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Review Day Appointments


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This is a pie in the sky idea....  but hey!!

We currently send a sheet of paper round to all form tutors so they can allocation Review Day slots to their From class...... ok so this is a pointless exercise because we just stick them down in alphabetical order and then pass them to a member of admin who then moves them based on siblings etc!!!

Anyway i was just thinking wouldn't it be cool if we had some way of having an electronic form/or something where we could allocate kids from a class list into slots..........

Building on from @pconkie FrogSeats.....  choose a class drag and drop into time slots.....  or how about you choose a class and it auto populates drop down menus.......  then the admin member can export a CSV and fiddle to her heart's content!!

Don't worry i fully expect most people think dont worry its just Adrian going off on one again...........  but hey shy bairns get nowt!! :D

@Graham Quince @adamw @Matt @whoever else cares to look

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59 minutes ago, adamw said:

I have an idea on how we could do something like this using forms - however the form system won't support it yet. I'll have a word with @Graham Quince - because I get the feeling he will know what I'm talking about :) 

Got to love those cryptic "in house" messages!!! :P

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