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Coming soon... Data Reporting and GDPR Course

Graham Quince

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14 hours ago, pconkie said:

Graham - how do i get the quizzes to work? They say they haven't been assigned to me, but I can't figure out how to assign them?

Hi Paul,

You shouldn't need to assign the quzzes, thery should just sit within the page.  Can you post a screenshot please?


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So i've inadvertedly stumbled across a limitation with quizzes - in that they aren't designed to be shared by simply embedding them in sites.

@pconkie and @gbligh - as you both have FrogPlay - i can "share" the quiz to the community section, but this will make it visible to your students.  I don't think that's particularly scary - but let me know what you think.

For anyone else wanting the course - we might have to replace the quiz with something else.while we wait on development.

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