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  1. BF2A56662001BEFAFD9A6FC69B54D70FBABFDFACE6555B10.tgz Hey guys, If any of you are using the FrogCode version of the YouTube widget, you will need to update it to the latest version (see the attached file). This is due to a conflict with the new official frog YouTube widget. You may find that you have trouble using the new one, if you have the FrogCode version installed. I won't bore you with the technical details, but it is something to do with how they are referenced on a page - basically, the system can't tell it apart from the new one and so can behave oddly. Any questions or problems, comment below. Thanks.
  2. adamw

    Mark Schemes Manager

    Something in the back of my mind says that this is the case. Since there can be a vast number of Mark Schemes that come in from MIS, I think we disable them by default so you can enable only the ones you're using. @Matt might have more info on that. His memory is better than mine
  3. adamw


    Sure, try this: FrogOS.fdp({ url: 'datastore/get', path: '/api/fdp/2/', type: 'GET', data: { target_uuid: myid, created_on_after: '1557579988', created_on_before:'1557589988' } You should also be able to use, created_on_after_inclusive and created_on_before_inclusive, which does as the name implies.
  4. adamw

    MyFrog app

    When I used to work on support I took a surprising number of calls from parents when they or their children couldn't log into their schools platform. I think they just saw the Frog logo and Googled us whenever they had a problem. We just need to be sure that when we do something like this that we make the process as streamlined as possible for the end user.
  5. adamw


    Sorry, I was off last week enjoying the three days of sun we've been allocated this year At the moment I don't think we have any api's that expose the viewed information, but it I think it would be quite trivial to add one to the existing api's that get student assignment data. I suggest adding it to the idea portal then bugging @Matt to look at getting it put in.
  6. I'm having problems following this, not quite got it in my head what you're trying to do. Which dashboard have you put this link ok? Parents dashboard? School dashboard?
  7. I'll check, but I think it has to be an assignment - as that is how we track the results of a quiz.
  8. adamw

    Exam Timetables?

    I've not had a lot of time to look into this widget, why doesn't it work for parents?
  9. adamw

    Picture Series

    Right, so I've had a look at the code and it seems that to open a site at a certain page you need to do this: [yourfrogurl]/app/os?site=[site_uuid]&page=[page_external_link] So, the external link for a page is basically the page name with the spaces replaced by dashes - for example: "page 1" will become "page-1" How you get this page external link easily I don't know, but you could try using the page picker widget preference type and seeing what that returns for you, for example: page: { type: 'pagepicker', label: 'label.page_url', defaultValue: JSON.stringify({ page_uuid: '', site_uuid: '' }) } and then using the page uuid that the pref gives you and then making a call to get the page object, which may have the external link name in it. Sites.Models.Pages.findOne({page_uuid: page.page_uuid}).done(function(data){ //do something with data here }); No idea if that will work, but would be worth a try. If I get a spare moment (ahahahahahahaha) I'll have a look.
  10. adamw

    Picture Series

    Sorry, I've been super rammed here with work! I'm sure that one of us will get around to it today
  11. adamw

    Picture Series

    He's away until Wednesday I think - If @pconkie is happy to let you guys have it, I'll have a look and see if I can export the widget. I'm not sure of the process that Graham usually uses, but I'm sure I'll figure it out :p
  12. I think the way to do this is to assign the quiz directly from progression charts itself: Click on -> Test Quiz, And I think that should do it for you - The test quiz will be the one that you set in curriculum designer against that learning objective. You can do the same for Practice, but I don't think that adds the score.
  13. Odd that it seems to be affecting you, when I visit the link you provided it shows me the message once - I accept it then close the browser down. When I re-open and go back to that link, It doesn't ask me again. I'm also using Chrome. Since your link is public, perhaps we can call on any others who may be reading this to see if they get the same issue when they visit that site?
  14. Ironically, accepting cookies will set a cookie, which is checked whenever you visit the site. Once you've accepted it once, that message should no longer appear. The fact that it does for you suggests that your browser is clearing the cookies when you close it down. Can you check your cookie settings in Chrome and see if that is the case?
  15. I think I'd need a hack year.
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