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Due to further security updates and ongoing integration strategies following the latest release all schools using SIMS, WCBS or Progresso MIS systems will need to upgrade to the latest MIS extractor available here. All other schools using UK based MIS providers will be required to move to Groupcall XOD prior to the start of the next academic year. Please contact our service desk team who will help guide you through the process on 01422 395939 or via support@frogeducation.com.

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  1. S Marcham

    Generating a CSR file

    Hi Patrick, thanks for the reply, I will have a look at these links Thanks Sarah
  2. S Marcham

    Generating a CSR file

    Hi, I need to generate a csr file to give to our ssl provider, frog don't generate these and have given me this url as guidance: https://support.frogeducation.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/111/3/ssl-certificates . We have our own frog server but I still have no idea how to generate a csr file? Even after looking at the guidance, for me this is a whole new area and I have no idea what to do and I need to do this asap - if anyone has any advice I'd really appreciate it! Many Thanks, Sarah
  3. S Marcham

    New Frog Templates

    I have just seen on the 'page' settings I can change the photo/icon/colour, and discovered how to produce the blue box with rounded corners, I probably should've played around a bit more first
  4. S Marcham

    New Frog Templates

    Hello, we are liking the look of the new templates and are thinking of using them, however I have been asked if we can brand them using our school colours? So instead of the frog blue everywhere we would like to use our colours, we would also like to change the header photos used in the templates - Is any of this possible/easy? Thanks
  5. S Marcham

    Curriculum Designer

    Okay thanks Graham
  6. S Marcham

    Curriculum Designer

    Hi, just wondering if we should be seeing Curriculum Designer on our FrogLearn? If so, where would I find it? Thanks, Sarah
  7. S Marcham

    Website Cookie Policy and T's & C's for website usage

    Okay thanks will look into that.
  8. S Marcham

    Website Cookie Policy and T's & C's for website usage

    Okay, thank you for the responses, I will try that Chrome extension and have used this site from Matt: http://www.cookie-checker.com I'm no cookie expert either, I know there are general policies,out there (I have looked at lots of websites!) but I also thought you had to list any specific cookies that you know are being used, so wanted to make sure I am doing this correctly or the the best of my knowledge! Thanks
  9. Hi I have been asked to find out if we need a cookie policy on our school website? Currently our school website is built in Frog3, I have also been asked if we need some T's and C's for the website usage? Does anyone know anything about these or has any advice? If so I'd appreciate it, many thanks.
  10. S Marcham

    Assignments - send same work back-and-forth

    Frog feedback sounds interesting, it was mentioned above, but at an additional cost?
  11. S Marcham

    Assignments - send same work back-and-forth

    @ADT @clangstaff Thank you for the replies, that's great, I will change the mark schemes Our Business teacher is teaching NCFE and has 120 students, so although to reissue an assignment is an option (thank you, I have told her) I'm not sure how easy that will be. We do have office 365, so I'm thinking about investigating this as a possible solution. Many thanks for the advice
  12. Hello, I have 2 questions that our Business Studies teacher asked me, I have had a look but not sure if possible, thanks. 1. Is it possible in assignments that when a student sends back their completed worksheet/project (probably using file drop in assignments) to the teacher, that the teacher can then mark the same worksheet/project with comments and send it back to the student to amend? And then the student can send the same amended copy back to the teacher etc? So its all kept in one thread? 2. Also the business studies teacher here marks work using pass, merit or distinction – Is it possible to set this as a marking system in assignments?
  13. S Marcham

    Frog Conference 2017!

    Thank you!
  14. S Marcham

    Frog Conference 2017!

    Hello, are there any videos available to view that were recorded from the frog conference? Thanks Sarah
  15. S Marcham

    Transition Blockers - definitive list

    Some of the reasons why I am finding it difficult to move fully over to frog learn are: In frog 3 I can easily design and produce our school website, almost in any layout/design because I have spent a long time learning frog3 for this purpose. I am struggling to produce a school website how we want it to look in frog learn, trying to amend css files etc. I know there is a new ‘school website’ template but there are elements of it I would like to change and can’t easily do this so feel very stuck (and a bit annoyed). We also have a lot of request forms on our frog3 vle where staff can fill in the form, then it displays the request below in the form results for the user to see their request has been made. We also display another form results beside it when the job has been completed so the person knows the situation of their request. I have attached some screen shot examples of our ‘site team request’ page and ‘mobile phone ban’ pages. I don’t know how this can be replicated in Learn? We are also still using the old resource booking system in frog 3, using diaries/calendars etc, although this can be very cumbersome to set up and modify and has its faults, we like it because it displays the information nice and clearly. You can easily see at a glance the whole week, who has made a booking for which period/time. The new booking system in Learn is a lot better in many ways but for us we have found the way it displays the information not very helpful. I have attached a screen shot of our booking system.