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  1. nward

    Training Course

    Looking great, one more thing, ive added it to the site course and frog snap course, However the videos in the site course are coming up as ' blocked by provider?
  2. nward

    Training Course

    Thank you so much, its very much appreciated Jay, Would be great if you could change the ownership and Ill get it added to our help sites.
  3. nward

    Widget - notifications

    Great, thanks Graham, much appreciated
  4. nward

    Training Course

    Yes I've done that with lots of others too but was hoping to cheat 😛 The How to Create a site site and Frog snap training site were fab for staff inductions - Ill try and make something similar
  5. nward

    Training Course

    I've just had a look at the great homework training course here https://www.frogeducation.com/community/training/homework Is this available as a site download, like the create a site and frog snap training sites? It would be really handy for new staff and even old staff with the new markbook being introduced. I tried to embed it but it says the provider doesn't allow. Many thanks
  6. Hi Jay Thanks for this, that is what we currently do. However today the principal has asked that I upload the Y10 mock grades and send an email to let parents know they are ready to view on frog at lunchtime. However, if i upload all of Y10s indvidual reports during school hours, it will take the server out as there are so many and it gets too slow for anyone else in school to log on (tried it a few times) and so I wont be able to do it till after school.
  7. Good Morning Is there a plan to allow you to export just a certain set of reports from sims over to frog parent using the extractor, every time I need to upload reports for a set of students I have to pull every report for that student again, for a Y13 student who has been here since F1 thats a lot of reports!
  8. nward

    Widget - notifications

    I've been trying to test today, I get frog notifications for all posts, but i'm admin, I switched on email notifications but haven't received any. Ill have a further play around. Doesn't look like it will work in the way I hoped as most sites are public in school so if instruct parents to switch on notifications they'll get things that aren't relevant to them
  9. nward

    Widget - notifications

    Thank you, I did see that but wondered how they choose what noticeboards/forums they get notifications for? Or will it be all of them?
  10. nward

    Widget - notifications

    Is there a widget that will allow parents to receive email notifications when a post is made? Im trying to figure a way for parents to revive a notice when information is updated? They don't believe they should have to log on to check everyday. I guess i mean like firefly has when you can subscribe to a page?
  11. nward

    Image Carousel

    Is there a limit to how many pictures a carousel can hold?
  12. This looks great, thanks so much, staff will love it
  13. nward

    The Reveal

    What about us poor lot in Saudi, are we ever going to find out? :-)
  14. Im sure this has been asked before but I cant find it - using the form widget, when someone edits the submission through data viewer can you see who has made the edit? Thanking you :-)
  15. Been workiing on our platform well for weeks, had no trouble
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