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  1. We have just moved away from Show My Homework to save money and from September will be using FROG Assignments. We have asked parents to download the MyFrog app ready for September and the first feedback has started to come in about the app and it's not very positive. An example of the feedback is: "If you stay logged in it does not fully load up so in order for the app to work on a iphone it requires you to log out/in each time Very slow and cumbersome compared to SMH" I have to agree the app isn't brilliant and doesn't work very well on my iPhone Xs Max. Do any other schools use the app and had similar feedback? Are FROG looking at making improvements to the app? Regards Matt
  2. I was wondering why I couldn't get the widget working, now i know.
  3. Wow this is brilliant, we would love to get the updated version of this when it's available.
  4. Yes I have access to it and playing around with it at the moment.
  5. Thinking about it your right, we don't need it, DOH.
  6. Thanks for the replies. It's a shame you can't at the moment, I want to move our IT Help desk from Spiceworks which we have a lot of issues with to the new one in Frog but until I can auto populate the email field I can't as staff will just complain.
  7. Howdy, Is it possible to populate a text input field in a Frog Form? I want to automatically input the users email address as staff will just complain if they have to enter it themselves. Many Thanks Matt
  8. Yes I did post on this topic. I’m now about halfway through creating my own custom MIS Linked Documents widget which time permitting should be finished in the next week or so. I then have the fun task of migrating the schools website from Frog 3 to another platform, I’m thinking either Frog Learn or Wordpress but leaning towards Wordpress.
  9. Some of our parents are complaining about having to double click on documents which use the MIS linked documents widget to open them, being a webpage they expect it to be a single click. I’m just curious if other schools have had similar complaints. Thanks Matt
  10. That worked perfectly thank you. Matt
  11. Morning all. We have just had the Christie release installed on our platform and a previously working HTML widget has stopped working with the error 'Malformed Javascript'. I have been told that FROG created this code for us originally. The code basically pulls data from the dataviewer and displays it in a custom way. After some investigation the error seems to be due to the line of code below. You get the error TypeError: Illegal module name "//dataviewer/models/form_model" in the console. steal('//dataviewer/models/form_model.js').then(function() Below is the full code and any help with this will be much appreciated. Matt <style> .greenshawTable { background:#FFFFFF; margin:20px; width:90%; font-size:12pt; } .greenshawTable th { background:#CCCCCC; } </style> <script> var movementTable = $("<table>", { id: Frog.Utilities.generateSimpleId() }); movementTable.addClass('table'); movementTable.addClass('greenshawTable'); movementTable.html( '<tr>'+ '<th><b>Attn</b></th>'+ '<th><b>Notice</b></th>'+ '<th><b>Submitted by</b></th>'+ '<th><b>Submitted time</b></th>'+ '<th><b>Day of Week</b></th>'+ '</tr>' ); if (!Array.prototype.findIndex) { Array.prototype.findIndex = function(predicate) { if (this === null) { throw new TypeError('Array.prototype.findIndex called on null or undefined'); } if (typeof predicate !== 'function') { throw new TypeError('predicate must be a function'); } var list = Object(this); var length = list.length >>> 0; var thisArg = arguments[1]; var value; for (var i = 0; i < length; i++) { value = list[i]; if (predicate.call(thisArg, value, i, list)) { return i; } } return -1; }; } steal('//dataviewer/models/form_model.js').then(function() { var formUuid = '6334FCA52003E978E8C4EFC54BD6C5044AAD2E4CDCCBB0AE'; Dataviewer.Models.Form.findAll({ content_uuid: formUuid, sort_dir: 'DESC', sort_field: 'date', limit:100 }).done(function(responseDataModel) { //console.log(responseDataModel); responseDataModel.forEach(function(data, index) { var myArray = new Array('','',''); for (var i=0;i<3;i++) { myArray[i]=data.fields[i].responses[0].response; } //console.log(trumpArray); movementTable.append("<tr>"+ "<td>"+myArray[0]+"</td>"+ "<td>"+myArray[1]+"</td>"+ "<td>"+data.user.displayname+"</td>"+ "<td>"+ moment.unix(data.responded_on).format("HH:ss DD/MM/YYYY")+ "</td>"+ "<td>"+myArray[2]+"</td>"+ "</tr>" ); }); //}); }).fail(function() { // these are not the results you are looking for. }); }); this.element.append(movementTable); </script>
  12. I've just started at a Frog Learn school and one of my responsibilities is to develop the VLE. At the moment we are having a push on parental engagement and part of this is using MIS linked documents. I am slowly getting my head round how the APIs work and am very interested in the linked documents widget and the coding behind it, @pconkie would it be possible for you to send me the code behind the widget to learn from and use on our platform. Thanks, Matt
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