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  1. Ah - my mistake - that option is only visible to the Support account. Let me look into it.
  2. Hi @Chris Goluch, I've asked one of our developers to respond to your more technical questions, but I can answer the product roadmap-type ones. Frog's front-end was designed around security. No front-end tools have direct access to the databases - all access is through API requests. This makes Frog very secure, for instance, you cannot send a "Delete Tables" query. But it does mean that any data you wish to retrieve needs to have an API you can use to get it first. Connecting to a 3rd-party database is awkward, because you need somewhere to store the secret keys, which is not
  3. In FrogDrive > FrogCode, you should be able to select a widget project and use the delete option on the Action Cog
  4. In the Developer console, it's reporting that it cannot find the main.ehs widget. Which is really strange, but the other widgets preview fine. Best guess is that something corrupted on making the widget - you might be better off starting fresh
  5. Oh - sorry @pconkie - i didn't see your message. Glad you got it sorted though.
  6. Hi @pconkie, I'm also having issues with installing widgets and have reported it to the developers. I think a fix has been made and is being checked currently. Sorry about this Graham
  7. Graham Quince

    Up a level?

    Yes - it should, but when i visited your platform, it was behaving correctly. So my guess is it's done by naming... hence if you can tell me where to look, we can see if we can spot the cause.
  8. Graham Quince

    Up a level?

    I reckon it's an ordering thing. Looking at your screenshot, the first file starts with a number, whereas the up a level folder seems to have a name of 3 dots. Can you let me know where to find this on a site and I'll see if i can spot anything before i write a ticket up.
  9. Hi @pconkie We've removed that functionality from the MyFrog app, but i think you'd need to look at using the HTML widget to prevent swiping as there is no setting for swiping. Graham
  10. Graham Quince

    Up a level?

    Hi @ADT Is this still happening for you?
  11. Hi @pdurber, I think we've answered this in emails and separate posts now. I'm just clearing up the support section. If anyone is interested in our current offering, you can find out more here: https://www.frogeducation.com/community/training/office365 There are plans for further integration, but nothing I can be specific about at the moment.
  12. I've also been experimenting with the HTML widget, and this code can be set to email you when someone accesses Frog via IE11: <script> function GetIEVersion() { var sAgent = window.navigator.userAgent; var Idx = sAgent.indexOf("MSIE"); if (Idx > 0) { // If IE, return version number. return parseInt(sAgent.substring(Idx+ 5, sAgent.indexOf(".", Idx))); } else if (!!navigator.userAgent.match(/Trident\/7\./)) { // If IE 11 then look for Updated user agent string. return 11; } else { return 0; // It is not IE } } if (GetIEVersion() > 0) { var user = F
  13. Internet Explorer 11 is no longer a safe browser for your data. It’s official! Between December 2020 and April 2021, Microsoft will be ending support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11). From December onwards, whilst it will still be accessible, some features will stop working and crucially the end of support from Microsoft means IE11 is no longer a safe place for your data. IE11 was released in 2013, and Microsoft superseded it less than two years later, when Edge became the default browser for Windows in 2015. Today it accounts for just 1.4% of internet traffic. What does this
  14. Unfortunately, Google deprecated their website translation code, meaning that they don't support new uses. It seems the reason they have done this is, is so that users can run Google Translate directly in the Chrome browser, using the Google Translate extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-translate/aapbdbdomjkkjkaonfhkkikfgjllcleb You can share this link with parents, and all they need to do is click the button marked Add to Chrome. The extension will appear in their browser's toolbar and translate most text on all websites into their chosen language.
  15. Different API - which brings back information in a different format. Paul uses assignmentreports.getData which returns all the information he needs. I used the FDP's assignment.getAssigned which contains all the information I needed. If I was to use the other API, I would need to make further API calls - which would slow down the search and add strain to the server.
  16. Graham Quince

    Forms Control

    Hi @pdurber Sorry, i took last week off. The User Picker field in forms can serve this purpose. You can limit it to students, which will then just list a parent's children.
  17. This widget is the idea of John Parsons at Winston Churchill, but it's already gone into a few schools. Seems some students have figured out they can click the Hand-in button on an assignment and this removes the work from their To-Do list. Teacher can and do return the assignment to the pupils, re-opening it, but John wanted tutors and Heads-of-Year to be able to check on a child and get a report on all their assignments. While you can (sort-of) admire the thinking of these children, it's best if we can identify them and this widget takes care of that. https://www.frogeduca
  18. Graham Quince

    Alison Brown

    Hi @Tinpan When you talk about wanting to set work and have it not appear to students until the morning of, does the available from date not give you that flexibility? Once assigned, you can edit the instructions, title and classes, as well as dates. EDIT Apologies, I've just checked your set up, Assign a page is only available in FrogLearn: However, if you would prefer to prepare assignments in advance and only publish them to students on the morning of, I think the Assign Page function on a site is the closest to the option you describe:
  19. Hi @pdurber This area of the community site has some information about FrogParent: https://www.frogeducation.com/community/training/administratortraining/frogparent But in this case, it might be easier to speak. I'll email you and we can arrange a time. Graham
  20. Hi @pdurber Are you getting an error message on the import? If that's the case, then I've been looking around, but the only other options would be to use a comment field in an Attainment Aspect in FrogParent
  21. I've had a look through the document and i don't think you can specify fields: https://support.frogeducation.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/froglearn---sims-extractor-configuration We might be left with either this tutorial: or the FrogParent Attainment Table route
  22. Is there a checkbox in the extractor for MIS Username? Just checking your product set up, you do have FrogParent - would it be possible to use an attainment aspect to pass the data over? I'm asking as I don't know SIMS that well. We can then either use the attainment table widget or HTML widget to get the personal information out.
  23. Hi @pdurber Location is a type of group, so it's safe to assume that if this is not populated in the MIS currently, (provided you don't start using it in the MIS), you should be able to add your own data to it. I'd suggest testing it first though (i.e. make a change to a few students, run an MIS import via System Preferences and see if that change remains). The benefit of this being a group is that you can use various API calls to display the data Example: Frog.Model.api('groups.getFor', { identity: child.uuid, group_type: "location" }).done
  24. Hi @Chris Goluch I've spoken with some of our senior developers. Microsoft are not phasing out ADFS. As far as we all know, there have been no statements made to that effect. There is a growing sentiment among IT bloggers that ADFS should come to an end, but that is not the same. Having said that, we also offer Azure simple-sign-on. This authentication method does require you to sign into Frog, but once signed in, you can open any other systems without having to sign in again. (provided these have been configured to use Azure). Graham
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