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  1. Matt

    New Markbook App

    Sometimes I get to it too late and some one else has sorted it / answered the question In which case this is me:
  2. Hi all! We've currently got a decision to make in development (fixing a bug) on the best way of dealing with Form submissions where a user has either: 1) Submitted a form 2) Been picked in a form submission via the new 'User Picker' field The bug is that if the user gets archived - you get an error when you try and EDIT the submission (viewing / exporting / deleting the submission seem to be okay, it is just editing that has the problem). Rather than just making this decision without checking, I though it would be a good idea to get your opinions. So which of these would you prefer: A) Just fix it so that you can edit the submission (you can see which users are archived as the account will say _archived... so they will be distinguishable from existing users.) B) When the user is archived, their submissions (from them / relating to them) are hidden from the dataviewer. (Are they no longer relevant?) If a user is archived accidentally / returns to the school - if they are unarchived the submissions will appear again! Any other suggestions welcome! Cheers Matt
  3. Matt

    Mark Schemes Manager

    @ADT yes unfortunately the Mark Scheme Manager app wasn't updated when we added the ability to import Mark Schemes from the MIS. Beforehand it was only manually created Markschemes that could be added, which wasn't too much of an issue with the limitations it has for doing things in bulk.... I can see you've added an idea for this which is great, it will be interesting how we do go about improving it - as at the moment I've seen on many platforms there are a lot of, what look like, duplicate Markschemes that get imported. If these suddenly all get turned on, then it might overwhelm staff when it comes to picking a Markscheme to use (in the cases where there are hundreds). We would have to look at improving that process of selecting a Markscheme for Assignments / Creating Markbooks, in the case where there are 100+ legitimate mark schemes to choose from.
  4. Matt

    New Markbook App

    Hi Adrian, sorry I really need to check the forums more often!! At the moment it is just looking at the overall assignment level - however if you can raise an idea on the portal for that I'm sure it will gather votes!
  5. Matt


    @pconkie sorry for delay getting back to you. I'll check with @adamw now as he was off last week eating easter eggs!
  6. Matt

    Quick Launch

    @ADT I think you've already voted for this one, but for anyone else who hasn't - they can do so here: https://ideas.frogcommunity.com/ideas/FRG-I-308
  7. Matt

    Done idea portal ideas.

    I can see it being the default in the eyes of the File Drop widget being used on a site, but yes it would be common sense to behave differently in the context of an assignment! I'll add that one to the general Assignment improvements list! 👍
  8. Matt

    Done idea portal ideas.

    If anyone spots any ideas when on the ideas portal - which you think have already been released - just pop a comment on there and I'll change the status / confirm if that's not the case
  9. Matt

    Frog Snap

    Sorry hadn't seen this! Thanks @Jay
  10. Matt

    ePortfolio list widget

    Hi George, sounds like a good idea! It would be ideal if you could post this on the ideas portal and add a link on here for others to vote on. However if that's not possible give me a shout and I'll try and add it for you!
  11. Matt

    Frog Snap

    Hi Adrian, It appears that when you send a snap to a site, it creates a copy in your FrogDrive (My Documents) and then passes that accross to the site itself. We have this idea on the ideas portal which has quite a few votes already which you can vote on: https://ideas.frogcommunity.com/ideas/FRG-I-381
  12. Matt

    Markbook App

    @ADT sorry no ticket was created, but a bug is being looked at by our dev team! It should be fixed in time for the main rollout next week, I'll see if it can be even sooner!
  13. Matt

    Markbook App

    @pconkie thanks for clarifying that - I have repped that issue on another platform too and have raised a bug (being able to access and create a Markbook based using inactive Markschemes). I wonder if this is what is causing issues with the 'Create Markbook' button not to be clickable too. We'll get that sorted ASAP so you only see your active Markschemes in that list, and fingers crossed it solves the other issue. Hopefully it should just be a quick fix! Also, that's great for the sorting issue - I think we will end up adding a User preference in the future, but the remembering the sorting order should be a quick win in the meantime!
  14. Matt

    Markbook App

    Hi Paul, Thanks for getting on touch on here - it will be quite useful to answer these questions with other schools being able to see the responses too (with Markbook being so new)! I'll go through each of the issues/questions by quoting the questions below (with my response). The first 2 posts (about the Markschemes): 1.) I'm not sure why inactive Markschemes are still showing in the Markschemes selector - this component in the Markbook creator wizard should only be looking at active Markschemes (that have been turned on). I will take a look at your platform and see if I can find out what is happening here, and raise a bug if I can rep that. 2.) The Markbook creator only allows you to create a Markbook when it is happy with all of the parameters. It looks like it could be something odd going on with the Markscheme selected that is preventing it from accepting it. This explains why when you go to use the 'Create and Add to Markbook' button in the Assignment List (for an assignment that is 'Not in a Markbook', in the screenshot you showed one using the 'Percentage' markschemes - which definitely won't have any issues....... I'll try and rep this now and get back to you on it / raise a bug. As Graham alluded to, it looks like there is an issue with the cycles and periods on your platform. With the introduction of the Markbook (Mozart release) we have added an element of FrogProgress, which brings in the concept of Cycles and Periods. Cycles are essentially Academic Years, and Periods are Half terms - you can see this new section in System Preferences > Assessment Cycles & Targets. The Markbooks section of the Markbook app make use of these to allow Teachers to organise their assignments per Academic Year. Currently the Markbooks will show everything from this Academic Year - and we will be working on implementing an Academic Year roller later this Academic Year to allow schools to go back to previous years, in preparation for September. This will unfortunately mean that any assignments created before this Academic Year will not display in the Markbooks though (although you can still access them in the Assignments list / tab. There is a script that runs when you get the Mozart release, which should add a default Academic Year with periods - running from September 18 to September 19 - however this doesn't look to have worked properly on your platform, as that is saying the Academic Year started last week! (which is why you're not seeing Assignments previous to that week appearing in the Markbooks). It looks like some schools MIS systems send through Academic Years, which are being stored in the database and conflicting with the script. We've got a bug raised with this, and are looking to fix this for schools in general, however I have manually gone in and added the default Cycle and Period which the script should have done for you - so you should now see all of this year's (since the start of September) assignments in Markbooks. We have gone with this order to encourage schools to keep on top of homework, and the ordering reflects the ordering in the MyFrog section (based on 'Due date' nearest at the top descending. From the schools we've spoken to already, they do share your opinion - particularly for the Closed Assignments. Currently, if you click the 'Issue Date' column header at the top, it will sort the Assignments they way you want: The problem is that currently you would need to do that each time you access the app (it doesn't remember). Would a solution of ensuring this 'sorting' is remembered the next time you access the app (even if you log out) be good enough to solve this problem for you? For this - there is the logic applied that if a student hands in the work themselves after the due date - it will be flagged as 'Late'. However when a teacher hands the work in on their behalf - it should never add the late flag unless they specifically click the 'late' button. Thanks for flagging this (excuse the pun) I have raised a bug and hopefully it can get sorted ASAP! Hope this addresses all of the issues you mentioned! Let me know if not, or if you have any further questions. Cheers Matt
  15. Matt

    Push Notifications?

    Yeah - there are conversations going on around push notifications in Frog, however that is definitely a bug that anything is appearing for it already!
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