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  1. pdurber

    Parent Letters

    Our parents (and students) always complain that the password reset function doesn't work. It maybe that we haven't set it up correctly. But it appears to be ringing a bell somewhere in the ethernet darkness. 🙂
  2. pdurber

    Parent Letters

    This is the first time I'm generating the parental login letters. We have all the parents in Frog from the SiMs extractor. But I can't find a way of getting the information out that links the student to the parent, so I can print a mailshot to send home with login information. Is there any documentation on this?
  3. When I go to package manager it says I don't have any updates. Although it doesn't look like the described latest version.
  4. Is there any way of clearing the data? So that we can start afresh from Monday?
  5. pdurber

    Page Template

    Why do I feel so stupid ðŸĪŠ
  6. pdurber

    Page Template

    I'd thought of that, but can't see how you duplicate the page. It's probably very simple, but I can't find that option when I create a new page.
  7. pdurber

    Page Template

    Hi, is there any way of creating a "Page Template"? It's really annoying and time consuming to have to start from scratch each time I create a new page, which contains the same widgets (Text boxes, links, Tables etc.). Also, is it possible to copy a page from one site to another. Again, it's a bit time consuming re-creating something that has already been done. I have a member of staff making a mahoosive CPD site and he's getting quite irritated at not being able to copy and paste even the simplest widget.
  8. Not a problem, I can just keep a separate file and use the site log widget, that'll work nicely.
  9. Can I collect the names of students who have accepted the acceptable use policy. Or do I just assume that if they've logged in then they have signed it?
  10. @Graham Quince "Having said that, your idea might be possible using the current widgets." 😀 " The User Selector field in a form will allow you to email the individual selected (the line manager). " - I think you mean the user is entering that they have completed creating the appraisal targets (at the beginning of the process) and they select their line manager using the user picker?? (I was envisioning the other way round as the line manager has to to the signing off- but it might work) "he Form can be set to Single Submission in the advanced settings and allow the user to edit thei
  11. @Graham Quince Thanks for sorting our ghost portfolios, all looking fine now. Hi. Been playing with our system again, so have a couple more questions. Is it possible to get to the data in a form using API's? My thinking is that I'd really like a central form to collect, firstly the line manager signing off the appraisal targets at the beginning of the year, then a second signing off part way through the year to say they had been revisited and the staff member had reviewed/commented on their targets, then finally at the end of the appraisal period to say whether each target had been f
  12. pdurber

    Editing Tables

    @Graham Quince While I've got you. Is there a site theme similar to "Basic Navigation only" that will leave the tabs visible at the top of the page if I scroll down?
  13. pdurber

    Editing Tables

    No worries. The only issue with using the table option in the text widget is that it behaves a bit erratically on mobile devices, and is irritating to fill in edit mode, whereas the table widget is far better behaved. I'm guessing that by"all table widget borders" you mean on that page? Thanks for the pointer above.
  14. pdurber

    Editing Tables

    This is what I've been looking for, however, when I right click I don't get the option to go into Table properties. Is it sensitive to where you right click?
  15. pdurber

    Editing Tables

    I'm trying to use the "Table" widget to layout some pages for a colleague. One created, can I get into the table properties to turn off the borders? If I insert a table inside the table it lets me choos, but just using the table widget I don't seam to be able to get to the properties.
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