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  1. I'm currently reworking all the Frog Templates - mainly to make sure they are making bestuse of all the new features. I'd be really interested in seeing what you've all done with your Staff and Student Dashboards. If you're willing to, please post a screengrab from your front page (and any other pages).
  2. Hi, This is something we are currently working on and hope to be able to present at the conference. I'm happy to talk in more detail - but I've very little to show right now - so would prefer to do this 1-1 rather than trying to explain in a set of forum posts - especially as it's in development.
  3. Take a look at this video, where I talk through the Parent Portal (available in Frog Templates)
  4. Could the wall widget do that? Building a plain text widget is simple enough, adding rich-text is next to impossible If you can mock up what you'd like, i'll give it a go.
  5. A form with a text area can do this already, so i'm guessing you mean something else. Is it for rich-text?
  6. I'll never admit to that, but i was frustrated when I was tring to add tel: link in the text widget.
  7. Anyone got any ideas for new FrogCode widgets*? *I can't promise anything and somethings might not be possible, but it's good to have a list to look at.
  8. Looks like we're going to build this feature in the platform - it's being looked at right now. Let me know if there's any other looks you'd like added!
  9. While refreshing the Parent Portal in Frog Templates, i've discovered that tel: links do not triggers a phone to open the dialer. They don't seem to work consistently within the HTML widget either, so i've created Telephone Link. It's a widget where you can add a phone number, label, choose an icon and link style (text, lozenge or tile). Within advanced, you can text size and colour (and lozenge description) https://www.frogeducation.com/community/frogcode/frogcode-showcase/telephone-link
  10. The first thing you're asking for would definetly require development. If you can make an Idea on the Ideas Portal we can then factor this into future thinking. The second thing you mention is acheiveble right now. Instead of assigning the whole year group, if you add in the individual classes to the assignment, you can then create markbooks both for each class and a year group.
  11. Hey I've had a couple of emails asking for the direct embed codes for the latest MyFrog videos: Staff and Admin: <iframe allow="autoplay; fullscreen" height="420" width="640" src="https://frog.planetestream.com/Embed.aspx?id=2391&amp;code=ap~a5UjloPOSfm7EcSmQfAjtn" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Students: <iframe allow="autoplay; fullscreen" height="420" width="640" src="https://frog.planetestream.com/Embed.aspx?id=2390&amp;code=ao~zuEHBnEzuisUgpryJBgzHn" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Parents <iframe allow="autoplay; fullscreen" height="420" width="640" src="https://frog.planetestream.com/Embed.aspx?id=2389&amp;code=az~m0QNkPX0sA8gcETbbDjCMW" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  12. Graham Quince

    MyFrog app

    You say that - as someone who is very capable and understands tech, but I'm very aware that we could be criticised. It's not just savvy students - it's also their parents. Having said that, we do listen and i'll raise this again. + @Matt
  13. Graham Quince

    MyFrog app

    So lots of school have asked for the ability to open the app on the dashboard. We're nervous about that as it will hit peoples data plans. Instead I'm suggesting that we look at a menu fullscreen when it's first opened. The idea is gaining traction, but i have no ETA for this yet. Notifications - watch this space Touch ID - honestly, that's never occurred to me (can't speak for anyone else) - I've no idea what's involved, but if you make an Idea Portal suggestion for it, we'll add it to the mix. George is right, assignment setting (basic - no resources or activities) is very soon.
  14. Hi Paul, My Child's Work will eventually be replaced, however the next round of development for assignments is going to be around adding reports. After that, I am keen to add student and parent views - but I know it has not been scoped as a project or scheduled. Now is a great time to let us know what you're hoping a parent view would show.
  15. Hi Alan There's no documentation yet, but it's had the beginnings of a bit of spit-and-pollish. I've uploaded it to your Frog and made you the owner. Never thought to mention it the other day. I was that impressed with everything you'd done.
  16. Updated Oops - spotted another error with this widget. Nothing operational, just not as pretty as it should have been. One potential cause for confusion - the rich-text editor in Frog uses pixel (px) measurements, whereas I've coded this widget (like any sensible person ) to use Points (pt) Here's a handy converter: https://websemantics.uk/tools/convert-pixel-point-em-rem-percent/
  17. Hi Paul I know we're talking offline. Hopefully we'll get this resolved for you soon.
  18. Paul's widget is now live on the Community: https://www.frogeducation.com/community/frogcode/frogcode-showcase/multifileupload Many thanks as always Paul
  19. OK, - fixed it This is the actually URL for the PDF: https://vlevm.ga.newcastle.sch.uk/app/file/resource/EDD0B3C520030544F8527FE100F58C0C776FBD0C917F540A.pdf as opposed to: https://vlevm.ga.newcastle.sch.uk/app/file/asset/F0C0C736200307AAEE73AFDE2287E2061B7A7DDC98075E2A/ I also noticed that even though you'd shared the folder with Parents, the little share icon didn't appear on the folder and i couldn't select it using the Shared Folder widget. Best guess Parent sharing wasn't included at first and when added, was overlooked. I'll report this to QA. Quite why the File's URL is different for Admins to parents is a mystery to me. @adamw might have an explanation. How I got the other URL: Added the Shared Folder to the Parent dashboard Logged into the Parent dashboard as a parent in Incognito mode. Open the developer console Open the PDF via shared folder. In the Network section, about halfway down, spotted that one of the lines had .pdf at the end.
  20. I get that - just trying to work the problem.
  21. Does your parent account have access to the shared folder? if you add the shared folder widget to the same site, can they open the files?
  22. Just grabbed this. Holy cow! This is an amazing widget
  23. Yeah - I'm wrong. We've turned on Curriculum Designer ahead of our conference. There's more development to come, including a Curriculum Viewer. You see Curr Designer is actually the editor and for our Progress schools, their teachers primarily access the learning lockers through Progression Charts - so if you have not activated a Curriculum, it doesn't show up. We've made some changes to Designer to make it closer to a Lesson Planning tool and those features were ready - so we released it, but to make it a truly viable solution, we'll need some additional features. @Matt - for your attention - correct me if I'm wrong.
  24. Graham Quince

    Quick Launch

    You can do this on an individual link basis. Each Application or Site you add to the Quick Launch will only be visible to the individual if they have permission to access it. You control this permission via Groups and Policies. What you cannot currently do is add, (for example) an After School Clubs site to the Quick Launch, which staff have access to, but have no need to access via Quick Launch. What you can do is turn off individual links with a bit of CSS.
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