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  1. pdurber

    Forms Control

    @Graham Quince Is it possible to control forms using the "Select User" widget? This is for a data collection form. Obviously a parent may have more than one student. At the moment I'm getting the parents to fill out their main data, address, contact info etc. However, medical info etc. might be different for each child, therefore I would need that section of the form to different... I'm not entirely sure where I'm going eventually, whether I would have a parental record for each student, or whether I would attempt to have a single record for the parent and then several "attached" for
  2. @Graham Quince No, no error message. It just doesn't populate the field on import. Where does it supposedly go in the Frog databases? How do I get it into the "Frog Parent Attainment table"? And then show it to the individual students?
  3. Having done a bit more investigation, the user import doesn't actually import into "MIS Username" and SiMs doesn't have an equivalent field that we can find so we can't use that in SiMs to get it into Frog. Any ideas? Can you (ie Frog) import into it?
  4. I don't actually know how to check what is selected or not. Do you have any documentation?
  5. @Graham Quince Thank you. I populated the MIS username field yesterday, and you are right they got overwritten with the MIS import. Is there a way of telling the importer not to import that data field? I guess if I import the codes into SiMs, then they would just pass through to Frog - problem solved. Creating a location for each individual student's code looks like an awful lot of work. I'll let you know how I get on.
  6. When I export the student user data, the "MIS Username" field is unused and also "Location" field. Can I use these fields for my own information, ie. storing login codes for an online options portal?
  7. @Graham QuinceGenius! I hadn't realised that at some point in the past the Staff access to the dashboard had been "converted to individuals". So new staff haven't been included.
  8. Ah! I see. Set the resolution to 1024x768
  9. OK, but what does that do? One problem I have is that I don't have a computer that won't show the button at home, where I am now. I'll add it and have a look in the morning.
  10. That looks good. Thank you. I've embedded the "sign off" forms into the objectives page. So if I pick up the appraisal site for someone I line manage (lets call him Bob), I can read their objectives and actions etc. which they should have entered before our meeting. However, the sign off form will not be the entry for Bob, but mine. Does the routine above align the form I can see on my screen to Bob's entry, so I could enter data onto his form, or just get the data from Bob's record and show it on the screen? If it was the latter, it would probably be better if the form is just
  11. We have one member of staff (no others that I know of) who can't upload files to a network drive. She can login and access it, but there is no "Add" button visible for her to upload any files to the drive. See the screenshot below. She is in all the correct network permissions groups. Any ideas?
  12. pdurber

    Parent Letters

    OK. Looked into this. The email settings look fine. We do receive emails from things like the email alert widget. However, we don't seem to get notification if a user clicks on the "forgotten password". If I click it, then all seems to work fine, but several parents have complained that they have tried and don't get anything. User error? Junk mailbox issue do you think? Also, when I went into system preferences there no longer seems to be a "notifications" section. Has this been moved/removed?
  13. @Graham Quince We are using this successfully as part of our "on-call" system. Except for 2 teachers, where the "Send" button doesn't appear next to the fillable field. Interestingly 1 of them can see it if they use MS Edge instead of Chrome, but not the other. If you watch carefully when the page loads, it is there for a fraction of a second, then disappears to be replaced with ... So I'm thinking a size/resolution issue? is there a minumum number of pixels wide that it needs to be? It's on our dashboard currently. Any suggestions?
  14. Hi @Graham Quince. The system seems to be working OK, just ironing out a few issue with using a wall to collect the information, lots of staff are not ticking the "show to others" checkbox, which is giving some consternation. In the latest template I'm trying to disable that feature. The biggest problem I'm having is that line managers are completing the "Appraisal Sign Off" form for their staff. Which means that they are filling in their own sign off. Despite instructions not to. What would be useful would be a bit of HTML that either set the form to read only, or didn't display it at al
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