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    • By Ashton Taylor
      Now that the new assignment bar has been introduced, I think the assignment wall could do with a makeover as well.
      No functionality will change, aside from the fact that it will update on the fly instead of having a refresh button.
      The core reason for doing this bit of POC work is that the wall seems extremely out of place at the moment when it pops up, very clunky, and isn't a nice user experience.
      Attached is a small screen capture of what the wall now looks like.
      Any comments are welcome!
              - Ash

    • By clangstaff
      Staff to be able to 'Download wall' from assignments
      Currently only Administrators can click 'download wall' and download all communication that has taken place on an assignment. We would like for staff to have the ability to do this too so they can easily download evidence of feedback between staff and student on assignments.
    • By K.Ermit

      Is it possible to run a report on the assignments that all staff have set over a set time period? If so how would this be done? 
    • By Graham Quince
      Hi folks,
      Thought you might appreciate a development sneak peek for the assign a page feature that's coming in Agatha Christie:
    • By clangstaff
      I've created a ticket on the ideas portal which would be great if we could get some votes on it.
      When bulk downloading files from an assignment the files are currently named with the students username. We would like to change this to the students actual name as usernames mean nothing to staff and this is causing them loads more work.
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