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  1. Hah! When it comes to stuff like that, I'm not the expert! However I know a few people who are, and so I will discreetly probe their knowledge. And by that, I mean shout stuff at them and then run away as they hurl abuse at me.
  2. You know, I never understood the prizes on that show - I mean, how did the contestants share a speedboat?
  3. Did the new version help with this issue with the widget not working? If not, did you check to see that the roles I listed were switched on for those users?
  4. Oh, my brain is failing today.. Check system prefs, make sure it's switched on, or add it if it's missing.
  5. adamw

    Open an app

    I put your question to the experts here at Frog and this is what they have suggested should work! c.trigger('os.internal.launchapp', { data: { name: appID, appModel: new Com.Frog.Model({ 'uuid' : appID, 'role_name': Object.values(_Roles.serialize()).filter(function(role) { return /app\.frogplay$/gim.test(role); })[0], 'extended_data' : { 'from_package' : true } }) } });
  6. Should only be if you're don't have any marbooks for year 13 that you have access to -- but again, could be bugs! Should we go for a fourth new version in one day!?
  7. I was requesting the same data twice in some cases. Double vision from all the rum, no doubt.
  8. I've just spotted a bug - not sure if it's what is causing everyone's issues ,but the new one is attached below. 0EB62D3F2001B1EC1AA79F98DF136A0FC39DA43CF271E66D.tgz Also, these are the required roles - in case any of them are missing for your staff. fdp.academicyear.get api.markbookmanager.view api.markbookmanager.use
  9. adamw

    Open an app

    Hmm, I would expect the app name to be the same as it appears in your manifest - so probably something like the second example you showed. Is the app deployed? Also, I'll need to check that we can open Frogcode apps in that way, I never thought about that before!
  10. If you open the markbook app, do you have any markbooks created?
  11. adamw

    Open an app

    Try: FrogOS.openApp( 'yourappnamehere', { assignment_uuid: "any assignment uuid", } ); You have to open it with the app name, not the uuid (I think)
  12. I told you there'd be bugs ? If you feel like being a test subject, see an updated version of the widget below: 0EB62D3F2001B1EC1AA79F98DF136A0FC39DA43CF271E66D.tgz I put in some loaders and a preference that allows you to select only your own markbooks. After setting the preference and saving the widget you might have to refresh to get it to show. It's a bit odd for some reason ?
  13. That is because you have the "view all markbooks" role, so when you select year 9 - you are seeing all year 9 markbooks that everyone has made - not just you. We could probably add a preference that limits it to only markbooks you've created - that can be in version 2 ?
  14. Yup - so the code is this: 1. Get the current academic year 2. Get all markbooks that the current user has access for this academic year 3. Get all the tags (i.e. group names / year groups etc) from those markbooks and put them in a nice drop down at the top 4. After selecting a tag, show all markbooks for that tag 5. After selecting a markbook -draw the table Edit: So your HOD could create a new markbook that encompasses the data they want to see and it should show in the widget as something they can select.
  15. From any markbooks the teacher has set up (or has marked as favourite) - let me check the code
  16. Okay, so I've put together a quick widget that might help out here. The assignment Engagement widget: It works off of the markbooks you have created in the system, and thus, shows only the markbooks you have access to see - which for most staff is probably all of them anyway. The first step is to select a "tag" - this will be in the drop down list at the top and will be basically things like "Year 2", "Year 4", "Reception" etc... Note that only tags that are used in markbooks show here. When you've selected a tag you get all the markbooks for that tag (for this academic year) below. Clicking on a markbook lists all the assignments in that markbook and the "Viewed" and "Unviewed" count. Clicking details will show you the display names of the users for each category. I'll give the widget to @Graham Quince on Monday, so if anyone wants it, please let him know. MASSIVE DISCLAIMER: I've only tested this on a very limited number of fake things I've created in my test environment, and I have no idea how well it will work on an actual production server. It's possible that it'll just melt, or die or have some otherwise previously unseen bugs - so don't plan to depend on it until you've tested it for yourself. There will probably be bugs, and I'll try and fix them as we find them (or just throw it at Quincy and run away ? ) Now, if you don't mind, I have a large bottle of black spiced rum that isn't going to drink itself.
  17. ah, I see! Perhaps some kind of filter, to filter out those that have/haven't opened the assignment (along with a count for each one) would be helpful? Something to suggest for future improvements I guess. Regarding the data being available, it will be somewhere - I'll have a look at how we bring that back.
  18. Isn't this something the HOD can get from the markbook?
  19. Wanting to know who had / hadn't opened an assignment was a very requested feature (which is why we added it ? ) - I guess there's a difference between someone opening the work and not doing it, and someone who simply doesn't bother to even log in. I imagine it's the same as having a child in the class that just sits at the back with their arms folded, doing nothing, vs not showing up to class at all.
  20. adamw

    Due Dates changing

    If I had to guess, it will be because it will be 'due' on midnight of the day you select - and perhaps there are some odd timezone issues that are causing it to convert the time to one a few hours before - making it due the day before.... I'd raise a support ticket - see if we can get this ironed out.
  21. adamw

    Picture Series

    I'll have you know that I'm a Sony Fanboi. PLAYSTATION ALL THE WAY!
  22. We've just made some changes to try and process the queue faster, I'll keep an eye on your queue to make sure it's moving along.
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