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  1. The "hide field" option for the freetext field was not something I was aware about, but I have managed to replicate it on my local dev instance. I have raised it with the support desk and will update you on this matter tomorrow. @Aimée13 The "click to edit label" empty field is due to the richtext field you can drag onto a form being exported with the rest of the data. I don't believe the fix I've put in for that will be in the patch but it will be in the release after that for sure. In regards to the data cut-off, could you give me the name of the form so I can investigate further?
  2. Would you mind explaining the data cut-off problem please?
  3. This is the first I'm hearing of it. I'll be sure to have a look and update you tomorrow. Thank you for raising this.
  4. I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have around the new functionality.? The date-picker issue was an unfortunate oversight and will be resolved in the next patch. - Ash
  5. Yeah, I'm of a similar opinion. The only problem is that, due to the fact that forms have been around for quite some time, the logistics are a little complicated at the moment.
  6. A solution you might find useful: Create a form called "My Layout" with no questions, just the layout you want to re-use. From there, all you have to do is click the "Use In New Site" button within the Forms section of Frogdrive and you have a duplicated form. You can then add questions from the site itself using the "Edit Form" button within the widget
  7. The issue was raised this morning and the fix will be in the next release regards, - Ash
  8. I've just pushed a fix for that so will be in the full release of Galileo. - Ash
  9. Now that the new assignment bar has been introduced, I think the assignment wall could do with a makeover as well. No functionality will change, aside from the fact that it will update on the fly instead of having a refresh button. The core reason for doing this bit of POC work is that the wall seems extremely out of place at the moment when it pops up, very clunky, and isn't a nice user experience. Attached is a small screen capture of what the wall now looks like. Any comments are welcome! - Ash
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