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  1. Thank you. Whatever you did it is working now. 😁
  2. It's on the staff dashboard, but it's currently hidden from everyone except admins. When you login is it as an admin?
  3. I would love to use this, but I can't get ours to email out. Is there any way I can inspect the code for it to check why?
  4. Thank you. Works a treat for us. Like you said, I hope this stops the tide of Parental phone calls/emails...
  5. pdurber

    Select Date Widget

    Yes, worked a treat, thank you
  6. So now, shame-facedly I have to say I can now see the read receipts. I hope you've not spent any time trying to fix something that wasn't actuslly broken - sorry. User Error.
  7. Thank you for giving your time to this. Just a small question about the reporting widget. in the "Name of the report" field, do I need to put part of the filename that the parents see, or part of the filename that it is called in the Parent Manager? So if the parents see the name as "Report 19-20 Y10 PC1 for <student name>" and in parent manager it is seen as "49c15f91<student name>-012529-Y10 PC1.pdf" What do I type into the reporting field? Cheers
  8. pdurber

    Select Date Widget

    I couldn't follow these links. It was asking for a login and saying that I couldn't "self Register" from my domain....?
  9. Is there any update on this?
  10. pdurber

    Select Date Widget

    Is there any way that the Select Date widget can be altered so that the site designer can fix the start date, either as a fixed date 1/12/2019 for example, and/or by a calculation Today-90 etc.?
  11. pdurber

    MyFrog Login

    We're having this, and other issues on IOS devices. Some older IOS devices Iphone 5 ish can't log in to MyFrog at all, they have to use the site access via a browser.
  12. OK, figured it out. I'd made the widget hidden to everyone except Admins, not realising that users can't see it anyway. Set it back to visible and it worked.
  13. Have a similar issue on our platform. It records how often I have visited the parent dashboard, but no-one else.
  14. We've used this widget with our first push out of documents to Parents using frog. It seems to have worked perfectly. However, the read receipts doesn't appear to be picking up when they have been opened. When we tested it we used parents that work in the school and they can see the reports absolutely fine, but it is not showing that they have read it. What might we be doing wrong?
  15. OK. I'll have a look at it, then send you where I get to. It's probably going to be in the holidays now. P
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