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  1. Chay

    click and reveal?

    Hi Graham, so would you duplicate the whole page and have the reveal on the duplicate, then just create a text link between the two pages? it's to reveal answers to a list of questions one by one so that might get a bit muddley! not to worry tho. Thanks Chay
  2. Chay

    click and reveal?

    Good morning, I'm sure that will do the trick, where can I access this? Is it a custom widget, I can't find it in the default lists? Many thanks!
  3. Chay

    click and reveal?

    Good morning, Is there a click and reveal widget available anywhere or has anyone has any joy creating the code for it? Many thanks Chay
  4. Hi Froglearn team, I've just used the link to frogpage widget in a new site. Within this page there is a link to frog page (from the original site) but this doesn't open in the new embedded site? Any ideas or work arounds? original site https://www.abrahammoss.manchester.sch.uk/app/os#!/school-info/vacancies embedded site https://www.abrahammoss.manchester.sch.uk/app/os#!vacancyembed/vacancy-test Many thanks Chay
  5. Chay

    Fade Rollover

    Good morning, apologies if this has been discussed before, but is there a style widget available which creates a fade rollover? I feel like the html may take some time to figure out! Many thanks Chay
  6. Chay

    Twitter on ie11

    Hi all, I'm having trouble getting the twitter feed working with Internet Explorer 11. It works fine with Chrome, Safari and Firefox, but it just doesn't seem to work with explorer. Has anybody else come across this or know of a work around? I've tried both the custom built twitter widget and putting the extra code in as shown in the tutorials. Many thanks Chay
  7. Chay

    Styling a table

    Thanks so much! Lazy on my part tho! 😔
  8. Chay

    Styling a table

    Hi, Hopefully quite a simple one, I just want to change the colour of the background of the header of a table using Table Properties - Style. I'm creating the table with the text widget. Many thanks Chay
  9. That's fantastic Graham! Thanks very much for your help!
  10. Thanks for your speedy reply Graham. I'm not sure if I'm missing something, but I've tried that and it still reverts to putting the text under the image after the first line after I leave the editor?
  11. Sorry Graham, yes of course, please see attached
  12. Hi folks, hopefully quite a simple one. Can I wrap text around an image using the text widget? Can't find away around it but in the website example this has been done with the message from the headteacher. Many thanks Chay
  13. Good afternoon, I'm trying to embed a banner slide show using the html widget into a froglearn site, and whenever I change both the width and the height to 100% to make it responsive it reverts to a much smaller size. If I make just the width 100% and keep the height to 400px it works somewhat better but the scaling isn't great and creates big gaps. Has anybody come across this before? Apologies if the explanation is a bit rubbish, I'm very new to all this! Below is the code I am using. <iframe src="//cdn.bannersnack.com/banners/bdtk5hh7e/embed/index.html?userId=27599251&t=155
  14. Chay

    Google Translate?

    Hi Connor, Ah, I didn't realise they' d discontinued it. No problem, thanks very much for your help. Regards Chay
  15. Chay

    Google Translate?

    Hi Connor, Apologies, I'm referring to the Google Translate Website Translator. Many thanks Chay
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