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  1. pdurber

    Signage Widget

    I'm having an issue with the signage widget. Once I've embedded it I can't add new pages to the menu without it crashing, or not recognising the new pages. The only way I can update it is to remove then add back the widget to page 1, which then means I have to re-type all the timings. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Can anyone (Graham) think of a way to have a nice live display of data collected in a form? A bit like the funding thermometer, but maybe a bar chart? We're collecting votes on a 100years old project and would like to show the results in (maybe a barchart?) Here's the form
  3. That's excellent. Thank you. I started building one a couple of years ago and gave up. My programming skills being sadly lacking. I use a cloud system that comes with the timetabling software I use so that it doesn't cost me anything. It works well, but it's yet another piece of software to log into.
  4. Yes, we've enabled this for staff, I'll think of an effective way to get parents to look at it too. At the moment though, because we are using frog to show whether lessons are Live, Recorded or Task based for the student's and parent's benefit, each teacher is being asked to check engagement for every lesson. So, they need to check which students have tried to fool them and re-open any assignments that have not been completed properly to highlight the problem to parents. Hence the need for some sort of automation as it is proving to be a huge admin issue for the staff. Is there any way we can write a widget to do this?
  5. @Graham Quince why can't I log into the ideas portal?
  6. I know that this is a common question, but..... Can there be an option to "return all" to students assignments set to a class, where there should be a file uploaded to the assignment and there isn't? It is hugely time consuming for staff to go through an assignment and do this individually.
  7. How did you do this? I want this functionality on Frog Forms, it's frustrating that it's not built in.
  8. pdurber

    Forms Control

    @Graham Quince Is it possible to control forms using the "Select User" widget? This is for a data collection form. Obviously a parent may have more than one student. At the moment I'm getting the parents to fill out their main data, address, contact info etc. However, medical info etc. might be different for each child, therefore I would need that section of the form to different... I'm not entirely sure where I'm going eventually, whether I would have a parental record for each student, or whether I would attempt to have a single record for the parent and then several "attached" forms for each child. Or do you have any suggestions from other schools?
  9. @Graham Quince No, no error message. It just doesn't populate the field on import. Where does it supposedly go in the Frog databases? How do I get it into the "Frog Parent Attainment table"? And then show it to the individual students?
  10. Having done a bit more investigation, the user import doesn't actually import into "MIS Username" and SiMs doesn't have an equivalent field that we can find so we can't use that in SiMs to get it into Frog. Any ideas? Can you (ie Frog) import into it?
  11. I don't actually know how to check what is selected or not. Do you have any documentation?
  12. @Graham Quince Thank you. I populated the MIS username field yesterday, and you are right they got overwritten with the MIS import. Is there a way of telling the importer not to import that data field? I guess if I import the codes into SiMs, then they would just pass through to Frog - problem solved. Creating a location for each individual student's code looks like an awful lot of work. I'll let you know how I get on.
  13. When I export the student user data, the "MIS Username" field is unused and also "Location" field. Can I use these fields for my own information, ie. storing login codes for an online options portal?
  14. @Graham QuinceGenius! I hadn't realised that at some point in the past the Staff access to the dashboard had been "converted to individuals". So new staff haven't been included.
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