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  1. Graham Quince's post in Page Template was marked as the answer   
    I use the Action Button's duplicate page feature if i want to copy a page from one site to another.
  2. Graham Quince's post in Parent Letters was marked as the answer   
    Hi @pdurber,
    this guide might help with email notifications, at the bottom it talks about steps you can take to check your Frog is sending emails: Email Notifications
  3. Graham Quince's post in eportfolio collections was marked as the answer   
    Hi @pdurber
    Happy to give you a proper training session over a screenshare if you like.  But to answer your question - the site list widget will only show you appraisal sites you have access to.  So for a department manager, the page called Appraisals will only list their team.  For you as an admin, it will list everyone's site.
  4. Graham Quince's post in Link within embedded Frog page was marked as the answer   
    Hi @Chay
    Taking a look at the two sites, it looks like you're trying to use the Text widget's link to page to link to another site, unfortunately you cannot do that, as link to page only works within one site.  However, in the Edit panel for each page you can see a direct link to that page.  You could use this, with the Web Link option in the Text widget to link to the other site.
  5. Graham Quince's post in Network Drives issue was marked as the answer   
    Hi @pdurber
    I believe the teacher in question might be Contribute access to the site.  If it's on your staff dashboard, I can see that individuals are listed to have Contribute access rather than the staff profile.  If it is the case they need this shared with them, it might be the member of staff in question is not listed.
  6. Graham Quince's post in Password App was marked as the answer   
    The Passwords app was built for Primary schools who didn't have the ability or desire to set up pupil accounts on their network, so it was designed as a simple way to let a classroom teacher reset a password for one of the children in their class.  We made it available for all schools a little while ago, but that's why it is limited.
    I had a quick look and didn't spot an idea on the Ideas Portal.
  7. Graham Quince's post in Frog Play Video was marked as the answer   
    Hi @Becky
    You cannot directly assign a video to a student, instead when you assign a quiz, the video appears as a link within that quiz.
    Hope that makes sense,
  8. Graham Quince's post in Student Fields - Are they used? was marked as the answer   
    Hi @pdurber
    Location is a type of group, so it's safe to assume that if this is not populated in the MIS currently, (provided you don't start using it in the MIS), you should be able to add your own data to it.  I'd suggest testing it first though (i.e. make a change to a few students, run an MIS import via System Preferences and see if that change remains).  The benefit of this being a group is that you can use various API calls to display the data
    Frog.Model.api('groups.getFor', { identity: child.uuid, group_type: "location" }).done(function(groupResponse) { // do something }); Groups are separated with the export by the | symbol and you'll use a CSV to import them, so that rules out '|' and ',' to add additional variables, but there's nothing stopping you using a different character to separate your data.  This would be more secure than the tutorial I posted which uses an HTML to store all information.  To view student details another student would need to know their classmate's Frog UUID - which is highly unlikely.
    Of course, the groups would have to be created first - and unique for each student. - 
    MIS Username - I'm not sure - this might be in use and would be overwritten by the MIS if it came into use.
    I'd be happy to work with you on this - we might get something other schools could use.
  9. Graham Quince's post in Alison Brown was marked as the answer   
    Hi @Tinpan
    When you talk about wanting to set work and have it not appear to students until the morning of, does the available from date not give you that flexibility?

    Once assigned, you can edit the instructions, title and classes, as well as dates.
    Apologies, I've just checked your set up, Assign a page is only available in FrogLearn:
    However, if you would prefer to prepare assignments in advance and only publish them to students on the morning of, I think the Assign Page function on a site is the closest to the option you describe:
  10. Graham Quince's post in Forms Control was marked as the answer   
    Hi @pdurber
    Sorry, i took last week off.   The User Picker field in forms can serve this purpose.  You can limit it to students, which will then just list a parent's children.
  11. Graham Quince's post in Site Timeline Error was marked as the answer   
    Hi @Sean_M
    Unfortunately there appears to be an error in the Timelines database.  I'll need to create a ticket for you and have a developer take a look.
  12. Graham Quince's post in Feedback was marked as the answer   
    Hi @Hardeep
    I've replied on your other post, but we've also created a ticket for you on the helpdesk - so that we can follow up with you about this.
  13. Graham Quince's post in Students pressing hand-in without uploading was marked as the answer   
    Hi @Hardeep
    Unfortunately there isn't a programmed report to show that.  You do need to click into each student in the assignment list to view that.  You can return the homework to them, using the Reattempt assignment button.
    Apologies for the delay in responding.
  14. Graham Quince's post in Email question was marked as the answer   
    Hi - apologies that no one else has responded yet.
    When you set up an email address, Frog will attempt to send you an email to verify your account.  You may need to check your junk mail folder, in case it is in there.
    Kind regards
  15. Graham Quince's post in GDPR was marked as the answer   
    Hi George,
    You've thrown us with this question.  We are a third party company - I think (non GDPR-expert) that this most closely matches our connection to SIMS.
