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Transition Blockers - definitive list

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OK, the title is probably a bit too ambitious, but internal discussions have been happening (again) around what's stopping schools switching over to FrogLearn and turning off Frog3.

The ones I know about from my own experiences are:

  • Forms - their flexibility of layout, input type and editing options
  • Web Files - being able to use these for parents and non-logged in users

What are the other things preventing you from transition.

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  • A tool should have been developed with extracts all your Frog3 web files and imports them into FrogDrive of Learn in the same structure. I know the Service Desk can do a similar process, but it doesn't put them into Learn for you.
  • The Image Carousel widget needs to be like the old Gallery brick - being able to be pointed at a folder of images to display, the current way it too clunky and time consuming.
  • More flexibility around page layouts. Having 6+ boxes is fine, but what if I wanted one column to be slightly bigger?
  • As mentioned in your previous post, the Shared Folder widget needs to be able to be used publicly for websites and parents. 
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@gbligh I feel your pain on the page layouts pointer.. one thing you may find useful although it is a work around is creating a separate site, (so one site doesn't get too large or messy) with multiple pages you can then built more complex layouts by using the nested page widget. For example our staff dashboard is built up using a single column layout with lots of different pages (and layouts) nested on to it. It does however take a bit longer to load a nested page. See screenshot.

  • Ability to be able to manage documents on mass (move, delete and copy multiple files at one time)
  • Public web files
  • Ability to share files with parents


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Some of the reasons why I am finding it difficult to move fully over to frog learn are:

  • In frog 3 I can easily design and produce our school website, almost in any layout/design because I have spent a long time learning frog3 for this purpose. I am struggling to produce a school website how we want it to look in frog learn, trying to amend css files etc. I know there is a new ‘school website’ template  but there are elements of it I would like to change and can’t easily do this so feel very stuck (and a bit annoyed).
  • We also have a lot of request forms  on our frog3 vle where staff can fill in the form, then it displays the request below in the form results for the user to see their request has been made. We also display another form results beside it when the job has been completed so the person knows the situation of their request. I have attached some screen shot examples of our ‘site team request’ page and ‘mobile phone ban’ pages. I don’t know how this can be replicated in Learn?
  • We are also still using the old resource booking system in frog 3, using diaries/calendars etc, although this can be very cumbersome to set up and modify and has its faults,  we like it because it displays the information nice and clearly. You can easily see at a glance the whole week, who has made a booking for which period/time. The new booking system in Learn is a lot better in many ways but for us we have found the way it displays the information not very helpful. I have attached a screen shot of our booking system.




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Well you know our issues.....

Forms....  Like @S Marcham we have heavily invested in Frog 3 forms... the way they look and the ability to display and editing entries on Frog as well!!

Workspaces...  As mentioned else where, the ability to auto create a shared area when created a Workspace(new Site)!!



Permission... The fact you can drill down and put permissions on a page or folder for an individual person!!

Tags...  the ability to add data to a user account (MyMaths Passwords) and display that users information on a given page easily


There will be more.... :)


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