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  1. adamw

    Open a site as a pop up??

    Right, Sorry about the delay in responding, super busy here at the moment (as always!). You could try something like this: FrogOS.openSite({ site: datalink, assignment_uuid: uuid, fullscreen: false, resizable: true, height: 500, width: 500 }); I've not tested this - but the code seems to look like it will accept those params. If not, I'll have to consult one of the front-end experts. Obviously you don't need to pass any params you're not using - for example assignment_uuid
  2. Sneaky preview of FrogDrive with an installed package. Quick note, that I've noticed that some older SCORM packages tend to use a lot of flash. These are going to have problems running, due to browsers dropping support for Flash entirely. https://www.chromium.org/flash-roadmap#TOC-Flash-Disabled-by-Default-Target:-Chrome-76---July-2019-
  3. I reckon this will make me cry. Obviously ePortfolio's work differently from your example above. That's not to say that it's impossible, but it's certainly more than a quick ten minute job to do this. @Matt
  4. What API request are you making and which parameters are you sending?
  5. I haven't checked, but I assume pressing that button fires off an api call to clear the poll, in which case a html widget with a bit of javascript could do the trick?
  6. I should go on holiday more often 😛 I quickly scanned the thread, so I am kinda up to speed - the issue was that you were trying to save something to the datastore that was using the uuid of a child for one of the parents - and it wouldn't let you, correct? In that case, I will speak to @simon brahan about this, because we do have helpers that allow us to easily check if a parent has permission to see data related to a child (e.g. they need parental responsibility over that child etc). I'm pretty sure that the helper also checks the court order flags from your MIS systems as well. It may be worth investigating how easy it would be to alter the FDP endpoint to do this check on a passed user. I suspect it would be trivial. Something to think about at least.
  7. Parents will need contribute rights to whatever site you put the widget on, in order to create datastore entries. Honestly, I think we could do with having a good look at the datastore @Matt since its use now outstrips what it was originally designed to do. It seems to be a popular feature, so it may be worth looking into improving it.
  8. adamw

    Clearing Photo Stream

    You could try opening the site and at the top: Site -> Site assets, this should load a window with all the site assets. This may have the photostream images in them and you might be able to delete them from here? Might be worth a try.
  9. I'll be passing the site_uuid to the data-store, all you'd need to do is pass the page_uuid instead. We can have a play sometime and see if we can get it working.
  10. I honestly can't remember. If I get a moment I will look at the code, but I think that it records page visits. More specifically, I think it uses the widget id as the source. So if you put two on a page, they might show different data.... I'll have to look into it. You could test this by putting this widget on each page of a test site and visiting it a few times to see what data it shows.
  11. adamw


    Just FYI - I think we've found the problem causing the slowdown and so hope to have this fixed and available to you as soon as we can.
  12. Yeah, but we're making some awesome stuff here, so I'm sure you'll let me off 😛
  13. I think there is a group type of 'year' so you should be able to use our api's to get the group for a user with type of year, and use that. I'm a bit snowed under at the moment - maybe @Graham Quince might have some ideas?
  14. Your first example is the correct one - you pass the data you want to use into the view when you use it: this.element.find(".info").append( this.view('record.ejs', { user_data:user_data }) ); ////in the view use///////// <% user_data %> As for why this,app doesn't have all the data, I'm afraid I don't know! It's possibly to do with how the libraries we use optimise things, but that's a bit of a guess. One of our front end guru's in the office would probably know! However, internally we always pass the data into the view when we call it as in your example above, and so I would say that's best practice.
  15. Unless they were playing truant .... :p
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