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  1. adamw


    Great SCOTT!
  2. You could try importing some new users with the SEN field. Probably with a Value of Y - which might make the test students appear in that list. Worth a try anyway.
  3. adamw

    Open a site as a pop up??

    I'm on annual leave this week, and don't have access to the code, so I can't check it for you. I will have to refer you to @Graham Quince for now!
  4. adamw

    File Uploader

    Next time I have a performance review, I'll be sure to point out this thread 😛😛 The other things are going to take more thinking!
  5. adamw

    File Uploader

    Right, honest answer - at the moment, I don't know! It could be that the upload button press is performing some default html form-like action, which may be trying to submit the form. I'd need to see the code for the upload button. However, you could try changing the above bit of code to this: obj.modal.find("[data-name=file-upload]").click(function(el) { el.preventDefault(); Disclaimer - this is a wild-stab-in-the-dark-with-no-research-whatsoever-type-guess.
  6. adamw

    File Uploader

    I assume that worked then? 😛
  7. Looks like she may just need view rights for the site in question.
  8. adamw

    File Uploader

    Try this perhaps? obj.modal.find("[data-name=file-upload]").click(function() { $('.os_core:first').trigger('os.app.upload', { "data": { "upload_type": "asset", "site_uuid": "62D4442D2002520CF7345F0960EDDD095847DB4C186723A6", "focusApp": $('.modal'), "callback": function(result) { if (result.files && result.files.length) { $.each(result.files, function(i, file) { console.log(file.attachment.name); }); } }, launchAboveModal: true } }); notice the: launchAboveModal: true param. It looks like we use that param in a few places, so I'm hoping it does what you need it to do.
  9. adamw

    File Uploader

    Hmmm, is this a custom modal, or using our built in modal? If it's our built-in one then it should work. If not, you could convert it to using our bsmodal stuff maybe? I don't have the exact syntax on hand at the moment, but when I get a chance I'll drop something here.
  10. There are tonnes of them. Pretty much everything in Frog is either a component or a module (at least, we always try to do that). Unfortunately they were for internal use, so we don't have any documentation as such. All of the things you mentioned have either a component or a module associated with them (for easy reuse and consistency throughout the platform). However, we shall need to call upon the front-end guru's of Frog in order to unlock this mystical power. To get started though, I can see that we have: frogui_components_date_time_picker //date time picker frogui_components_curriculumbrowser_subject //subject picker (I think) frogui._modules_selectusers //users select A quick check shows we have around ~60 modules and 100 components - so if you're trying to do anything in particular, it might be worth asking if we have a component available for it first (pretty much if you can see some functionality in the front end, there's a good chance we have something already)
  11. adamw

    Open a site as a pop up??

    Right, Sorry about the delay in responding, super busy here at the moment (as always!). You could try something like this: FrogOS.openSite({ site: datalink, assignment_uuid: uuid, fullscreen: false, resizable: true, height: 500, width: 500 }); I've not tested this - but the code seems to look like it will accept those params. If not, I'll have to consult one of the front-end experts. Obviously you don't need to pass any params you're not using - for example assignment_uuid
  12. Sneaky preview of FrogDrive with an installed package. Quick note, that I've noticed that some older SCORM packages tend to use a lot of flash. These are going to have problems running, due to browsers dropping support for Flash entirely. https://www.chromium.org/flash-roadmap#TOC-Flash-Disabled-by-Default-Target:-Chrome-76---July-2019-
  13. I reckon this will make me cry. Obviously ePortfolio's work differently from your example above. That's not to say that it's impossible, but it's certainly more than a quick ten minute job to do this. @Matt
  14. What API request are you making and which parameters are you sending?
  15. I haven't checked, but I assume pressing that button fires off an api call to clear the poll, in which case a html widget with a bit of javascript could do the trick?
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