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  1. Morning, Do you have a learning styles quiz available in FrogPlay - if so what is it called? I can't find it and I know some students have used it. Would like to assign it to students. Thanks
  2. Thanks Graham, I will have a look but we are 0365 school.
  3. We have just had frog feedback enabled and working nicely on the assignments. I'd like to start using ePortfolios, with the students having rights to edit and manage it themselves. Does anyone know if they use the File Drop widget to submit work, that I can use the marking feedback with it? on their eportfolio?
  4. NatalieW


    Hi @Graham Quince I spoke again to one of my good kids, and she pressed "Save Progress" and I've gone through to the "Show Reports" and there is nothing recorded on there. I will give it another go with students this week and see what happens
  5. NatalieW


    @clangstaff this is the exact problem we are having the good kids are doing homework quizzes but the data doesn't appear. @Graham Quince could we just remove the "save progress" button and have the completed one just there?
  6. NatalieW


    I was wondering if anyone could help please? I've been setting some quizzes for my student for homework, not all the percentages are filtering through to me and I am wondering what I am doing wrong or what they are doing wrong. I've attached a screenshot of what I am getting,
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