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Due to further security updates and ongoing integration strategies following the latest release all schools using SIMS, WCBS or Progresso MIS systems will need to upgrade to the latest MIS extractor available here. All other schools using UK based MIS providers will be required to move to Groupcall XOD prior to the start of the next academic year. Please contact our service desk team who will help guide you through the process on 01422 395939 or via support@frogeducation.com.


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  1. adamw

    Time Zone Convertor

    Sorry it's taken me so long to see this. I did a quick search and found this: https://www.clocklink.com/gallery/24_hour I tried embedding the code from a few of them into a HTML widget in Frog and they seemed to work. Hope this helps!
  2. adamw

    Booking Calendar Widget

    Just a quick update - I did a bit more testing and it seems that admins can delete anything via this widget - which is nice. Other users can see all the events, but only delete their own. If they press the delete button on one they don't own then it does nothing.
  3. adamw

    Booking Calendar Widget

    Okay, So I spent some time at lunch creating a basic 'delete booking calendar event' widget. It's very bare-bones, but should serve as a good start for anyone to tweak to their own requirements. It'll only show you booking calendars which you have access to AND have events that you have created on. You can't delete other peoples events from here (including admins, sorry) - this is mainly due to how the back-end works (it's fairly old code). I've put the widget on the FrogCode repo - so @Graham Quince should be able to sort people out. Just to reitterate, I've not fully tested this, so use it at your own risk and feel free to use it as a base for a more comprehensive widget.
  4. adamw

    Date picker issue??

    Does sound like a bug - what happens if you remove the rule and recreate it?
  5. adamw

    This document can't be previewed

    In system preferences -> file types -> select the profile you want to allow to use a new file type -> expand 'custom types' -> enter: vnd.ms-publisher then press add. You'll need to do this for all the profiles you want to enable publisher files for. As for why you need to do this - I suspect that it was probably missed when we created the original list, I'll see if we can get this added by default in future. @Matt Any problems, give the service desk a call - They'll be able to sort you out
  6. adamw

    Exam Timetables?

    @pconkie glad you managed to get something out of SIMS that was useful! I'll happily have a look at the widget when I get the opportunity. Also, I'd be interested in seeing the raw output of that CSV from Exams organiser. I assume other people who have SIMS also use this add on for exam timetables?n Or do you use something else?
  7. adamw

    SCORM packages in school

    Just doing a quick poll to gather some information on SCORM package usage.
  8. adamw

    Exam Timetables?

    I meant the CSV export that someone was kindly going to provide me to do some testing with FrogCode with . Regarding everyone else - I'm not sure they export it from SIMS, but rather take it directly from the SIMS db and host it somewhere. So it's not quite the same thing Adam (p.s. i'd like to see our competitors do game based learning, a feature rich vle, e-portfolios, progress tracking, curriculum management, curriculum mapped resources, learning lockers (with examples of good work to assist marking) home learning, parental engagement, feedback, reporting (with funky pdf conversion abilities), the ability to extend the platform through custom widgets (FrogCode), Homework calendars, assignments, Android / IOS apps (my frog, frog snap, etc..), e-reader, document management, Frog Connect (the ability to connect frog servers between schools to share resources (MATS)) integrations with google docs/drive and waaay more that I can't be bothered to type out now - plus what's coming soon that you don't know about yet. I guess what I'm saying is that it's easy to show that data from SIMS if that's ALL you do. But fear not, I am nudging people to keep this at the forefront of peoples minds here.
  9. adamw

    Exam Timetables?

    Santa hasn't delivered me the export from SIMS yet...
  10. adamw

    UUID in forms?

