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  1. Sorted now, I just embedded the 25 video files in the site, so it ended up as a 26 page site. It which was more work but in fact a more pleasing outcome. I still think it would be handy to be able to share a folder as 'public on the web' , with suitable warnings, anyway. Thank you, Mark
  2. OK, I've just bumped into the same problem. I have a folder full of videos on a public page. They play superbly for logged in users, but I need them to be available to some students who are not yet enrolled. Any solution other than creating a guest user? Thanks.
  3. Hi, That's how I used Frog3, except no file drops or quizzes: all work to be marked was set using separate assignments. Frog3 is so much better: the hand-in is intrinsically part of the lesson and the students' hand-in assignment is created as soon as the lesson is assigned. Surely if you just share a site, the students don't get the assignment and it doesn't appear in your markbook - or am I quite wrong? Thanks for your responses, Mark
  4. Hi ADT, The difference between what your demonstrated and what I'm doing is that I'm building lessons which will be assigned to multiple classes. There are activities in a lesson other than the feedback wall. Assigning to a class works fine - the students can use the wall as intended and later submit their work on a file-drop. I'm building my entire curriculum like this: lots of work up-front, huge dividends across the department and into the future. Huge buy-in to Frog. Problem is, as Connor has now informed me, a teacher loses 'edit rights' to the assigned page. (I might not be using the correct Frog terminology here). Along with that loss comes also the inability to remove posts. Like I suggested in my opening post. I'm guessing that the solution to both issues should be that the teacher/assigner retains full rights over an assigned copy of a page/site. That doesn't sound too hard to achieve. Thanks for your input, Mark
  5. Hi, I use walls as a quick and easy way to get students to give and receive peer feedback. The wall widget is embedded on a page. A copy of that page is assigned to a class. When I open the assignment I see the posts but I don't get links to remove posts, as shown in the support video. I don't have an immediate issue to sort, but it is only a matter of time until someone posts something nasty. How do I get rights to an assigned page? (Is the answer similar to a related question - how can one edit an assigned page? At present I can only do this by deleting an assignment,, fixing my typo and reassigning. Obviously not ideal, and disastrous if students have already submitted work on that assignment). Thanks, Mark
  6. Hi @Matt, I am achieving much the same thing using the 'Add a comment' box. It seems that students can read my comments even if I have not closed the task (and therefore released the marks). So, if I choose, I can leave a provisional mark here. I'm really interested to note that a message icon appears on the student's My Frog drop-down and it would be good if their responses produced the same outcome on the teacher's My Frog. The dots that unread messages produce on marksheets for open tasks are quite easy to spot, but these are better. (Messages left from closed tasks are very easy to miss - how often does one revisit closed tasks?) Thanks for your helpful suggestions, Mark
  7. Thank you very much for trying this out @Matt. It was a long shot. Yes, please do log this on the ideas portal. Does everyone have access to that?
  8. Thanks for your response Matt. I think I expressed myself poorly. I wasn't trying to make a suggestion. I was wondering if that 'convert to individuals' button,.which I have not tried, might currently provide the functionality that I'm wishing for - i.e. allow me to release marks to individuals and to reopen the task for individuals, yet keep the students' marks in the class markbook. Is that what the button does? Would hitting this button have any other implications? Thanks.
  9. MarkB

    Assign to teachers?

    Hi Connor, yes, ideally exactly the same. Cheers, Mark
  10. MarkB

    Assign to teachers?

    Hi, Is there a way to assign a page/site containing a task to teachers? Ideally a set of teachers selected individually? I didn't think that I was being overly ambitious in using Frog to give Frog training - but now I'm stumped. Thanks, Mark
  11. Hi, One of my annoyances with work setting on FrogLearn (and I do a lot of that) is that an assignment is either open or closed. If it is open, students don't see their marks. If it is closed, students can't submit. If a student, having seen her marks, asks to be allowed to resubmit, the task has to be reopened for all. A late submitter can't submit unless the task is reopened for all. (These limitations didn't exist in Frog3). I'm wondering if the 'convert to individuals' option might overcome all these problems, i.e. allow me to close and release marks to all,, then reopen an assignment for an individual who is late, plus reassign work to any keen re-doers (or those I'm not happy with) individually. Yet it is important that the results remain in the class markbook.. Is that what the button does? Would hitting this button have any other implications? I could experiment with my classes but is has been hard enough getting them used to FrogLearn, without unnecessarily rocking the boat.... Any comments? Cheers, Mark PS. LOVING most of FrogLearn!
  12. Hi Graham, Thank you for your rapid response. I think that you are telling me that the behaviour I’m finding frustrating is as designed, so I doubt that a support session is going to help me. Do you agree that there is an anomaly in students being able to read a comment on marked work but not see their mark? Surely they should see both or neither. It would be much better if ‘release marks and comments’ was a totally separate operation from ‘close task’. Then teachers could choose to release when it suits them, and leave the task open too if they so choose. Auto-close isn’t really the issue. Surely it is bizarre that stopping hand-ins (manually or automatically) removes the ability to mark what has been submitted? What was the design thinking behind that?
  13. We have lots of excellent SCORM packages, used by several departments. They were published by Doodle (formally Boardworks, I think). Departments were encouraged and supported in buying them as, long term, that is much better value than annual subscriptions. They worked superbly in Frog3.
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