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17 hours ago, adamw said:

This is complete guess, without testing. but try this as the first line in your 'done' function:

thisResponse = Lib.Models.Resource.model(thisResponse.data);

That may give you an array of resource models, which you can then do stuff with. You might have to amend the rest of your code to cope with the new structure, but it should be fairly easy to do. That's if it works! Like I said, I usually leave the front-end stuff to those who are cleverer than me :P


Thanks @adamw This worked!

I ended up using the line here:

$mywrapper.on("click tap", ".clickable-row", function(ev) {
  var myResource = $(ev.currentTarget).data("resource");
  myResource = Lib.Models.Resource.model(myResource);
  this.trigger('os.app.preview', {
    name: 'preview',
    resource: myResource,
    launchAboveModal: false


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