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  1. Thank you When I can get a slot I will contact you, P
  2. Our SENCO does student reviews, normally once a year, but may be more often. She sends out a standard questionnaire to their subject teachers, who fill it out and send back. The SENCO then collates the info and saves them in a folder. She needs to be able to track which ones have been sent back and chase late returns. This is all done with emails and word attachments. I think we could use eportfolios for this task? so staff just fill out an online form with the responses automatically filed against the student. Quicker and simpler for all involved and simple to track. But not sure how to start?
  3. OK. So I've got a load of student data I want to show to my HoD's. indiviidually (preferebly with filter options) and get them to hit an "accept/don't accept" checkbox and maybe add a freetext comment. then move to the next student's data. The data's currently in an excel sheet, one line per student, but I can put it into any sort of reasonable format. The responses need to be linked to the data shown obviously. Any ideas?
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