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  1. Graham Quince

    Frog 19

    We were considering those - they weren't the final choices. Apparently the search for room deals is ongoing. I'll post when i know more
  2. Can you try re-embedding it? Replacing the existing quiz with this one?
  3. Hi Paul, Thanks for this, I had a list of most but not all these requirements. I have an awful feeling this will become too big a project to be "snuck in". I'll keep you posted. Graham
  4. Hi folks, I've been asked to put together an HR portal. @gbligh - i've already taken a look at yours - it's fab. Does anyone else have a space on their Frog for everything HR related? Things like: your contact details Absences Payroll policies pensions vacancies Anything else you'd want?
  5. Latest is...we have identified this as something that would require development. Which means it has to be planned out properly. When you start to look at what a parents evening booking system involves, there's quite a few nuances to consider.
  6. So i've inadvertedly stumbled across a limitation with quizzes - in that they aren't designed to be shared by simply embedding them in sites. @pconkie and @gbligh - as you both have FrogPlay - i can "share" the quiz to the community section, but this will make it visible to your students. I don't think that's particularly scary - but let me know what you think. For anyone else wanting the course - we might have to replace the quiz with something else.while we wait on development.
  7. Hi Long story, but for right now - yes its on request only. I'll get it added to your platform. Graham
  8. Hi Paul, You shouldn't need to assign the quzzes, thery should just sit within the page. Can you post a screenshot please? Graham
  9. Hi Paul, I've added these sites to your Frog and made you the owner. They should be "officially" out soon, but you're welcome to them now. Graham
  10. I'd like to see some additions @Matt But you can currently use the Site List widget with some planned key words. Create an ePortfolio site, but before running the wizard, use Share to add a keyword (e.g. eportfolio), then run the ePortfolio wizard. Each site will inherit the keyword and now the Site List can point to those sites. If you want to use the same ePortfolio site for multiple collections, just change the keyword before running the wizard.
  11. It really isn't. although i learned a lot from the code.
  12. Hi @Adam fixed it last night. in fact, during the day he had to spend quite a bit of time dealing with my hacked code. The new version is ready and available to download. - George got it last night and it finally worked.
  13. Graham Quince

    Frog Snap

    Yes - any files added to FrogDrive are separate from the files added to sites - even the site timelines.
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