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  1. Simon Law

    Twitter on ie11

    Looks like Twitter is not supporting IE11, I found this link on their site https://help.twitter.com/en/using-twitter/twitter-supported-browsers . . They support Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and others built off Webkit/Chromium but no mention of IE11 I have had a breif look over their code and it will not work for IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10 or IE11
  2. var xhttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); xhttp.onreadystatechange = function() { if (this.readyState == 4 && this.status == 200) { // Action to be performed when the document is read; } }; xhttp.open("GET", "/app/file/......validdays.js", true); xhttp.send(); that's just a quick google Have you tried saving it a XML? that will be seen as data file to the browser, not code. If that works the browser can take XML and parse it into data you can use
  3. hi Paul, Mr Quince ask me to have look, what does it do when you try to use it? does it break Frog, show a horrible console log? I am also looking through the code base to see what else you could use
  4. I've missed 3 pages of conversation, so I could be missing something obvious, The Frog MIS Linked Documents is within the Parent category of widgets and the FrogCode version is within the 'My Widgets' category
  5. The widgets side by side, Left is the FrogCode and Right is the FrogOs Widget. Almost the same properties
  6. Simon Law


    Hi Sue, I have looked at your cover site and there seems to be several attempts to use a FileDrop and a link and a network drive widget. The links will not work as the browser forbids you to open files on your system from a web page. The FileDrop has no files, so I can't see it working, I have changed the HTML widgets to use the right FileDrop In setting the above, the save removed the network file share and directory, so that will need setting again. So, to move forward, add the files to the filedrop so we can see if we can get the HTML widget working, Reset the Network Widget to point to the MIS directory, so we can see if you can use the index file in there
  7. Hi Paul, yes, that could be the way forward. the menu click event calls the 'sites.changeLocation' trigger, so we are just circumventing calling the menu tab..
  8. Found the little critter!! OK, your observation was strange until you realise what was happening. The sitecreationwizard is a whole load of javascript that is dragged into the platform on demand, unfortunately in the case of the widget, it was not loading it in prior to trying to call it. A bit like trying to eat a pizza before you've actually ordered it. So, if you log out then log in again, go to the plus circle, select site, wait for the site wizard to appear, then cancel it, then go to your button, it will work That can be fixed ... but next week
  9. we Dev's are kept in much the same environment as mushrooms, cool, dark and surrounded by soil, looking now
  10. ok, I have had a look at the widget code and it launches the site creation wizard, with the given site/template you selected. I can see a failure point if you have selected a site rather than a template as the wizard can only select a template from school templates that you can see, otherwise it defaults to the default template. I don't know whether it 'missed out' the whole wizard process and just created the site, a kind of fast track?
  11. That sounds like it's not broken, care to divulge what it does that is not what it should be doing? HWSNBN's stuff tends to land on my plate now
  12. Oh well ...... so have you followed the instructions Mr Quince posted in the link above? My widget used the code from the HTML widget code, so works in a similar way
  13. Link to another site In order to link to another site, we need the Site's alias (named link in the developer tools). To get this link, we have create a bookmarklet for Google Chrome browsers. so the link that looks like /adriantate/somesitehere/ are you trying to use my frogcode widget or the HTML widget code?
  14. Adrian, is that an external site eg https://www.myexample.com or an internal frog site?
  15. $( ".ui-dialog" ).bind( "app.resize", function(event, ui, dialog) { console.log(event); console.log(ui); console.log(dialog); });
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