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  1. Aimée13


    Mine are working on Internet Explorer
  2. It's a shame that it's unlikely each school would be would be able to customise, but understandable that this would be tricky. Perhaps, just the word 'Work' rather than assignment as a middle ground for everyone. Then that would cover work set in a classroom setting or out of class for homework? To me, most of the proposed new terms are too wordy. If the term was going to stay as 'Assignment' then the following make the most sense to me - Close assignment Collect assignments Return assignment Next Student
  3. We use the achievements and behaviour section on SIMS that pulls through to Frog via the behaviour totals and the behaviour summary widgets. On a students page we show their totals, and then the summaries for positive behaviour only. On a parent page we show the totals and the summaries for both positive and negative. Admittedly not as fancy as a lovely certificate which I'd love to show, but means its all automated and no one has to do anything extra. Teachers add the points from a customised list of categories via their registers.
  4. Agreed, especially for KS3 and SEND students, as the clearer we can make things the better.
  5. Would be a good idea for this to be changed individually for schools at some point in the future without HTML. Each school calls homework something different, for example here we called in Home Learning. If you put this at as idea @gbligh let me know and I can add a vote.
  6. Hi Ann, I just have to go in manually and delete behaviour information if it's incorrect, but because my job deals with both behaviour and Frog it's pretty easy for me to manage this on the rare occasions it happens. I don't really know of any cases where staff have removed achievement points, so this hasn't really been an issue generally speaking. I did have a case where some staff members used the incorrect category which gave more points than they should have awarded, and again I had to fix these manually, and then doing the manual import as above. I am very interested that this is being looked at to be an automatic thing though as it would save time, and mean that retrospective information would also be added, if staff haven't added anything on the day itself. Will keep an eye on this thread for more. Thanks
  7. We haven't done this, but I'm hoping others might have to get some ideas. I am always looking at ways to get things more organised and keep things up to date, and sometimes it's useful to hear how others are tackling this sort of thing.
  8. Aimée13


    Hi Kate, I have not had an email. Thanks Aimée
  9. Hi again, Just wanted to flag that I am not linked on a bug ticket for this... should I be? Thanks
  10. Hi Ashton, I thought that might be what the empty field was, but as I say wasn't too worried about that as I can just delete the empty columns after export. Happy to know a fix is on the way though. I haven't experienced the data cut off as @ADT mentioned as I was just testing the form with one submission that I put through, I hadn't allowed a new layout form to be public. My data was just all over the place in the export compared to the layout when using the two or three column options. I don't have a form saved in this way as I had to revert it back to being all under one column.
  11. Thanks - seems that there should be more of an order to get the results. I also get the 'click to edit label' that @ADT gets, but I was less worried about that, than the random order of exported data.
  12. Hi all, I was just trying to put together a form using the new layout options and date picker etc, but there seems to be no particular order in which the information gets exported out in. I tried a couple of different times adding in questions in different orders etc to get them to export in the way that I wanted, but the Excel export had information at the end, for questions that were at the top of the form, and where I had used two or three columns in a form, there seemed to be no specific order for them to be on the export. Any ideas? Also, I called the support desk re the file upload bug, and was told I would be added to a ticket for the updates, but I haven't had an email about it yet. Thanks
  13. Thanks so much @ADT
  14. Hi all, Just wanted to ask how other's are getting on with e-portfolios and see how other schools are using them. We have just launched a small amount in three classes with the drama department as a pilot. The teachers are a little nervous about them, but I have been in the launch sessions and have felt that the students are really on board with them. They are using them as a blogging feature and a replacement of their written work books to encourage them to upload files, photos, and reviews to do with their drama sessions. How are you using yours? The only thing I have found tricky so far is the limited bulk editing options after they have been created. I think it would be useful to have some extra options, for example if we wanted to add a new tab on to an existing portfolio, or add in new widgets etc. I have created this as an idea on the portal, and it would be great to get some more votes if you think it would be helpful too. https://ideas.frogcommunity.com/ideas/FRG-I-1271
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