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  1. adamw

    Permissions change?

    No I don't think so. That is the ID to a resource, and the system figures out how to serve the correct file back to you. I think this may need investigation, because I tried that link and it worked for me (I was however logged in as a superuser) @Tom
  2. adamw

    Permissions change?

    Nothing has changed as far as I know. Have you tried this with your admin account?
  3. Anecdotally I can tell you that we've seen heavy usage of Frog, both with assignments and FrogPlay over this time - and we've had some great feedback about how it's working for people. I can tell you that everyone at Frog is working very hard to ensure our schools get the very best out of Frog during this time
  4. Hi, sounds like we'll need our support team to get in touch with you so we can check this out. @Connor Hutchinson
  5. adamw

    Duplicating Sites

    Don't know for sure, but that sounds like it would have been a bug. It's possible that it used to try and duplicate everything on a site (all the site assets) but we now remove them for stuff like timelines etc...
  6. adamw

    Snow on platform

    Hah, I'd forgotten I'd made that. Yeah, it was just a starter for ten!
  7. adamw

    Frog Store Working?

    If it hasn't shown up in 24 hours then something must be wrong - let support know and they'll be able to investigate it for you. I have seen it take a while before, which can be frustrating I know. This is something I hope we can improve in the future!
  8. adamw

    Frog Store

    @Tom Hi Sally, Sorry to hear about your problems. I've tagged the support team into this and I'll move this issue into the support forums for more visibility.
  9. adamw

    Frog Store Working?

    Has it shown up yet? There is some weirdness where it can sometimes take a little while for the servers to synchronize and for the site to be downloaded. Hopefully this is something that we will be able to improve on in the not too distant future!
  10. @Matt Off the top of my head I can't quite remember, but this does sound right? Converting to individuals simply removes the group link and assigns the assignment to each student individually (if I remember correctly, please let me know if I'm wrong!) So this might have the effect you're after @MarkB Not sure if someone in support might have come across this before @Jay ?
  11. adamw


    Hmm, I've not seen it - so I don't know. It's possible that it could be as simple as that, but we'd need to have a proper dig into it.
  12. adamw

    DataStore Question

    I think if you just send alias as an array of things you want, i.e. ['behaviour.warning', 'behaviour.something', 'behaviour.somethingelse'] You'll only get back those things, So you should be able to use that to exclude the things you don't want back. Worth a shot anyway
  13. adamw

    Text widget issues

    @R Naylor Sorry to hear you're having problems. I'll ask the support team to get in touch with you so we can investigate this. Does this affect all pages / sites or does this problem only affect a certain page? @Tom
  14. adamw

    CS Teacher

    @Nejat Sorry to hear you're having problems. I'll ask our support team to look into this for you. @Tom
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