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  1. Mark Berry

    Assign to teachers?

    Hi Graham, I have one page to send to a small group of staff. I think I'll just email a link. It seems they won't be able to submit the feedback, which is a text activity widget.on the page. I'm delighted to hear that SCORM is on the way! Thanks,Mark
  2. The thing I've found most valuable about Frog3 is the task setting/marking. Over 7 years this has totally changed the way I work. All my marking is now done on Frog. We are now moving to Frog Learn. It looks so much better, and has the lovely mark book. Yet I can’t get my head around the workflow. I set a task, with a deadline in say a week, longer if it is a major piece of work. Many students submit early. I mark their work promptly. They get to see my comment but NOT my mark. Why not? On the old platform these early submitters, dissatisfied with their mark and/or taking on board my comment, often messaged asking for a chance to resubmit. Great learning. Even more bizarre: task closing. Once a task closes you can’t mark it! Surely closing a task should stop students submitting, but not teachers from marking. This is a fundamental error. Ok, I can get around this by NOT closing the task but then what was the point in the task having an auto-close date at all? I can’t see the ‘window’ in which teachers are supposed to mark! Sometimes work submitted is inadequate and I return it, with a comment and a demand to re-do. But once the task is closed there is no opportunity for students to resubmit. I have to re-open the task for all. On the old platform I could close a task (‘force handin’) then return work to individuals as required. I can’t see how to do that now. It is quite possible that these annoyances are because there is something I’ve failed to appreciate. If so, please enlighten me!
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