  16. Graham Quince's post in Messages frp, students was marked as the answer   
    Hi @katy
    In the Messages app, if you click on the View button, you can change the option to All Messages.  This will load in messages sent from everyone, instead of just yours.  You will need to know the title of the message, but once located, you can click in the message to see who has opened each one.
  17. Graham Quince's post in Login Background Image was marked as the answer   
    Hi @pdurber,
    There's a video guide for setting this:
    The important bit, images are recommended to be either JPG or PNG file of 1680 pixels wide, by 900 pixels high around 200kb in size.
  18. Graham Quince's post in Dashboard replication was marked as the answer   
    Hi @pdurber
    This is where you have to get a little creative.  I know Kris on our design team will use Nested Pages to add additional rows.  At least each layout box will only be as high as it needs to be.
  19. Graham Quince's post in Parents Evening Bookings was marked as the answer   
    We looked into a Parents Evening booking system a while ago, but its a lot more complex that it first appears.   In theory, you could use individual forms for each teacher, per slot (say 10 forms per page, each limited to one submission only).   BUT that doesn't prevent parents from double-booking themselves.
    I'll help you put a site together if you'd like, which can then be duplicated for each teacher.  
  20. Graham Quince's post in Frog Store Working? was marked as the answer   
    Hi Paul,
    Apologies for this.  I'll leave Support to get to the bottom of it, but in the meantime, i've installed the site for you and made your Admin account the owner.
    @Connor Hutchinson
  21. Graham Quince's post in Look up any student assignments was marked as the answer   
    There's also Assignment Monitor - which gives you access to all the assignments too.   Paul built the Frogcode widget George mentions, because to use Assignment Monitor, you have access to all assignment information - including which teachers/departments are setting assignments.
  22. Graham Quince's post in Wall widget was marked as the answer   
    I'd suggest ideas portal - see if we can't get some others to join you in getting the wall widget updated.
  23. Graham Quince's post in Assign to teachers? was marked as the answer   
    Hi @MarkB,
    While you can't assign to teachers, you can use features like the Site List widget to display training sites to staff.  The Site List widget ( https://www.frogeducation.com/community/training/widgetguides/r-z/site-list ) will only display sites which the user has access to, that way you can configure a whole bunch of training sites and display only the relevant ones to teachers.
    You could consider implementing Presentation Mode ( https://www.frogeducation.com/community/training/sites/presentation ), which hides the site's menu, forcing staff to click through all the pages.  I have found a Form at the end of a site is a good way of recording completion.   
    In the next release, you will also have access to three new widgets:  The hotspot widget, the question widget and the SCORM widget.  As far as I know, all three can be set to "turn off" the next button in Presentation Mode - forcing users to work through the activities.  
    We have built these new widgets as we have been creating a new product for workplace education, known currently as Frog Courses.  Built using the same tech as FrogLearn, the functionality and language is designed around staff and managers.  These courses can be assigned to staff and reports are generated on progress and completion.   There are even certificates available for successful completion of a module.  Courses has been built as separate from FrogLearn and the business needs to work out how best to offer this to schools.  The user management is quite different.  Not to get your hopes up, but the development needed to link this to a current FrogLearn is significant.  It is likely this will be a paid addition rather than being included as part of your current licence, although the three, new widgets I mentioned are included in the FrogLearn licence.
    If you are interested in learning more about Courses, drop me a line and I can arrange to show off its features.
  24. Graham Quince's post in wrapping text around an image was marked as the answer   
    Think I found your site.  Try right-clicking on the image, and choose Image Properties.   Then use an option in the Align dropdown.

  25. Graham Quince's post in Frog assignments and marking. Have I missed something? was marked as the answer   
    Hi Mark,
    There are a few things I'm keen to change on the assignments system and do try to keep the pressure on the Product and Development Teams.  More voices from our schools certainly help with this.
    @Matt keeps an eye on the forums and works directly with the Product Manager.  I know he is keen to hear your ideas too.
    While I'd agree that being able to send comments back to students while not releasing marks could be used to "mark" the students work, I'll point out that the comments wall has other purposes too (e.g. students struggling with work, needing to ask questions etc...) - so it's more an avenue for communicating with students rather than a marking tool.  Having said that, I agree that not being able to release marks without closing the whole assignment and the earlier point you mentioned about not being able to send work back to a student unless you reopened work and will raise these point internally.
    This feature has been part of the Assignment system since the launch of FrogLearn - so I can't speak to the original thinking.  It's not been something a lot of people have raised with me - doesn't mean it's not a valid idea, just that we haven't had requests to change it. 
    Closing an assignment takes it off everyone's to-do list.  A student can still contact you and request a chance to hand-in after closing - and yes, that does involve re-opening, waiting for the hand-in, and then closing, but the mechanism is there.   You wouldn't want to be in a position where the homework was closed, it was moved to the closed tab and weeks later a student hand-ins work and you're not aware they have,
    Like i say, I'll raise these issues internally and let you know our thinking.
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