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  1. This is an excellent widget. Is there (or can there be) a whole school version of this. So a member of staff can go onto a page, which shows all the pp/SEN etc. students for the whole school?
  2. pdurber

    FrogSeats v2

    The student photo's aren't re-sizing to fit in the photo placeholder. Any ideas? It's also happening in the Old frogseats, so maybe a system setting at our end? They all look like they are peering one-eyed through a circular keyhole.. Regards Paul
  3. pdurber

    Assignment subjects

    How about editing the existing ones? Our Drama teacher is objecting to dance being included in her department for example (cue jokes about drama/dancing queens....)
  4. pdurber

    Group randomiser

    That's fine, but it retains the focus, so you can't do anything behind it, in or out of Frog. If it's not possible then no worries. I just thought it would be a nice feature. Thanks for the reply
  5. pdurber

    Assignment subjects

    Simple I know, But how do I add subjects to the drop down list you get when setting assignments?
  6. pdurber

    Group randomiser

    Yes I am. I've put it on its own site so there's a link on the staff dashboard, called "randomiser" under the "Useful Links" section.
  7. pdurber

    Image Slider Sizing

    It's on the staff dashboard home page. Currently has a couple of posters in it for a music event.
  8. pdurber

    Group randomiser

    Is there any way of getting a page with the randomiser widget to float on top of other windows. So staff might be showing something on the web and want to use the randomiser to select contibutors, It would be nice if it could be floting above any other windows so it is readily available.
  9. pdurber

    Image Slider Sizing

    Is there a way of re-sizing the display of Imager Slider/Image Carousel. They work great, but chop off the top and bottom of images originally A4 in portrait orientation. (I'm trying to show some posters on the student/staff dashboards).
  10. Awesome. Thank you ADT - I only downloaded it this week, so assume it is the latest version.
  11. OK, thanks I'll have a look. I tend to use Chrome. We have years 9-13.. I've been and had a look. I think it's the year 9's, and they are PP etc.. How do I change the bar colour for year 9?
  12. pdurber

    Display Data Widget

    Yes, I've done that. But I'm trying to keep things as simple as possible. So just having the form dataviewer showing on the Ipad as the duty staff walked round the site would seem to be the easiest. However, because it doesn't stay "live" on an Ipad, like on a PC, then it necessitates the duty person to keep refreshing it. Unless someone knows how to embed a "live" outlook mailbox in a frog page that will work on an IPad/Android device.
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