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  1. The updated Visitor Log sets a new data ref, so it appears to wipe out your old information BUT if you set the data reference to be: page_visit then all the original records return
  2. Hi @Pete Foulkes Upgrading will just update the widget for you, you won't have to worry about editing the sites. When I took at look at the widgets for a couple of Year 7 students, it looks like they have the Rule on them for Admins only, which means they will not load for students or parents. The button is only visible to those with Edit & Manage rights so you don't need to hide the widget. I think you had this last year as well, whichever site was used to create the collection needs to be updated to not have the Rule in place. EDIT - found the original and deleted the
  3. This is a tricky one, because Forms can take a while to load in, generally after the HTML widget. I've had to play around with this on your Frog, search for a site called "Form-based next button" You'll find two pages, one with a form and one called hidden page. I used a text widget to get the page link, then used Inspect to copy the href code. <div style="display: none;" class="pageLink"> <a alt="/frogtrade/form_based_next_button/hidden_page/" data-page-link-cke="/frogtrade/form_based_next_button/hidden_page/" data-cke-saved-href="#" href="#">hidden page</a> </
  4. I reported this as a bug and it looks like its been worked on. Did you get any updates as to when you'll get the fix?
  5. Umm,. the widget lists all the subpages of that page. You don't have any subpages.
  6. Hi @Chay Taking a look at the two sites, it looks like you're trying to use the Text widget's link to page to link to another site, unfortunately you cannot do that, as link to page only works within one site. However, in the Edit panel for each page you can see a direct link to that page. You could use this, with the Web Link option in the Text widget to link to the other site. Graham
  7. Hi Chay, We don't have a widget that does that, but if you add an image to a text widget, you can do this, check out this video: https://www.frogeducation.com/community/training/html-tutorials/css-styling#class
  8. Can you provide a screenshot of the same timetable in SIMS please, but send it to support and we'll get the MIS team to look at it. It might be that SIMS allows for second lessons, which is causing the issue.
  9. That method or Snipping Tool only capture the visible areas on the screen. This chrome extension captures the entire page, including that hidden by the "fold" (off the bottom of the screen)
  10. Hi @ADT I checked with the developers and unless it is configured differently in your SIMS, the timetable widget displays lesson blocks, ordered by their start and end times, not their period names. If Year 10 period one starts at 9:00, but Year 11 period one starts at 9:15, it doesn't make any difference to the timetable. Frog doesn't display period numbers.
  11. Hi folks, Kris in our Design Team is always needing to take screenshots of Frog pages, and if you're reading this, I'm guessing you have struggled to find a convenient solution too. I know I have. He has found this Chrome Extension: https://gofullpage.com/ which does the work for you. All the usual caveats: We have no connection to the company, so you can't blame us if there's an issue
  12. Hi @pdurber, this guide might help with email notifications, at the bottom it talks about steps you can take to check your Frog is sending emails: Email Notifications
  13. The widget is called Site Search And like the title says lets a user text search the site the widget is on. It searches: Page Titles Text widgets Link to File widget titles External Link widget titles And returns a list of page links. https://www.frogeducation.com/community/frogcode/frogcode-showcase/sitesearch
  14. Markbooks are based on your current MIS classes. Once a new academic year starts, the old classes are flagged up as archived and removed from Frog. Viewing markbooks from previous years is possible though. Side Note You can always export your existing markbooks using the Export to CSV option in the Action Cog If last year's groups still exist in Frog, then from the main Markbooks page, use the Year Roller to view last year: If the groups no longer exist, or the students have been removed from those groups, you can still view their assignments by using t
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