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  1. @Graham Quince I keep forgetting to ask - is there a way to link to FrogDrive using HTML? FrogDrive isn't an option when using the App link option in the text editor widget.
  2. With an increased usage of Frog over the past couple of years we decided to revisit the design and structure of our school dashboards. Due to the amount of content we feature on our dashboards, the time it can take to get Frog looking how we want and some of the limitations within the existing Frog widgets we decided to code our pages using the HTML widget. We really wanted to achieve a mobile compatible layout with easy to click buttons. One bugbear of ours was using the Text Widget we could only link text and images within the widget rather than applying a link to the whole box. This is a work in progress but we're already much happier with the design achieved.
  3. Hi Tom - thanks for the response and for updating the version for me. The issue is still occurring for me though. In the console I get the following error message when trying to open a newly created seating plan. Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: div[data-name=].seat_selected at Function.t.error (dist/bundles/lib/lib.js:304) at t.tokenize (dist/bundles/lib/lib.js:304) at Function.t (dist/bundles/lib/lib.js:304) at Function.e.find (jquery-migrate:3) at e.fn.init.find (dist/bundles/lib/lib.js:304) at e.fn.init.e.fn.find (jquery-migrate:3) at eval (eval at <anonymous> (core_controller:NaN), <anonymous>:819:33) at Array.forEach (<anonymous>) at l.eval (eval at <anonymous> (core_controller:NaN), <anonymous>:817:48) at Array.eval (dist/bundles/lib/lib.js:304) 0: "No driver instance to handle files" callee: ƒ () length: 1 Symbol(Symbol.iterator): ƒ values() __proto__: Object Any suggestions?
  4. Is anyone else having issues with Seating Plans since the latest Frog release? When a new seating plan is created we are unable to open this however, it works fine for all plans created before receiving the latest Frog update. Thanks, Chris
  5. clangstaff


    A couple more screenshots of Staff Hubs at Holmfirth High and North Huddersfield Trust.
  6. Great widget - I've installed this on our school platform and the feedback I've had from staff has been great. A couple of bits of constructive feedback if this widget is being revisited at any stage: Ideally the year group and students form group would be listed alongside the colour coding. All students of the same year group to be grouped together. Ability for teachers to filter by their own class lists. Keep up the good work @pconkie
  7. @Graham Quince Have you heard any whispers about this one? Is this something Frog are looking at? Staff would find this incredibly useful.
  8. @Graham Quince Thanks for the update. I wonder if you can confirm as a company will you simply contact all your clients with an updated contract/document that proves you are GDPR compliant or will we be required to individually contact you and query this? As a school dealing with coming close to 80 different data sharing service providers we just need a simple solution to be able to sign you off as compliant.
  9. @Graham Quince are you guys compliant yet and have you got an updated user contract for clients - what are Frogs plans in terms of customers being able to sign them off as compliant?
  10. @Graham Quince is it possible to remove the currency altogether and have this as just a number target thermometer. Sorry I'm being lazy and don't want to install to find out if that's an option under 'currency'. This would be great for running software usage competitions such as using it as a GCSEPodometer!
  11. Has anyone made any progress with GDPR yet? I'd be particularly interested in sharing guidance and having a discussion with anyone who is working on the full audit of data and mapping this for their school. We have made a substantial start on this and as far as I can tell we are working on the right lines however, guidance is few and far so it would be great to see how other schools are achieving this. Any contacts would be appreciated!
  12. @Graham Quince have you a downloadable copy of those my frog videos? Alternatively some embed code would be great!
  13. My understanding (although i could be wrong) is that you only have to list cookies if they are of a certain category - some of the more intrusive cookies.
  14. @S Marcham I found a useful tool to track what cookies are being used on our website - search for the Chrome extension 'Attacat Cookie Audit Tool'. Using this you can record your movements as you navigate your website and it will tell you what cookies you are using and what category they are. It's n0ot perfect but makes for a good start. If you visit www.holmfirthhigh.co.uk you can see the cookie message and summary I have pulled together (which I hope covers everything but I am no expert in website cookies!) As with all ICO guidance it includes a lot of technical lingo that you have to sift through so I also just looked at a number of businesses we work with including Frog to get some inspiration.
  15. I'm sure this was one of the first requests made when FrogLearn was launched! It is daft that we still have to use work arounds to stop top menus linking to a page. Surely a quick fix could be included within the site builder to remove the link from individual top level pages? For us we have many department websites with a pointless page for the top level page used only to hide of a list of sub category pages. We could add a menu using the text widget to each of these top level pages but when you are dealing with 10's of sites with potentially 100's of sub links this quickly becomes unmanageable!
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