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  1. Thanks Graham. I suspected a full html solution would be the only way (for now). Was hoping to make a nested page that could be put on a page with any video in the widget, for staff who don't know html could just drop it on not worrying about the code. That's cool though, I definitely will use it for digital signage.
  2. Is there a bit of html I can add to a page to autoplay videos in the Media widget on page load? Many thanks Sean
  3. Would it be possible to have a hide/minimise button on the top bar of site/app windows? It could go next to the close 'x' button, possibly have a minus symbol and maybe have a little animation shrinking the window into the Quick Lunch to show where it's hiding to. Alternatively, flash/jiggle/highlight the Quick Lunch icon. It would have the same function as pressing the 'h' key, (or clicking the Frog Head). This would be real nice for less advanced users.
  4. ahh, easy as mince pie, thank you good sir.
  5. What about publisher files not being supported at all? (Maybe it's been explained and I missed it) Just need a little old download NOT PREVIEW (Network Files widget and in FrogDrive) Happy New Year!
  6. Sean_M

    Snow on platform

    Great Code. I'm looking into adding a little bit of sway to the snowflakes as they drop. Anyone on the (snow) ball who could help? Thanks
  7. Sean_M

    HTML files

    Thanks @Graham Quince that's great. Sign me up! A working a example of SCORM in FrogLearn would seal the deal of turning off Frog3, it's our last puzzle piece.
  8. Sean_M

    HTML files

    Could this be a solution to scorm packages? If we extract the files (.swf, .html, .js, .xsd, .xml) and put them in the file store, we should be able to change link paths and embed into FrogLearn right?
  9. Hi Natasha Welcome. If you need the images to cycle through automatically, I think the best thing is to use the 'Image Carousel' widget. The widget displays photos which have been sent to the site's timeline. When you place this widget on your page there is an option to show images with specific tags, if you wish to control certain images displayed, leave blank to show all. You can send an image from FrogDrive to a site, click on the file, then the gear icon at the top right of the FrogDrive window, and choose 'Send Copy to...' Start typing the site's name in the 'Where to send it' box (should search and auto-complete) click the site, then click the blue send button.
  10. We're still on Christie so can't confirm!
  11. Sean_M

    Disk Space

    +1 for adding a storage section to analytics
  12. Sean_M

    Reports via Frog

    Could you add a short form to the page which has a tick box for the parent to tick and submit acknowledging they've read it?
  13. Hi All A staff member brought up incorporating Digital Badges into Frog (for free). I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them, I hadn't really come across them before but some info and e.g. here; https://openbadges.org/ https://www.iteachgroup.com/digitalbadges Looks perfect to add to e-portfolios, Anything on this floating around already? Any thoughts to cleverly issue them, display on student e-portfolios but also allow them to be taken with them once they leave school. Any integrations into the Frog platform possible? Thanks, Sean.
  14. Sean_M

    URL Sub page Link

    Yeah, I've never seen it on sub-level pages either! It would be super useful though. Maybe it's possible to work around it by finding the Page ID (UDID) and making a link from that.
  15. @Graham Quince that's brilliant! I just tested and I think that'll work well. Just to check, I used the following on the site page which seems to be OK; <style> div.complete-assignment {visibility: hidden;} div.activitycount {visibility: hidden;} </style> Is there anything else to do? Maybe hide the Hand-in button tooltip that triggers on page load? Cheers!
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