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  1. I would vote to keep it the same as it is now or make it an optional box Matt
  2. I would rather have assignments vs. Homework. In the US we see these as two very different things and there are policies that use the word homework. I use this in class as well as to give students homework so the more inclusive "Assignments" is a better choice.
  3. They do. If you go to the student room there is a vacuum in the lower right corer. That is the VAK test. I believe this is what you are looking for.
  4. It may be more work. I get the idea of not worrying about downloading, but the issue is the expiration dates. one of the keys to microcredentialing is that they are not forever. As with all fields things change and you need to relearn different aspects. That is the idea of the microcredentialing. It could be semesterly as well, but you would want to have some form of expiration date on there. Rules would work in some ways. I may mock up my ideas and shoot you a message. I have some thoughts on keeping it from being too costly time wise. It could be as simple as creating and dele
  5. I think that this would work better than using progress to give the badges. You could do it quarterly and create a the expiration date directly in the site name. Then you could sort the sites that you have and delete the ones that you need to delete. The items like the badge, the certificate and information could be placed on the site that you sent out and the teacher would then be able to see the site. You could control the options by using the rules function which would be powerful as well. So you would need to set the sites as public so that the person could show their badges and
  6. That makes sense. I would like an easier way to manage with dates and the like, but that should work in creating a credentialing methods. Also it would be possible to place the certificate on the site. For dates, we could duplicate the site and then delete the site when they lose the badge. hmmmm... let me think on this. Does the site widget button display the icon or the name of the site or both?
  7. Hey all, I was driving into school today and had a revelation and wanted to get your opinions about it. I know you are on a bank holiday this weekend. We have Memorial Day so I won't be on till Tuesday as well. One of the items that has really interested me is micro-credentialing or badging. Basically it is getting badges for accomplishing different activities and meeting certain competencies. See https://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2016/03/30/can-micro-credentialing-salvage-teacher-pd.html or https://study.com/academy/popular/what-is-micro-credentialing.html for more informatio
  8. I have a good deal of experience with digital badges and have had some ideas on work arounds for the badges and using Progress as a badging system, let me know. I am also writing a longer post in the General Chat about this as well. Cheers Matt McLaughlin
  9. I wanted to thank everyone who assisted with the code. It is working at this point. At some point, I would love to create a widget that would be able to do this, but am not sure. So @pconkie @Graham Quince @Simon Law you are the greatest! Matt
  10. mmclaughlin


    Do you have a Turnitin integration? Matt
  11. mmclaughlin


    I would love too. It would be awesome if they decided to bring me over.
  12. mmclaughlin


    Would love to be there... just a Giant pond away. Matt
  13. Used the code... I changed the time. and I changed the 192 to 10 the 168 to 0 the 90 to 112 and the 99 to 127. I also made sure to target the correct uuid for the site. See below for the changes. I also change the == to a !== to make it disappear for the student and appear for staff. It now is in a state of disappear and I don't see it for student thought I would be in the correct ip. Will try to work with someone on it some more. I understand your code pretty well and it should be working. Matt <script> ///////////////////////////////////////
  14. I can't share the site, but here is the code as it sits now.
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