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Due to further security updates and ongoing integration strategies following the latest release all schools using SIMS, WCBS or Progresso MIS systems will need to upgrade to the latest MIS extractor available here. All other schools using UK based MIS providers will be required to move to Groupcall XOD prior to the start of the next academic year. Please contact our service desk team who will help guide you through the process on 01422 395939 or via support@frogeducation.com.

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  1. You find out more details here - it would be great to see you all for a proper chat with a 1:1. https://www.frogeducation.com/community/events/calendar/bett2019
  2. Graham Quince

    Group of parents

    Hi George, I've spoken to @adamw and @tom about this and there's no quick way - however Tom told me he has done this for schools. So the "easy" way is to contact the Service Desk and ask them to help you. In most cases they'll want to pass you the Parent/Child export, but if you explain that you need groups in Frog, Tom tells me they'll assemble the CSV for you. Graham
  3. Graham Quince

    Booking Calendar Widget

    Wow - thanks Adam Here's a direct link to the file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-KJq-5c0bRSF6Iu4MozcD4w0_C8VzJMP/view?usp=sharing As @adamw says - this is untested, so we'd also appreciate feedback on whether it's working or not.
  4. Graham Quince

    Seasonal Statistics

    Wow - that's interesting - 38 Christmas day users.
  5. Graham Quince

    Exam Timetables?

    It's taken some wrangling and some discussion, but here's a link to Paul's widget: https://www.frogeducation.com/community/frogcode/frogcode-showcase/examtimetables Thank you for your generosity as ever @pconkie
  6. Graham Quince

    Booking Calendar Widget

    @Simon Law - any ideas?
  7. Graham Quince

    How to I embed an Instagram feed?

    Instagram doesn't help you to embed feeds - their code only supports individual posts, but it looks like SnapWidget - https://snapwidget.com/ allows you to create code which embeds Instagram into an HTML widget. You must be logged into the Instagram account you wish to get a feed for Visit https://snapwidget.com/ and create a free account there Choose Create Free Widget Follow all th customisation steps, then copy the code supplied Paste this into an HTML widget on your Frog. As usual with these sort of things, this method will work as long as SnapWidget and Instagram allow it - they can change their code
  8. Graham Quince

    Exam Timetables?

    Wow! As always Paul - that's amazing. I'll have a chat with @adamw and find out the best way to get this. My one note of caution is that this puts all the information for different users into a single widget on Frog. It is possible if you know what you're doing to be able to view all the information stored in the widget. Now it looks fairly anonymous to me, but I might put the widget behind a form that makes you agree to take responsibility for it knowing this, before you get a link. Does that sound fair?
  9. Graham Quince

    Populating Form Field On Page Load

    Are you aware of the new IT Helpdesk - which we've built as part of the Frog Academy? I can get it installed if you like
  10. Graham Quince

    UUID in forms?

    @adamw or @Simon Law - do you have a code example for knowing when a form is submitted? Everything else is straight-forward after that (I think).
  11. Graham Quince

    UUID in forms?

    Why is UPN useless? It's stored in both Frog and all(?) MIS systems* Are you saying that with the UUID you could generate CSV to help you create groups? *I'm aware of the tautology, but it reads eaiser than MIS'
  12. Graham Quince

    Showing Detentions on FrogParent

    The current BETA doesn't have all the feature of Parks unfortunately. Not long now though
  13. Graham Quince


    This is live now
  14. Graham Quince

    This document can't be previewed

  15. Graham Quince

    Showing Detentions on FrogParent

    Hi Andy, As soon as you have the full Parks release, i can install the existing behaviour "system" and we can talk from there. Graham