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SCORM packages in school

Do you use SCORM Packages in your school?  

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  1. 1. Do you use SCORM packages in school

    • Yes
    • No - but we'd like to
    • No
    • What's a SCORM package?

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Just doing a quick poll to gather some information on SCORM package usage.

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We used to have lots of stuff on Frog 3......  but we dont anymore!!  Think it was a pile of resources some departments bought into ......  and they have moved on!!

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We have lots of excellent SCORM packages, used by several departments. They were published by Doodle (formally Boardworks, I think).  Departments were encouraged and supported in buying them as, long term, that is much better value than annual subscriptions. They worked superbly in Frog3.

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35 minutes ago, gbligh said:

Gareth mentioned at the conference that a SCORM widget was coming

Am I right? @Graham Quince

Yup, I believe with a fair wind, you should have the ability to run SCORM from Beathoven release.

A couple of caveats:

  • We've only built for v2004. 
  • Any SCORM files you have uploaded to Frog3 cannot be downloaded.  Frog3 unpacks the SCORM files and provides no way for you to download them.  Hopefully you still have your original files*


*That being said, drop me a line and we can look into options.


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