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  1. I would vote to keep it the same as it is now or make it an optional box Matt
  2. I would rather have assignments vs. Homework. In the US we see these as two very different things and there are policies that use the word homework. I use this in class as well as to give students homework so the more inclusive "Assignments" is a better choice.
  3. They do. If you go to the student room there is a vacuum in the lower right corer. That is the VAK test. I believe this is what you are looking for.
  4. It may be more work. I get the idea of not worrying about downloading, but the issue is the expiration dates. one of the keys to microcredentialing is that they are not forever. As with all fields things change and you need to relearn different aspects. That is the idea of the microcredentialing. It could be semesterly as well, but you would want to have some form of expiration date on there. Rules would work in some ways. I may mock up my ideas and shoot you a message. I have some thoughts on keeping it from being too costly time wise. It could be as simple as creating and deleting groups. Not sure what is easiest. Matt
  5. I think that this would work better than using progress to give the badges. You could do it quarterly and create a the expiration date directly in the site name. Then you could sort the sites that you have and delete the ones that you need to delete. The items like the badge, the certificate and information could be placed on the site that you sent out and the teacher would then be able to see the site. You could control the options by using the rules function which would be powerful as well. So you would need to set the sites as public so that the person could show their badges and people could see them, but you could then create a group that would allow them to download the items. This would work within the framework that Frog already has. So if my ramblings would be correct: 1. You could build a micro-credentialing system in Progress. This would be used to track the progress to a badge. (You could also have a micro-credentialing main site and have the learners choose their own path using pages.) The learner would then turn in all of the work to the credentialing agent. This would allow them to earn the badge. 2. The credentialing body would create certificates/ badges and place them on sites that would be set as public, but the person would be unable to download them. This would allow the control from the agent. Each quarter these sites would be duplicated and the badge with the current expiration would be uploaded. 3. Quarterly, the credentials would be distributed to the participants through adding them to the site or group. They will then have the ability to download and keep the badge (this is why the badge needs an expiration date as well as metadata embedded). They can use the e-portfolio to show the badges using the site list widget. Hmm. there may be an issue with others seeing the site... time to experiment. Matt
  6. That makes sense. I would like an easier way to manage with dates and the like, but that should work in creating a credentialing methods. Also it would be possible to place the certificate on the site. For dates, we could duplicate the site and then delete the site when they lose the badge. hmmmm... let me think on this. Does the site widget button display the icon or the name of the site or both?
  7. Hey all, I was driving into school today and had a revelation and wanted to get your opinions about it. I know you are on a bank holiday this weekend. We have Memorial Day so I won't be on till Tuesday as well. One of the items that has really interested me is micro-credentialing or badging. Basically it is getting badges for accomplishing different activities and meeting certain competencies. See https://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2016/03/30/can-micro-credentialing-salvage-teacher-pd.html or https://study.com/academy/popular/what-is-micro-credentialing.html for more information about them. I believe that they could really help both teachers and students demonstrate growth. I had seen @Sean_M's comments about digital badges as well as the discussion, the discussion of house points and the awards, which led me to really think deep on this issue. So here we go with Matt's wild musings. I am not sure how complicated this would be to implement, and I know that it would not be a quick fix because it hits many different systems. 1. Adjust the group fields to include a joined date into the displayed data. I would love to be able to search a group by join date (ascending or descending). 2. Allow an option for the individual who creates the group to set a time of group end on their group so that it automatically deletes all members of the group when that date hits. Set the default as not to delete, but give it as an option 3. Add a micro credential group as a type of group like house, location, and class 4. Add a field in each group that allows you to upload an icon for the group. This would allow you to have different icons to show membership. 