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    MyFrog requires iOS 10 or later. So any devices running older versions than that will not work. What device / iOS version are you running @ADT?
  2. @MarkB just checking if you have seen the Assignment wall that exists which could help in the meantime? This would be more for letting the student know what mark you intend to give them: You can then click the 'Re-attempt' button to return the assignment: The student will then see that they have a message: And can then effectively see what score they would have got if the teacher hadn't given them another go (and are able to submit the updated version to hand in). I know it's not exactly what you are after, but just making you aware of this potential workaround. Cheers Matt
  3. Hi Mark, If you go to https://www.frogcommunity.com/ideas-portal it includes a form that lets you sign up for the ideas portal, as well as a link at the top to the portal itself. I can add the idea to the portal, however ideas always seems to get more attention/votes when raised by schools themselves - which I can understand If you can log the idea, don't worry too much about the detail I've added above, more just the problem that needs resolving. Give me a shout either way - I think it will be a popular suggestion! Cheers Matt
  4. Hi @MarkB sorry I didn't specify that this won't work with the existing assignment workflow - as the end result of assigning to a group, and assigning to the group but with 'Convert to individuals' is that in the Markbook they will all appear in one column (Assignment). So the controls you get in the Assignment popover will apply to all of the students regardless: Here is an assignment I have created for a group, but with 'Convert to Individuals' selected: And in the Markbook application (both the Markbook and Assignment List view) it is all in the same Assignment still So in the Assignment Marking screen they are all under the same column: With only one 'Close Assignment' button: I have tested to see if it does indeed reopen the Assignment for all students when you do it this way, and it still does (including the notifications getting resent). So to clarify, the 'Convert to individuals' idea will not achieve anything with the current assignment workflow. We would need to look at this as an RFC - but I would think a more elegant solution to allow you to close assignments and reopen them on an individual basis (without tying 'Convert to individuals' into the solution) would be better. Would you be okay to log that on the ideas portal Mark? Cheers Matt
  5. @MarkB sorry for the slow response! Thanks for the suggestion, I think someone had already posted on another thread explaining why the Assignment mark release workflow was written the way it is (to stop students getting marks earlier, and then showing their peers what they need to do in order to get a better mark) however I see your point. I think if we were to change the behaviour for releasing marks, I think tying it in with the 'Convert to Individuals' preference might be a bit confusing for most users. I will speak to my colleagues in the development team to see how else it could be handled.
  6. @pconkie that is what B) is meant to be - just probably not worded well enough...... "B) If an assignment is 'Not Done' for a student, it is ignored for the Average Mark calculation" So to give more context to that it means that if an assignment is finished with (Closed) - anything that doesn't have a mark, whether it be 'Handed in' with no mark, or 'Not Done' with no mark - would be ignored for the Average Mark calculation. Just for further clarification, when an assignment is closed - ignoring the Absent / Late flags, an assignment can only be: - 'Handed in' with a mark (Mark just shows) - 'Handed in' with no mark (Green tick) - 'Not Done' (Red cross) and any assignment that was anything but 'Handed in' before the assignment was closed, gets reverted to this on closing. Therefore so far it looks like we've got one vote each on here for Option A - @ADT and then Option B/C - @pconkie - although it sounds like you are agreeing with both Adrian? @adamw doesn't count The logic for both makes sense! Which is making me lean towards catering for both of them (maybe a system preference option)... Thanks for your feedback!!
  7. Another question for the great minds within the Frog forums!! In the Markbook application a bug was identified where if an assignment had the status of 'Handed in or 'Not Done' it would count as 0 towards the Average Mark. For example: The 'Handed in' (Green tick) behaviour is obviously wrong and we have a fix ready for it. However the school that raised the issue has argued that they feel the 'Not Done' counting as 0 towards the Average mark is how they would expect it to work (Not doing it is as bad as getting the worst mark possible for that assignment). However they would want one exception that is if the Assignment was 'Not Done' but has the 'Absent' flag on it: Then this would not affect the average mark. I'm thinking if one school would like it to behave this way, then there may be more. Therefore here is my question to you guys, which of the following behaviour would you prefer: A) ‘Not done’ should count as the lowest score possible for an assignment, unless the Absent flag is also applied – in which case the assignment will be ignored for the Average Mark calculation. B) If an assignment is 'Not Done' for a student, it is ignored for the Average Mark calculation For B), the thinking behind this is more for if schools want the Average Mark to solely look at marks for work that has been completed. As long as work is clearly highlighted as 'Not Done' in the Markbook / reporting - then the school can deal with work that hasn't been done separately (Detentions etc) - it doesn't need to affect the Average Mark. Thanks!
  8. Matt

    New Markbook App

    Sometimes I get to it too late and some one else has sorted it / answered the question In which case this is me:
  9. Hi all! We've currently got a decision to make in development (fixing a bug) on the best way of dealing with Form submissions where a user has either: 1) Submitted a form 2) Been picked in a form submission via the new 'User Picker' field The bug is that if the user gets archived - you get an error when you try and EDIT the submission (viewing / exporting / deleting the submission seem to be okay, it is just editing that has the problem). Rather than just making this decision without checking, I though it would be a good idea to get your opinions. So which of these would you prefer: A) Just fix it so that you can edit the submission (you can see which users are archived as the account will say _archived... so they will be distinguishable from existing users.) B) When the user is archived, their submissions (from them / relating to them) are hidden from the dataviewer. (Are they no longer relevant?) If a user is archived accidentally / returns to the school - if they are unarchived the submissions will appear again! Any other suggestions welcome! Cheers Matt
  10. Matt

    Mark Schemes Manager

    @ADT yes unfortunately the Mark Scheme Manager app wasn't updated when we added the ability to import Mark Schemes from the MIS. Beforehand it was only manually created Markschemes that could be added, which wasn't too much of an issue with the limitations it has for doing things in bulk.... I can see you've added an idea for this which is great, it will be interesting how we do go about improving it - as at the moment I've seen on many platforms there are a lot of, what look like, duplicate Markschemes that get imported. If these suddenly all get turned on, then it might overwhelm staff when it comes to picking a Markscheme to use (in the cases where there are hundreds). We would have to look at improving that process of selecting a Markscheme for Assignments / Creating Markbooks, in the case where there are 100+ legitimate mark schemes to choose from.
  11. Matt

    New Markbook App

    Hi Adrian, sorry I really need to check the forums more often!! At the moment it is just looking at the overall assignment level - however if you can raise an idea on the portal for that I'm sure it will gather votes!
  12. Matt


    @pconkie sorry for delay getting back to you. I'll check with @adamw now as he was off last week eating easter eggs!
  13. @ADT I think you've already voted for this one, but for anyone else who hasn't - they can do so here: https://ideas.frogcommunity.com/ideas/FRG-I-308
  14. I can see it being the default in the eyes of the File Drop widget being used on a site, but yes it would be common sense to behave differently in the context of an assignment! I'll add that one to the general Assignment improvements list! ?
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