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  1. I have found, on IOS devices at least, that you also need to disable the 'Prevent Cross-Site Tracking' option as well..
  2. I would say I'm glad it's not just me but that seems rather selfish.... Thanks for confirming, I'll make users aware that it's being looked into.

    MyFrog Login

    Morning, Is anyone else having issues logging into the MyFrog App? I can't replicate the issue myself but have had a number of students and parents call in to say it loads a blank page. When clicking on the dashboard or assignments tab it freezes on the loading wheel. The resolution is to log out of the app and back in but apparently this only solves the issues for a short time. I have made sure their device and app are up to date.
  4. @gbligh Thanks. I thought this might be the case. Apparently the extra click is too much for our students...
  5. Good Afternoon, Is there a way to default the view of Network Folders to List View within FrogDrive? Some of the folder names we use are quite lengthy and so not read easily in the icon view. Many thanks
  6. I have an instance where a member of staff has set an attached form as an assignment. The form is being filled in by the students as the total being shown for the students completing the homework is going up but where can the actual form data be accessed? I understand that if a form is embedded via the widget tool to a site then a Data Viewer widget can be used to view and export the captured data but I'm not sure how this works with forms embedded through an assignment. Any help much appreciated.
  7. Good Afternoon, Does anyone know if there is a delay when receiving email notifications? There seems to be a 40 minutes delay for students and a somewhat substantial difference for parents. One parent said the email notification came through 8 hours after an assignment was set for her daughter. Many Thanks
  8. Good Morning, We have just migrated to an onsite Virtual Server, working great, but I am having difficulty setting up the OneDrive Integration. I have followed the guidance from the community site as I couldn't remember the Access needed for Microsoft Graph but can no longer see the option "Access user's data anytime". I have tried continuing without this but the connection fails with an Internal Server Error. Any help much appreciated.
  9. Oh, when testing I did not see the additional preferences option. I will check again. Apologies for my ignorance if it has already been updated.
  10. @Graham Quince Would it be possible to push this out to Davison High School as well please? Just a thought, will it maintain the existing plans?
  11. @ADT Individual OneDrive is fine for now, the problem is no preview without logging in. I'm authenticated against ADFS so surely it should just use these credentials, Oh well, such is life when dealing with the big wigs
  12. Hello Forum, I am currently an ADFS authenticated user with an active OneDrive available through FrogDrive (so many drives ). Access to this works fine but when I add a file to a site through the OneDrive Preview Widget it asks for SharePoint Sign In. I have added a share link through the widget settings (view access for anyone with the link) but the preview is still asking for login. I assumed even without the share link that as my account is ADFS, it would not require authentication. Am I missing a trick? Many Thanks
  13. Hello Sam, I am not currently registered to vote but will sign up now. Thanks for the response. Duncan
  14. Good Morning, At present, when selecting a specific homework assignment, students are listed in the format of <First Name> <Last Name>. Is there a way to show them (Last Name> <First Name>? Many Thanks
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