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  1. Ohhhh, hadn't looked at it that way. Thanks
  2. Thanks @ADT. I will mention this as a workaround to our IT Team, but we shouldn't really need a work around for basic system management stuff. It just muddies the waters.
  3. As a large school with 1800 pupils, our teachers are setting at four lessons a day for our pupils and two assemblies a week. As you can imagine, when assignments are uploaded with resources, it goes into Frog Drive and there is currently no way of easily viewing and deleting the documents. We can't keep throwing additional storage to it. Has anyone written an code which can somehow pull in the information in Frog Drive to help us easily identify large files or the dates associated with the files so we can remove them over half term?
  4. @Graham Quince We use Oliver Softlink system too and it just doesn't integrate with Frog as it used to with Frog 3, so we certainly aren't using it to its full capability. Did you get anywhere with this? Appreciate it is a long time ago.
  5. Did this go anywhere? I too am really keen to have much more visibility of how our sites are being used so I can make much more informed decisions rather than best guess or requests. The current analytics tools on Frog are OK but don't give me the level of depth I want (such as PDF downloads, links clicked etc). Can we add Google analytics into the main website? Would appreciate any advice, even if Frog partners with an analytics software company that we could consider.
  6. Hi If you wouldn't mind showing me, that would be great. Sorry, not been on here over Easter as been busy building sites
  7. We are really struggling with this at the moment and I am unsure on the best approach and how to advise our teachers. There is the added complication that people are seeing the 'Inbox' as where they expect to see the feedback (we haven't turned on the Messaging yet as feel we need more of a strategy around it). I am not a teacher, so just wondered what is the easiest way to feedback from this perspective, but also concerned that they could do all this work only for students not to see the comment. Finally - probably being dumb here, but where are you finding the Assignment App to em
  8. @pdurber I sometimes use the tables box in a text widget to help with different layouts too if that helps,
  9. I have generated my school Favicon, but does anyone know how I can ensure this appears on our external website rather than the Frog head? Can I add it to the school website's template?
  10. Is it possible to have this widget on a page but some code also on the page which will mean that only Science homework will be shown? Has anyone else done this? I would like to contextuallise it, e.g. only show Science homework set on the Science subject site.
  11. They all sound interesting. What I would like to continue to do (as this works well) is to embed say all the English teachers into the Subject sites 'Help' page. This often gets mentioned in Social Media threads. If you have a look at our staff directory, I'd be interested in seeing what you think.
  12. Has anyone created a staff directory? We have one which is just a site by department that shows the staff, their photo and an email address. We embed the relevant page into our pupil subject sites. However, it doesn't have a search and is quite clunky - e.g. we have to list each teacher based on what subject they teach more than once. Does anyone have anything similar? I know some schools add the list to their websites of teachers and email addresses. Just after a way of improving what we have, so ideally we only have one entry for each member of staff, but allocate them to 'show' if
  13. We've got a trip going out to Peru and we'd like to embed two clocks on a Frog site - one should London time zone, the other showing Lima time zone. Has anyone done this before or found a site which gives you free HTML which works when embedded into Frog?
  14. Hi I am hoping that someone can help me with some HTML. We have a large Sixth Form here at Kennet and we'd created a Sixth Form Dashboard but embedded it in with rules to the Pupil dashboard (as advised by Graham Quince). This worked well so Sixth Formers saw their dashboard and Years 7-11 saw a different dashboard. We were asked to updated the Sixth Form dashboard design, which we did, however, for some reason it has kept the overall 'Pupil dashboard' icon and name, as opposed to the 'Sixth Form icon' and site name. It does, however, recognises the theme and background (created using pa
  15. Does anyone have any good sites that provide time zone comparison embed code, like this one? https://greenwichmeantime.com/time-zone/south-america/peru/ I am after one that will show the current time at home and the one in another country. There are some sites that provide one (so I could add it in twice), but I can't seem to get it to display on the site I am working on, e.g. <script async defer id='2018112915753517' src='https://widgets.worldtimeserver.com/Public.ashx?rid=2018112915753517&theme=Analog&action=clock&wtsid=PE&hex=901c08&city=Lima&size=large
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