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  1. Hi @Theres.Ilk, This widget was sent to us from The Radclyffe School and I'll let them know there is an issue. To be honest, It might be worth looking at the updated Image Carousel widget, which can display photos from a folder and in a gallery view too. https://www.frogeducation.com/community/training/widgetguides/g-m/image-carousel Graham
  2. Ages ago I took a Word Doc application form and broke it down into a series of Frog forms. You can't upload files to Frog without a login. Because there are multiple forms, the applicant uses their email address as the common identifier and I used MS Access to combine all their entries into one sheet. It's a little cumbersome, so we decided not to release it. The Academy HR Portal contains a site for job applications, which suggests using an email address to submit. I've installed both on your Frog so you can take a look as see if either works for you.
  3. Hi Pete, It's an academy product, but when I checked it looked like your school had it already. I've installed it and made you the owner. If you like, we can have a quick remote session and I'll talk you through it and we can adapt it to be for Maintenance. Graham
  4. Hi Pete The IT Support Portal could be stripped down to achieve this. Every maintenance request could send an email to the team and using the Data-Viewer, they can double-click on the individual entry, check a hidden field to mark it as complete and move onto the next job. You can set the Data Viewer to be filtered to only the open jobs too.
  5. I'm looking at refreshing our DofE template. Has anyone built a site for Duke of Edinburgh and would you be prepared to give me a tour (and let me use your ideas?) Alternatively, does anyone have ideas of what they'd like to see on a DofE site?
  6. Hi Paul, Apologies for this. I'll leave Support to get to the bottom of it, but in the meantime, i've installed the site for you and made your Admin account the owner. @Connor Hutchinson
  7. Hi @TFox1981, they are installed for you now. Sorry for the wait
  8. Hi @pdurber, if you refresh your Frog now, you will find a new Reader application and a Linked Documents widget.
  9. There's also Assignment Monitor - which gives you access to all the assignments too. Paul built the Frogcode widget George mentions, because to use Assignment Monitor, you have access to all assignment information - including which teachers/departments are setting assignments.
  10. Hi all, Does anyone have a resource for Remembrance Day they would like to share. I've just noticed on the FrogStore that we don't have anything.
  11. There is a workaround I can suggest - although it is a workaround. Create an account on your Active directory for a test parent, e.g. username = testparent and set a password in AD for them. When you need to login as a parent, open the Users app and switch their authentication type to Active Directory. Change their username to testparent and save. Open a new browser or incognito mode and use the testparent credentials to login. When you've finished, switch the parent's authentication type back to Frog and set the username back to the parent account. The password does not need to be changed and the parent can log in as before.
  12. I'd suggest ideas portal - see if we can't get some others to join you in getting the wall widget updated. @Matt
  13. Hmm, could you use the Forum widget instead? I think that allows editing.
  14. Here's a new widget built for a specific purpose. We have a company who wants their users to complete 20 lengthy forms - and wanted a summary page showing the completion status of each form. This widget can be pointed to a form and a page. When viewed, the widget checks for completion status, and acts as a link to the page with the form on it. The widget refreshes every 5 minutes. The icon displayed and the title are pulled from the page automatically. Here's four widgets on a page: You can download Form Check from this link: https://www.frogeducation.com/community/frogcode/frogcode-showcase/formcheck
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