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  1. ADT's post in Frog Drive Capacity Issue was marked as the answer   
    See we don’t see it as a work around....  with O365 being online... files can be access on any device anywhere in the world at any time!!!  Linking it to Frog rather than uploading means it can still be adapted even after it’s been set as an assignment!!!  And it doesn’t take up space on the school servers!!!
  2. ADT's post in Live resultsometer? was marked as the answer   
    Have you tried using the Poll widget?
  3. ADT's post in Show homework from a specific subject was marked as the answer   
    This might help.....
  4. ADT's post in Last years markbooks was marked as the answer   
    If you make a new one in 2020 you can then go back in that new markbook to 2019/2020!!

  5. ADT's post in Parents signature was marked as the answer   
    Could stick a form somewhere....  have you checked homework....  if they tick and hit submit it would register username, date time etc???
    Then you could reset it on a Monday???
  6. ADT's post in Styling a table was marked as the answer   
    Hmmmm  now you can change the background of a cell without using style...
    When in a cell, right click> Cell> Cell Properties then you can choose background colour!!


  7. ADT's post in Download a site/Get resources off Frog Learn was marked as the answer   
    No doubt there might be a way...  but in the mean time could you not just make the site public and give him the url?
  8. ADT's post in SSL Certificate was marked as the answer   
    We got ours through https://www.ssl247.co.uk/ its was the company our Managed Service use... We have a
      GlobalSign Organization Validation CA - SHA256 - G2 If you use this site https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/ you can test your current SSL for any nasties... we have an A rating!!
  9. ADT's post in New Welcome Message!! was marked as the answer   
    For you to vote for it!!
  10. ADT's post in New Assignment Template!! was marked as the answer   
    Its on the Ideas Portal...  Get voting!!
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