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  1. Hi, Absolutely, but the teacher needs to include a File Drop activity as during the assigning process: https://www.frogeducation.com/community/training/homework/collectingfilesandimagesfromstudents
  2. I think you should be able to use a form for the feedback.
  3. Hi @MarkB, While you can't assign to teachers, you can use features like the Site List widget to display training sites to staff. The Site List widget ( https://www.frogeducation.com/community/training/widgetguides/r-z/site-list ) will only display sites which the user has access to, that way you can configure a whole bunch of training sites and display only the relevant ones to teachers. You could consider implementing Presentation Mode ( https://www.frogeducation.com/community/training/sites/presentation ), which hides the site's menu, forcing staff to click through all the pages. I have found a Form at the end of a site is a good way of recording completion. In the next release, you will also have access to three new widgets: The hotspot widget, the question widget and the SCORM widget. As far as I know, all three can be set to "turn off" the next button in Presentation Mode - forcing users to work through the activities. We have built these new widgets as we have been creating a new product for workplace education, known currently as Frog Courses. Built using the same tech as FrogLearn, the functionality and language is designed around staff and managers. These courses can be assigned to staff and reports are generated on progress and completion. There are even certificates available for successful completion of a module. Courses has been built as separate from FrogLearn and the business needs to work out how best to offer this to schools. The user management is quite different. Not to get your hopes up, but the development needed to link this to a current FrogLearn is significant. It is likely this will be a paid addition rather than being included as part of your current licence, although the three, new widgets I mentioned are included in the FrogLearn licence. If you are interested in learning more about Courses, drop me a line and I can arrange to show off its features.
  4. Graham can't come to the forum right now. Your message has been recorded. To be honest, I'm not going to be near a PC for the next few weeks to even think about this. Sorry
  5. Hi Pete, Did you know you can copy and paste from a Text widget? Might be just as quick as building, testing, then dragging in another widget on a page.
  6. Hi @Pete Foulkes Have you tried Presentation Mode? While it turns off all over site navigation, it sorts the next and back.
  7. @Matt - Can you take a look at this? I think Mark has a good idea here.
  8. Hi everyone, In the next release, we’re updating jQuery to a newer version. There’s a slight issue in that jQuery has deprecated some areas of its code and as a result, code you might be using today may not run after we upgrade to the faster, more adaptable version of jQuery. I’m stressing ‘may’ because the majority of code will be fine. We’ll take care of updating the widgets currently shared on the Community – although you will need to download and install the new version. I’ll post updates here as they get published. If you’ve created your own widgets (and not shared them for whatever reason) then this page lists the changes: https://github.com/jquery/jquery-migrate/blob/1.x-stable/warnings.md This upgrade will also affect any jQuery you have running in HTML widgets, so it’s worth checking through those too. Please feel free to post here if you need any advice or have questions / concerns.
  9. Here's a widget designed to support teachers when they need to be able to quickly send a message to other staff requesting assistance. There is a space for a room to be listed, but the email will send without this information. There's quite a few schools using Forms for this, but this one doesn't require a form and should be quick to set up and use.
  10. Think I found your site. Try right-clicking on the image, and choose Image Properties. Then use an option in the Align dropdown.
  11. Hi What's the name of your site - I'll nip onto your platform and check. Graham
  12. Phew - a nice simple one. Just make sure your image is aligned (left or right) and the text will flow around it. The text might appear to jump below, but once you leave the editor, it pops back alongside.
  13. Nothing much I can say other than "wow". Very impressive.
  14. Hi Mark, There are a few things I'm keen to change on the assignments system and do try to keep the pressure on the Product and Development Teams. More voices from our schools certainly help with this. @Matt keeps an eye on the forums and works directly with the Product Manager. I know he is keen to hear your ideas too. While I'd agree that being able to send comments back to students while not releasing marks could be used to "mark" the students work, I'll point out that the comments wall has other purposes too (e.g. students struggling with work, needing to ask questions etc...) - so it's more an avenue for communicating with students rather than a marking tool. Having said that, I agree that not being able to release marks without closing the whole assignment and the earlier point you mentioned about not being able to send work back to a student unless you reopened work and will raise these point internally. This feature has been part of the Assignment system since the launch of FrogLearn - so I can't speak to the original thinking. It's not been something a lot of people have raised with me - doesn't mean it's not a valid idea, just that we haven't had requests to change it. Closing an assignment takes it off everyone's to-do list. A student can still contact you and request a chance to hand-in after closing - and yes, that does involve re-opening, waiting for the hand-in, and then closing, but the mechanism is there. You wouldn't want to be in a position where the homework was closed, it was moved to the closed tab and weeks later a student hand-ins work and you're not aware they have, Like i say, I'll raise these issues internally and let you know our thinking.
  15. Hi Mark, In order for students to see your marks, you do have to release the marks to the whole class. The FrogLearn assignment system was built this way to prevent students handing-in work early, getting it marked then sharing their work with their classmates. That is the thinking behind the current system. You can return an assignment to individual students along with your comments via the wall. This "un-hands-in" the homework for that student. They do not get to see the mark, but they do see your comments and have the chance to re-submit. Regarding Auto-close, this feature was created due to requests from schools who do not record hand-ins or wish to mark online. Auto-close effectively hides the homework from the students' to-do list. There is a setting within System Preferences to set auto-close to off by default for the school and you can then ignore the toggle switch. If you'd like a further discussion, I'd be happy to contact you and arrange a remote session. I'm guessing from your detailed question you have already seen the Homework guides: https://www.frogeducation.com/community/training/homework
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