    It does vastly more than Frog3 - in this case however, we've not yet provided the ability to add users into a group via a form, because quite frankly, It's never come up before Groups are managed through the groups and policies app (as well as via some FDP endpoints for the more enterprising of users). I've not looked into it for a while, but a logical first step would seem to be having a field matcher when importing csv's into groups like we do for users. Also, getting the users uuid into the form data doesn't seem like it would be too scary. I'll ping @Matt to see if we can add these to the idea pad / list of stuffs to do!
  11. adamw

    Populating Form Field On Page Load

    I don't think it does at the moment, but it sounds like something that's worth sticking on the idea-pad so we can have a look into it
  12. adamw

    UUID in forms?

    You could probably achieve the same thing with a FrogCode widget. What do you think @Graham Quince - user select drop down, then something that calls the group create api's with a bunch of data? Seems doable, but I'm rammed with stuff at the moment, so don't have any time to look
  13. adamw

    Snow on platform

    You've just reminded me of some code I did last year when I was trying to make is snow on the platform. I'll paste it here in case anyone wants to use it. <canvas id ="snow-canvas" style="position: fixed; top: 0; left: 0; pointer-events: none;"> </canvas> <script> var canvas = document.getElementById('snow-canvas'); var ctx = canvas.getContext('2d'); var widgets = this.element.closest('.app-sites').find('.widget-content'); var surfaces = []; for (var i = 0; i < widgets.length; i++) { var w = $(widgets[i]); var surf = { start_x: w.offset().left, end_x: w.offset().left + w.innerWidth(), y: w.offset().top } surfaces.push(surf); } canvas.width = window.innerWidth; canvas.height = window.innerHeight; var max_particles = 2000; var jitter_magnitude = 5; var generator_speed = 2; var particles = []; window.requestAnimFrame = (function(callback) { return window.requestAnimationFrame || window.webkitRequestAnimationFrame || window.mozRequestAnimationFrame || window.oRequestAnimationFrame || window.msRequestAnimationFrame || function(callback) { window.setTimeout(callback, 1000 / 30); }; })(); function render() { if (particles.length < max_particles) { for (var i = 0; i < generator_speed; i++) { particles.push(generateParticle()); } } for (var i = 0; i < particles.length; i++) { if (particles[i].lifespan % 3 == 0 && !particles[i].landed) { var jitter_x = Math.random(); if (jitter_x > 0.5) { jitter_x = jitter_x * -1; } particles[i].x += jitter_x; } if (!particles[i].landed) { particles[i].y += particles[i].speed; } particles[i].lifespan -= 1; for(var j = 0; j < surfaces.length; j++) { if ( particles[i].x >= surfaces[j].start_x && particles[i].x <= surfaces[j].end_x && particles[i].y < surfaces[j].y && (particles[i].y + 5 >= surfaces[j].y) && (particles[i].y + 5 < surfaces[j].y + 5) ) { var landed = Math.floor(Math.random() * 100) + 1; if (landed < 25) { particles[i].landed = true; } } } } animate(); requestAnimFrame(function() { render(); }); } function animate() { ctx.clearRect(0, 0, canvas.width, canvas.height); ctx.fillStyle = 'white'; for (var i = 0; i < particles.length; i++) { ctx.fillRect(particles[i].x,particles[i].y,1,1); if (particles[i].y > window.innerHeight + 10 || particles[i].lifespan < 0) { particles.splice(i, 1); } } } function generateParticle() { return { x: Math.floor(Math.random() * window.innerWidth) + 1, y: Math.floor(Math.random() * -100) + 1, speed: Math.random() + 1, lifespan: 500, landed: false } } render(); </script> Stick that in a html widget and cross your fingers. It renders tiny speck-like particles of snow and even builds up on top of widgets on the screen. It's not been optimized, so I wouldn't recommend putting it live, but it's a good starter. I was planning on getting the snow to stick together as it builds up - but I've not gotten around to it yet :p
  14. adamw

    Homework overview for classes over a period of time

    Another more up to date screen-grab from the markbook to show how it's shaping up:
  15. adamw

    Confirmation of a student viewing an assignment

    @clangstaff The new Markbook being developed has this feature: