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  1. Our fantastic FrogStore's new home is packed with easy-to-use, pre-built resources to make your life easier. View the full article
  2. A new teacher at Greenshaw High shares how they made sure their new term went smoothly. View the full article
  3. As we countdown to all the fun of summer, we wanted to offer some tips on ensuring that your platform is all set for the year ahead. Two of our kind schools have shared their plans to help you. Both schools based in Bristol, entirely separately, have shared with us their strategies for Teachers and Admins for their start of year preparation for Frog. Richard Gash at Collegiate School prepared a Word document for teachers – helping them set up their classes, remind them of some useful tools and inform them of elements of Frog they might not be aware of. View the full article
  4. Set Teams meetings inside Frog View the full article
  5. Gosforth Academy is a large high school located in Newcastle-upon-Tyne for Years 9-13. The school is part of the Gosforth Group Multi-Academy Trust. Adrian Tate is an ICT teacher and the school’s VLE Co-ordinator. View the full article
  6. We are delighted to share some stories with you from Frog schools about how they’ve used their platform to issue exam results.  FrogParent can distribute results via its SIMS Linked Documents* and many schools like Greenshaw use it for this purpose.  View the full article
  7. With this topic in the news at the moment, Greenshaw High School are sharing their fantastic Exam Invigilators Portal... View the full article
  8. Want to take your Frog knowledge to the next level or do you just need to find out how to do one thing? View the full article
  9. Encourage reading with this resource shared by Martyn Soulsby of North Lakes School. View the full article
  10. It's the Big Garden Watch this weekend! Last year North Lakes kindly shared a template to help you run your own Big Garden Watch. Although a weekend activity, North Lakes provided a space for pupils to upload images of birds they had watched and counted so they could catch up in their lessons and compare notes. Some updates have been made to this year's template, so please contact our Service Desk to be given access to the latest content ahead of this weekend's event. A lovely way to use tech for an off-screen activity! View the full article
  11. Set, distribute and provide feedback on assignments... View the full article
  12. Reach the parent community... View the full article
  13. Be ready to adapt with these top tips from Frog... View the full article
  14. We have wrapped our 2021 Ribbits and here's the top 5 most loved View the full article
  15. Just for fun... View the full article
  16. Last year you loved the animated snowfall and lights. View the full article
  17. Help people love Frog as much as you do! View the full article
  18. Media-rich sites are really popular with the kids... View the full article
  19. Missed the Frog21 Conference? View the full article
  20. Have you ever set Rules in Frog? View the full article
  21. Widgets can really transform your actions in Frog but there's lots of them to get to know. We will be introducing you to these useful additions through #WidgetoftheWeek. View the full article
  22. Whether in recognition of great work or good behaviour, a reward system is a really beneficial part of school-life. View the full article
  23. I've got to delete all the old user accounts and classes, it there are walkthrough for how to do it?
  24. It is time to get recognition for your activities in Frog! We are pleased to announce the release of the Frog Specialist and Genius certification. As part of the Frog Digital First Training, brought to you through the new Professional Development platform, we are offering the opportunity to test your Frog knowledge whilst working towards a Frog accreditation. How it works There are three levels to collect: 1. Frog Community Advocate Simply register yourself to collect level 1 2. Frog Community Specialist Demonstrate your understanding of Frog to collect this level. 3. Frog Community Genius Show complete mastery of Frog and share your knowledge to top the levels. Are you up for the challenge? View the full article
  25. With a decision from Government to move away from isolating bubbles and towards testing, here's you can manage it in your Frog platform... We asked a few of our schools how they intended to manage this new process in September and they've kindly shared their Covid19 Test Portals with us for inspiration. Using Frog Forms it is possible to quickly collect test results, obtain necessary consent and share important information. We have created a COVID19 Testing Portal that you can download from the FrogStore... To install on your platform Please access the FrogStore via the application link in your Frog platform and click install! Special thanks to Gosforth Academy and North Lakes School! View the full article
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