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  1. This wonderful, incredible, amazing widget has stopped working for me. I am assuming that Microsoft have changed something for this to happen. I'm getting a 'sign into sharepoint' thing, as I am sharing documents from sharepoint as opposed to OneDrive. Has anyone else experienced this? I've been using this widget to show all sorts, timetables and exam timetables and powerpoints, It's saved me time fiddling around with the HTML widget.
  2. Hi, is it possible to remove assignments and calendar for parent and student users on the 'My Frog' app?
  3. deanmoulder


    Hi, I've got a few questions related to messaging.: How do I enable push notifications to the MyFrog app? I've tested this on my Android Phone via the MyFrog app and I've been able to send a message to a test student account, but I'd like to know how I can make this a push notification. Also went I sent a message to an individual test student account and the message wasn't delivered/received, but when I sent it to a test group that the test student account was a member it was received/delivered. Any ideas what I may have been doing wrong?
  4. Any updates on mobile app developments? I'm keen to see an all-in-one Frog app, where everything works in one app. My Progress, My Child's Progress applications that work on mobile ideally, and if I am being greedy being able to send push notification to different types of users (I've added that one to the ideas portal.)
  5. Hi Graham, no evidence is being added automatically if a test quiz is assigned via a progression chart. My query was if it makes a difference how the students access the quiz? Either via the assignments app, or through a Quiz widget on a site.
  6. Thank you, we have tried this, but it didn't work. When you add a 'Test Quiz' this way, you have to set it as an assignment, the teacher used a widget link to the quiz and the results didn't automatically upload. Do the students have to complete the quiz via the assignments app for this work to automatically upload? Thank you for the help.
  7. Hi all, I am sure this is possible, but I can't remember how to do this. I want to be able for teachers to point students towards quizzes in Frog and then complete them and the test score turn up as evidence in the progression chart? I have added the quiz as a 'Test quiz' on the learning locker, then linked the quiz through a Computing Department site for the students to access and complete. I currently have learning locker disabled for students and parents, as we do not have any resources uploaded. Any help greatly appreciated! @Graham Q ? ?
  8. Hi all, as the title suggests, I wondered whether there is a way to include class goals in reports produced in the reporting application? I've had a good look and can't see the option, it would be useful as we are looking for a way to track individual student targets called PPM targets. Each student has 4 targets each term under 4 headings, Achievement, Self Management, Communication and Independence. So I created a curriculum with 4 targets under those headings and then in the progression chart test I created an individualised class goal for each student. This could help us track these targets and add evidence but it would be really nice if we could include these individual goals/targets alongside academic reports.
  9. What a great widget.
  10. As a school that is employs entirely Microsoft hardware/OS (not my decision) for our users, a snap/progress application or functionality in windows would be golden. Probably more so for staff to be honest. File uploading the 'slow' way isn't too bad on our Surfaces but it's not as fast as Frogsnap/Progress mobile apps.
  11. Hi all, Is there a way of hiding a site icon on a site? I've got some nice icons that look good in a site list widget but I'm not overly fond of them a bit bigger in the sites themselves, using the small banner mobile theme.
  12. I missed the webinar, anyone give me an update on 365 integration? I'm dying to include this as part of a proposal to increase our use of Frog, and less use of Sharepoint (uck!)
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