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The FrogCode Latest Version thread

Graham Quince

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In order to help you know when a FrogCode widget or application is updated, I've created this thread.  If you use the Follow button, you'll be emailed when there is a new post here.  My plan is to make a new post whenever there is an update to any widget.



And take a look at this code for an HTML widget to let you know what versions of each widget you have:



For reference, here's all the version numbers of active FrogCode widgets - date: 6/9/21





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Just now, Graham Quince said:

Hi George,

We're aware of an issue with a couple of frogcode widgets, but the fix will break pre-Turing schools.  I'll get them onto your platform today.

When you say a couple.............  anything we use? 🤨

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1 minute ago, Graham Quince said:

ePortfolio Embed and My Notifications both use a model connected to ePortfolios.  It's a simple line change, but we were stuck waiting for everyone to get to Turing.


There are a few pesky bugs to squash first!! 😜

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42 minutes ago, Graham Quince said:

The Link to Page Lozenge has been updated to version 5, changes in Turing prevented it working as it used to.

The computer says no...  



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