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  1. You are a star... thank you so much Graham, much appreciated.
  2. Has anyone got any coding which will add Union Jack bunting to the sites for the Queen's Jubilee?
  3. AI am interested in improving how we show documents on our sites. Something like the above image where the some 'graphics' are static, but others are links). Does anyone know if this is possible via the text editor?
  4. Yes, this is exactly the kind of thing I was thinking. Thanks @ADT Have a good weekend
  5. We are a large secondary school and I am looking for suggestions on how I can help display Tutor information easily from the dashboard, without it distracting/confusing with the wider staff communications. Notices seem the obvious way, but is there a way of integrating more effectively with tabs? Anyone else tackled this effectively? If so, can you share screengrabs?
  6. Just realised I didn't respond that it works! Thanks guys
  7. They have the same access, but don't have any classes assigned to them...
  8. Just wondering how schools are handling trainee teachers in terms to them having access to class homework, etc. We haven't really considered them as a user if I am honest and therefore they don't have access to much! Curious as to how others have tackled this (or not, as the case may be!).
  9. Ohh, thanks @ADT. I will give this a try.
  10. Has anyone written any code which would allow us to show the Assignments calendar on a page, but so that it only shows the assignments from a specific subject? We effectively want to 'carve' up the information to make it contextually relevant to our pupils' subject pages.
  11. I was hoping that the experience would be a bit more like a planner, say tabs down the right which they could click on to go to that section. No offence to the designs already in Frog - a great start, but if it was a bit more interactive, I feel pupils would use it more effectively.
  12. Is there an secondary school out there who successfully uses Frog for pupil planners and, if so, would you mind sharing a few screen grabs?
  13. We are looking at how to utilise more of the products on offer. OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams etc, seems really promising, but has anyone integrated this into their school fully and, if so, would you be happy sharing the IT infrastructure/set up within and how you manage it. So far we have a number of confused staff members not being able to find/share their files!
  14. Thanks Graham. Do you have something similar for check boxes?
  15. Hi We would like to use Frog forms to create a matrix answer (as well as a star rating), and also have the answers in two columns. Has anyone managed to achieve any of this?
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