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  1. And its on a completely different page!! 😜
  2. I'll take it back.... its the fact that the alinement it way off!!!!
  3. Why doesn't it show where the criteria labels have been put on the work when you print? 1. You have achieved this criteria here....... whoops it doesn't show!
  4. You know me....... always happy to help if we can!! 🤪
  5. ADT

    HW calendar code

    Have you got sorted now then?
  6. ADT

    HW calendar code

    If i told you that id have to kill you..... 😝
  7. ADT

    HW calendar code

    Something like.... <script> var widget_content_uuid = "8E087DCB200281BC21D9AFFD49EB8309617608AC35F7D646"; var subject_uuid = "FE43A21E2003151E1F67BFB693DCAD08CDDA308CD37F93E1"; var recipients_uuid= "group-4F2B17B0200138FC1A2E4F4E5494BB04E65810EC7A8FC42D"; setTimeout(function(){ $("div [data-content-uuid="+widget_content_uuid+"] select[name=subject_name]:first").val(subject_uuid).change(); }, 2000); setTimeout(function(){ $("div [data-content-uuid="+widget_content_uuid+"] select[name=recipients]:first").val(recipients_uuid).change(); }, 3000); </script>
  8. ADT

    click and reveal?

    Sorry Chay.... try this!!
  9. ADT

    click and reveal?

    Morning... Something like the hide reveal widget??
  10. This is the first time we have tried it.... 430 kids.... 370 parents have logged on so far.... 109 forms submitted!! Its a bit of shame... and the fact there is no intelligence in forms..... but by the sound of it you had a work around........... but hey it seams to be working!!! Hopefully we can tweak things if i get the chance to do it again next year!! 👍
  11. So which “fix” did you go with?
  12. I made a RFC along the same lines!!! https://ideas.frogcommunity.com/ideas/FRG-I-1445
  13. Has anyone had any experience of GCSEPod.... and how it fits into the world of Frog? We are thinking of spending some of our catch up money on a subscription!! Thanks in advance! Adrian! @gbligh @pconkie @Graham Quince
  14. I've never claimed to be good at "onglerish" that's why I teach IT!! 😜
  15. What no CSS option for the title??? You're slacking @Graham Quince 😜
  16. Luckily I found out before hitting release it during my testing.....
  17. So @Graham Quince fix is to leave on single submission.. add the data viewer to the bottom of the form... then parents can edit the submitted form via that rather than via the form!!
  18. @pconkie sorry mate not what you want to hear... i have just allowed to do our options via Frog for the first time because of the COIVDS situation... and i stumbled on the.... cant edit forms issue!! 😔
  19. Its broken..... there is a fix but its not ready till the next big release!!
  20. I'm not sure how much help i can be i dont have access to our O365 system.... but i can try and help!! Teams meeting so we can screenshare???
  21. Ive just spent an hour going though all the work for this week.... changing handed in to not done!!! Dont get me wrong i would have done the same myself given the chance..... in fact do you think i can get away with it with the work i have to do????? 😜
  22. Got to be a pet hate of most teaching staff!!!! So you set an assignment and you add a Quiz..... File Drop.... and a Text Activity!!! Student sees they have loads of assignments and they want there parent/guardian to think they have done everything so they just hand it in!!!! Can there not be a way Frog sees that there are activities that haven't been completed so doesn't let them? hand it in? https://ideas.frogcommunity.com/ideas/FRG-I-1445 @Graham Quince
  23. I've had an email from a student (passed onto me from a Member of staff with the same issue) She is trying to upload a word file but it just comes up with an error!! I've tried all sorts and get the file to upload at my end (via her account) by saving the file as a copy of itself through Word!! She said she has tried the same but no joy!!! The wonders of trying to support students at home with there own devices!!
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