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  1. Sorted thank you. My problem was that my image was more or less square, so I was making it the correct height, assuming the page would fill in the sides. But it wasn't. Changed the canvass size to the recommended one and it's perfect now. Thank you
  2. Is there some trick to get the image on login the right size. I've used part of our logo and resized it to the correct resolution and file size, but it appears massive. While writing this, it's just occurred to me, do I simply change the canvas size?
  3. Staff have been told that we expect that they set an assignment if their class has a lesson that day. Yr9 10 & 12 is fairly generic work (unless they have an AS this year). Some faculties already use sites like Hegarty, so they are just extending that. We did some CPD before everyone self isolated on how to use online sites to set self marking work and I'm producing "How To guides" on various methods of doing online lessons, either recorded or live (no-one's done a live one yet - chickens). They are using both Office and Google Classrooms alongside Frog in the same way we have since September. However, this has encouraged staff to attempt online marking and uploading of files..... Result! We've rushed out Teams for department meetings, with an expectation that they do a formal meeting at least once a week. Some Depts have gone mad with it and have a meeting at 3.00 every day. We've been using office365 since September and it's just doing it's thing, Some staff are still completetly in awe of working on a docment at the same time and really can't get their head around working in the Cloud (one long time PA has actually announced she is to retire because she's found it too confusing) Dept/House Heads are going to start phoning parents at the end of the week using data from the assignment monitor/reports. That reminds me, must put a request in for customisable reports with an export option.
  4. Thank you, works a treat.
  5. Is there a way of collecting all the files from a collections "file uploads" in one go? It's tedious going into each one and downloading them.
  6. pdurber

    Dashboard replication

    I thought that is how you might do it, but wanted to make sure before proceeding. Sorry I didn't explain the template question very well. I want to create my own layout. None of the standard ones is exactly what I want.
  7. pdurber

    Dashboard replication

    Hi I'm going through a redesign of the dashboards. I'd like to build them "off line" and then replace the current one when they're finished. Is this possible? Can you point me to some documentation on how to create my own layout templates for the dashboard pages. Thank you.
  8. pdurber

    Exam Timetables?

    Thanks for all the help. Whatever I did with our data I was still getting the same problem, until I changed the Duration to Hrs & Mins. The JSFON conversion was removing the " however I formatted the data. Then it all worked perfectly. 😀
  9. pdurber

    Exam Timetables?

    Here's the first 2 students data { "Q933202808019": [ { "Date": "24/02/2020", "Time": "09:00", "ClassCode": "En", "CompTitle": "English Literature paper 1 - Shakespeare and the 19th Century novel", "Duration": 105, "Room": "Futures Exam Hall", "Seat Number": "" }, { "Date": "25/02/2020", "Time": "09:00", "ClassCode": "Fr", "CompTitle": "French - French Writing", "Duration": 120, "Room": "Northcote Exam Hall", "Seat Number": "" },
  10. pdurber

    Exam Timetables?

    Thanks for the excellent instructions. Below is the screenshot.
  11. pdurber

    Exam Timetables?

    Yes, I've downloaded and updated today, so assuming there isn't an old link kicking around, I should be bang up to date. Exams_Widget.mp4
  12. pdurber

    Exam Timetables?

    Do we know why the "PDF" button isn't working/have a workaround?
  13. Hi We're just about to use a new room booking system, followed by a parents evening booking system. They are an online cloud based app. To access it the user navigates to the correct web address and then enters a unique "Webcode", which identifies them. The system doesn't utilise SSO (yet) so the staff will have a unique, randomly generated code to lose. So, is there a way of attaching these webcodes to the users (the parents will have one when we get the parents evening system up and running) so it will be to hand when they click on the link in Frog to go to the site. I was looking at Paul Conkie's exam timetable widget and wondering if a much simplified version of that would work as it is a similar principal? I thought about using e-portfolios, but it would require a large amount of setting up as far as I could see. Cheers for any ideas.
  14. pdurber

    Curriculum Designer

    Sorry, I really should learn to explain myself a bit better. I have been looking at this to see about how to develop it. On first inspection it seems quite nice, However, we are a secondary school and my first thought was getting rid of KS1,KS2 etc. to make it a bit sleeker. Then looking around I saw this post. Followed the advice on changing the settings, only to find that didn't work. Hence wondered what else wouldn't work. On looking at it, I think for us it would be a bit like Moodle in that it's a lot of work on something that nobody (OK maybe a couple of teachers) bothers to use.
  15. pdurber

    Curriculum Designer

    Is curriculum designer fully functional yet? We're about to undergo a major review/change in school around curriculum and as that's an area of my responsibility alongside Frog, I thought I'd assess whether it would be a useful tool or not.
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