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  1. Still “skiving” but stuck with time to kill in a car park.
  2. That’s right. If you take a look at @pconkie’s multi file upload widget, it looks more like shared folders than the file drop widget: https://www.frogeducation.com/community/frogcode/frogcode-showcase/multifileupload Probably the same solution for this too.
  3. Graham Quince


    Hi all, I've been asked by a school for examples of others using Frog for IAUPs and Safeguarding - using a form or question tool. Is there anyone happy for me to pass their contact details to the school so they can ask a few questions?
  4. We are aware of this issue, it's to do with 3rd Party Cookies, which users can choose to have their browser block. We have a page on the Community you can share with pupils: https://www.frogeducation.com/community/training/mini-guides/cookiesissue And here's an image to help you share the link with students:
  5. While you can manually edit each student account to add a photo this can take some time. In response to requests and working with schools we have created a method to make it easy to bulk upload of student photos. You will need to organise the collation of student photos, as well as ensuring that the photo of each student matches their roll number recorded in the MIS (Management Information System). Typically photos can be provided from your school photographer with each image named for the MIS roll number. For example, the student Tracy Rauch has a roll number in the MIS of 191810. Therefore, the student photo for Tracy Rauch will need to be named 191810.jpg. NOTE – It is recommended that the student photos are set to 200px in size. Once the student photos are collated place them in a location accessible to Frog, it is probably best to upload these to the Frog platform and note the location. Contact the Service Desk on 01422 395 939 or servicedesk@frogeducation.com who can facilitate next steps in uploading the student photos. After the Service Desk have completed the upload of student photos, when you navigate to the Users application and search for the student, the overview will show a thumbnail of the newly uploaded image. Select the student account, e.g. Tracy Rauch, and the Basic Information page will display the newly uploaded student photo. Getting the file names to in the right format Typically the school photographer will have named the photos as in the above example (e.g. 191810.jpg) but if you do not have access to the original files, it is possible to use 3rd party software from SalamanderSoft to export these pictures directly from SIMS. https://www.salamandersoft.co.uk/free-utilities/sims-photo-exporter/ We are not affiliated with SalamanderSoft, all the usual disclaimers apply with 3rd party software.
  6. Hi @pdurber One word of caution - while you can create all these users via CSV, they will have new accounts created in the next academic year from the MIS import. If these users are creating any work, having any assignments set etc.. then these will be attached to the manually created accounts. You can switch the MIS tag from the MIS imported accounts to the CSV imported ones, but it's on an individual basis in the users app.
  7. Oops - fixed. Wait for tomorrow to download it.
  8. Graham Quince


    Hi @Hardeep I've replied on your other post, but we've also created a ticket for you on the helpdesk - so that we can follow up with you about this.
  9. Hi @Hardeep Unfortunately you cannot send files back to students. I have been working with a few schools to use ePortfolios as a way of working on longer tasks and for students to be able to ask further questions. The schools have been using the assignment system to set tasks and then using the eportfolio for more in-depth back-and-forth. If you would like I can set up a call and show you what I mean. Graham
  10. Hi @Hardeep Unfortunately there isn't a programmed report to show that. You do need to click into each student in the assignment list to view that. You can return the homework to them, using the Reattempt assignment button. Apologies for the delay in responding. Graham
  11. Graham Quince

    Email question

    Hi - apologies that no one else has responded yet. When you set up an email address, Frog will attempt to send you an email to verify your account. You may need to check your junk mail folder, in case it is in there. Kind regards Graham
  12. @gbligh It's ready: https://www.frogeducation.com/community/frogcode/frogcode-showcase/link-to-page-lozenge
  13. This widget allows you to link to a page on the same site, and the page link looks like a site link or link to external website lozenge. If the page you are linking to has an icon, this will be loaded, unless you choose to upload your own. I haven't spotted one issue: if the page has an icon, but it is not being used by the theme, the site seems to freeze and the widget doesn't work - so don't do that. https://www.frogeducation.com/community/frogcode/frogcode-showcase/link-to-page-lozenge
  14. This is a widget which can show you how many assignments are due on a particular date for each student in a group and lists all the unopened assignments. https://www.frogeducation.com/community/frogcode/frogcode-showcase/assignment-open-report I know @adamw has also created a similar-ish widget which gives similar information in a different way and I think @pconkie has something too. I'll use the page linked above to list all their downloads when ready.
  15. Sorry, not had a chance to watch the video
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