


    Well something better than nothing!! Is this a service desk job?? Don't think we have it yet.....
  14. ADT


    @gbligh So you use it with staff..... @Graham Quince but does it also work for parents??
  15. ADT


    What about a SSO for SchoolCloud??? It seams #Cough# Firefly has one........ 😜 @Graham Quince @gbligh is this what you use for Room Booking?
  16. Clearly that is going to be soon with all those new updates being shown off tomorrow........................
  17. Yep i was going to mention it but ive been busy!!!
  18. @pconkieJust checking there isn't a version 0.1 of this....... I know how much you love tinkering!!! 😜
  19. Blinking @gbligh always spoiling it for the rest of us!! 😜
  20. Erm so it shows the red x when they haven't done it...... or if there is no teacher mark? Abby did her IT homework yet its got an X on the overview?
  21. You really need to make these things more explicit........ I did have a quick look thinking there had to be somewhere to "point" the code........ on second inspection i've spotted it and fixed it!! Really shouldn't try teaching and Frogging at the same time!! ðŸĪŠ
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