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  1. Hi folks, We're obviously aware of this and Tracy will no doubt be in touch before I get a chance to let you know when the hotfix will be pushed out to your platforms. We know this is not ideal and we'll get things back to normal as soon as possible. Graham
  2. Here's a quick widget I put together a little while ago, but then realised I hadn't finished: House Points Bar Chart is a simple, number-entry bar chart. You set up the houses and their colours and then edit the widget to update the totals. Its not very advanced, but was designed with the school office in mind for staff to update the points once per week. (Part of the reason is not very advanced is that we're looking at rewards anyway) You can download it from here: https://www.frogeducation.com/community/frogcode/frogcode-showcase/housepoints
  3. You call the Service Desk and they can check for you
  4. Double-click on the downloaded TGZ (you'll need something like WinRAR) and open the application.manifest.json file. I'm going to have to start recording version numbers on the community pages I think.
  5. Just checked on your platform. You've got 3.1.7 installed I've updated it now
  6. Try again. I changed the link earlier today. Should be version 3.1.16
  7. New version should be live now
  8. Just thought I'd share something I'm working on: Lots of schools tell me they use a variation of this in Forms right now, but this widget works just on the click of a button. If a room is included then that will also be sent to the email addresses included.
  9. Hi @MrsCotterill, We included a version of the form on the Digital Planner, but seeing as your school was one of the originators of the digital planner, you might not have seen it. I'll install a site with the absence form on for you to take a look at. Graham
  10. Just checked and looks like the corrected version never made it to the Community download. @Pete Foulkes - you've got 0.0.3, latest version is 0.0.8. If you download the new version from the link above and install it through Package Manager, it will replace your existing widget.
  11. Looks like the final nails are being hammered into Flash's coffin. Google have already made it awkward to enable Flash to run and every time I open Chrome I get a warning saying it will be completely gone by December 2020 when Adobe ends support. Microsoft are saying they will phase out Flash before this date too. At least we've been given plenty of warning. I'm assuming this isn't news to anyone, but I did wonder what everyone thinks about this? I loved Flash and over the years built a number of resources in it. I've never found anything that compares in terms of complexity. Sure, I could make menus in HTML5. jQuery & Javascript can reproduce lots of interactive elements, but I use to build complex quizzes inside animations and developed several Trial and Improvement games for Maths. One of my favourite online resources is Pixlr Photo editor. https://pixlr.com/editor/ In terms of school resources, are you actively looking to replace Flash-based resources, or are you just going to accept the loss of any material that uses Flash?
  12. Graham Quince

    MyFrog app

    Hi Dean, Very, very soon - you will have Push Notifications messages in the app. That work has been done over the summer. I'm happy to give you a tour of the prototype while you wait what should be a day or so. Combining the other apps isn't our priority at the moment - however, there's some new developments scheduled for Beethoven around My Child's Progress (the Frog Application) which will mean you can access this info via the Dashboard section in MyFrog.
  13. Here's a handy widget I've been able to put together using code from the ePortfolio List widget to search for all the eportfolios for a user, then display the first result in the page. There's a collection title field in preferences that lets you narrow down the search: https://www.frogeducation.com/community/frogcode/frogcode-showcase/eportfolio-embed
  14. I've updated the widget with a couple of tweaks. The table now has a white background - before it was transparent, so if you had it in a black page, you couldn't read the white rows The names are now sorted in alphabetical order There's a choice in Advanced now for names to display as either "forename surname" or "surname, forename"
  15. Oh man and I’m in Australia. Sorry guys. @Simon Law are you about?
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