5. Create a widget that would allow you to display the icons based on group membership. If you don't want to add this for all of the groups, create the credentials group that allows for a single icon to be used. Then have a widget that does it called my credentials that would display the credentials to the screen. Now here is where the rubber meets the road: Using the ePortfolios, have each teacher create an online resume that can be linked to the main Frog Page or Website for the school. These would be online portfolios with contact info, the teacher's credentials and accomplishments. Part of the portfolio would be to display their credentials to the community. They could also have a link to their email and their academic history. A credential should only last for 2 years or less, that is where the date joined comes in. The director/ head teacher/ other person with this job could then sort by date on the credentials and delete those who would be 2 or more years old. (It would also allow for an easier clearing of classes so we don't have to call Frog every year.) My thoughts would be that including the credentials on student and teacher portfolios would allow parents to see a more professional atmosphere. They can see how amazing your staff is and that they are constantly growing as teachers and individuals. It would allow schools to recognize teacher growth over time and see that they have been pushing for new and exciting ideas and implementing new methods of teaching that they have learned. So as I have said, wild musings... I have yet to put this in the idea portal as it would be a series of changes and does not fit in to there. @ADT I would love to see your response as we sometimes have very different viewpoints. @Graham Quince This is something I think we talked about doing through Progress, but this may be a more elegant solution. Really, I would love to know the thoughts of those in the UK if this would work and if it is a much or little work as I think it is. Matt McLaughlin American Teacher and Technologist @emoseley
  8. I have a good deal of experience with digital badges and have had some ideas on work arounds for the badges and using Progress as a badging system, let me know. I am also writing a longer post in the General Chat about this as well. Cheers Matt McLaughlin
  9. I wanted to thank everyone who assisted with the code. It is working at this point. At some point, I would love to create a widget that would be able to do this, but am not sure. So @pconkie @Graham Quince @Simon Law you are the greatest! Matt
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    Do you have a Turnitin integration? Matt
  11. mmclaughlin


    I would love too. It would be awesome if they decided to bring me over.
  12. mmclaughlin


    Would love to be there... just a Giant pond away. Matt
  13. Used the code... I changed the time. and I changed the 192 to 10 the 168 to 0 the 90 to 112 and the 99 to 127. I also made sure to target the correct uuid for the site. See below for the changes. I also change the == to a !== to make it disappear for the student and appear for staff. It now is in a state of disappear and I don't see it for student thought I would be in the correct ip. Will try to work with someone on it some more. I understand your code pretty well and it should be working. Matt <script> /////////////////////////////////////// //logic: /////Always hide widget.. ////Show widget if all criteria met /////////////////////////////////////// //declare and set vars //change these values as required var widget_to_hide = "A1209E3C20028742D15E5F56768642005CF72A5C3CA5F865"; var school_ip_lower = ""; var school_ip_upper = ""; var format = 'hh:mm:ss'; var time = moment(); //time is in UTC var beforeTime = moment('11:30:00', format); //SL I am working late so I set for late night var afterTime = moment('19:00:00', format); var currentuser = FrogOS.getUser(); var dayOfWeek = moment().day(); //SL made theWidget so I could use it again and again var theWidget = $("div[data-content-uuid='"+widget_to_hide+"']"); //SL added debugger so I could step through in dev tools debugger; //hide widget theWidget.hide(); //SL logged in as not a student for testing if (currentuser.profile.type !== "student") { //they are not a student - show the widget theWidget.show(); } else { //async load of users school ip address...waits for response... $.get( "../ipaddress.php", function( data ) { var r = /\b(\d{1,3}).(\d{1,3}).(\d{1,3})\b/; var ip = data.match(r); // capture the individual parts of the ip address // see above for the range if (ip && ip[1] === '10' && ip[2] === '0' && (parseInt(ip[3]) >= 112 && parseInt(ip[3]) <= 127)) { //they are at school //if (dayOfWeek === 1 || dayOfWeek === 2 || dayOfWeek === 3 || dayOfWeek === 4 || dayOfWeek === 5) { //SL cleaner to use inArray if ($.inArray(dayOfWeek, [1,2,3,4,5])) { //0=sunday, 1=monday etc BUT perhaps this isn't correct for US? //it should be Mon-Fri if (time.isBetween(beforeTime, afterTime)) { //it's within school hours //finally show the widget! theWidget.show(); } } } }); } </script>
  14. I can't share the site, but here is the code as it sits now.
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