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  1. Hah! When it comes to stuff like that, I'm not the expert! However I know a few people who are, and so I will discreetly probe their knowledge. And by that, I mean shout stuff at them and then run away as they hurl abuse at me.
  2. You know, I never understood the prizes on that show - I mean, how did the contestants share a speedboat?
  3. Did the new version help with this issue with the widget not working? If not, did you check to see that the roles I listed were switched on for those users?
  4. Oh, my brain is failing today.. Check system prefs, make sure it's switched on, or add it if it's missing.
  5. adamw

    Open an app

    I put your question to the experts here at Frog and this is what they have suggested should work! c.trigger('os.internal.launchapp', { data: { name: appID, appModel: new Com.Frog.Model({ 'uuid' : appID, 'role_name': Object.values(_Roles.serialize()).filter(function(role) { return /app\.frogplay$/gim.test(role); })[0], 'extended_data' : { 'from_package' : true } }) } });
  6. Should only be if you're don't have any marbooks for year 13 that you have access to -- but again, could be bugs! Should we go for a fourth new version in one day!?
  7. I was requesting the same data twice in some cases. Double vision from all the rum, no doubt.
  8. I've just spotted a bug - not sure if it's what is causing everyone's issues ,but the new one is attached below. 0EB62D3F2001B1EC1AA79F98DF136A0FC39DA43CF271E66D.tgz Also, these are the required roles - in case any of them are missing for your staff. fdp.academicyear.get api.markbookmanager.view api.markbookmanager.use
  9. adamw

    Open an app

    Hmm, I would expect the app name to be the same as it appears in your manifest - so probably something like the second example you showed. Is the app deployed? Also, I'll need to check that we can open Frogcode apps in that way, I never thought about that before!
  10. If you open the markbook app, do you have any markbooks created?
  11. adamw

    Open an app

    Try: FrogOS.openApp( 'yourappnamehere', { assignment_uuid: "any assignment uuid", } ); You have to open it with the app name, not the uuid (I think)
  12. I told you there'd be bugs ? If you feel like being a test subject, see an updated version of the widget below: 0EB62D3F2001B1EC1AA79F98DF136A0FC39DA43CF271E66D.tgz I put in some loaders and a preference that allows you to select only your own markbooks. After setting the preference and saving the widget you might have to refresh to get it to show. It's a bit odd for some reason ?
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