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  1. Hi @pconkie, We're looking into the FDP situation, but for now, we'll drop your an email to discuss options.
  2. Hi Paul, In answer to your first question, the documents haven't been updated since 2016 - to be fair, the FDP APIs documented shouldn't have changed since then either.
  3. Sorry @pconkie - i'm trying to get someone to answer your original question.
  4. Hi @Ali I've just had a quick look on your platform, but cannot see a Learning Resources page. It sounds like either there's a caching thing going on or a sharing change. Can you let me know how to find the page and I'll take a look.
  5. Hi @pdurber, I've just logged into your platform and added the widget and it's emailed me. Can you let me know where the problematic widget is please?
  6. The Select Date widget is particularly tricky. I've not had any success changing it. There are a couple of Ideas Portal ideas which touch on this: https://ideas.frogcommunity.com/ideas/FRG-I-363 https://ideas.frogcommunity.com/ideas/FRG-I-364
  7. Sorry @pdurber, I haven't heard anything further. This is a widget built by @pconkie
  8. Ah - was this something to do with a role parents needed? @pconkie - does that ring a bell? @adamw ?
  9. Hi One of our guys has just been looking at that and apparently the code you posted works, so it might be that it's being executed before the OS has loaded Do you know when the code is being run?
  10. Hi Paul, I've spoken to one of the developers about this and this has been moved. This is no loanger with FrogOS initially, (to improve loading times). There is a way to load it afterwards, unfortunately, I've been told there is a bug in the new method - so as soon as the fix is implemented i'll get someone who knows what they are talking about to post the new method here.
  11. Ah, if you can create a support ticket and identify the plan with the issue, we can look into it.
  12. That's version 3.2.0 and we installed that for all known Seating Plans schools the day after they got Beethoven. I've checked on Backwell's build and that's the same version Paul is running.
  13. Graham Quince

    MyFrog app

    I've seen plans for the new My Child's Progress to be added as separate elements, I have also asked that ePortfolios have their own page. There have been discussions about an Tablet (landscape) view and incorporating more elements of the FrogLearn and FrogDrive iOS apps. Absolutely no ETAs on these - there are other developments taking priority for the Earhart (Spring 2020) release. Which you can hear about at Bett. 😉
  14. I believe we updated everyone's FrogSeats as soon as Beethoven was installed (remember it's called Seating Plans these days). Is yours not working?
  15. Graham Quince

    MyFrog app

    I think Adrian's response sums it up. Great idea, and we're not done with Messaging. Ideas Portal is the best way to capture this.
  16. Hi, We looked into a Parents Evening booking system a while ago, but its a lot more complex that it first appears. In theory, you could use individual forms for each teacher, per slot (say 10 forms per page, each limited to one submission only). BUT that doesn't prevent parents from double-booking themselves. I'll help you put a site together if you'd like, which can then be duplicated for each teacher.
  17. Hi Paul, Is this is public site? Apparently this was moved to steal.import One of the senior devs is going to take a look and let me know more
  18. Graham Quince

    MyFrog app

    You've already been using the platform messaging I think. How have parents found it and will the app's inbox help here?
  19. Is that referencing about FrogParent or SIMS Parent Portal? All Frog school gets Parent accounts as part of the licence and that includes use of the Parent Portals and forms, just not the Attendance, Behaviour, Attainment and Linked Document features.
  20. I've been able to get the Parent Portal's update your contact details form pretty close, now that you can set it to Single Submission AND allow the user to edit their own entries. This can then email the office. I know it's not the complete write-back solution that SIMS offers, but it's one less place to send everyone.
  21. Hi @Theres.Ilk, This widget was sent to us from The Radclyffe School and I'll let them know there is an issue. To be honest, It might be worth looking at the updated Image Carousel widget, which can display photos from a folder and in a gallery view too. https://www.frogeducation.com/community/training/widgetguides/g-m/image-carousel Graham
  22. Ages ago I took a Word Doc application form and broke it down into a series of Frog forms. You can't upload files to Frog without a login. Because there are multiple forms, the applicant uses their email address as the common identifier and I used MS Access to combine all their entries into one sheet. It's a little cumbersome, so we decided not to release it. The Academy HR Portal contains a site for job applications, which suggests using an email address to submit. I've installed both on your Frog so you can take a look as see if either works for you.
  23. Hi Pete, It's an academy product, but when I checked it looked like your school had it already. I've installed it and made you the owner. If you like, we can have a quick remote session and I'll talk you through it and we can adapt it to be for Maintenance. Graham
  24. Hi Pete The IT Support Portal could be stripped down to achieve this. Every maintenance request could send an email to the team and using the Data-Viewer, they can double-click on the individual entry, check a hidden field to mark it as complete and move onto the next job. You can set the Data Viewer to be filtered to only the open jobs too.
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