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Feedback - Registration attendance


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Hey everyone,

I've been looking into improving the registration attendance widget in order to make the data being shown more useful.  I have updated the widget now to show the calculated percentage attendance, as well as broken down the graph to show the attendance codes, rather than the MIS statistical meaning. 

I've added a screenshot - please note that this is a highly exaggerated graph and most likely real data would be much simpler:



There is also a new section in Frog Parent Manager that allows you to configure the 'present', 'absent' and 'ignore' states for each of the attendance codes - as well as changing the default description (which comes from your MIS system).

If this was to replace the current view of the widget would that cause people problems? Do you use / prefer the current view?

EDIT - So it turns out that keeping both the old view and adding the new view was pretty simple, so this will be a new "Attendance Summary (Breakdown)" option in the widget :)

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2 hours ago, pconkie said:

@adamw setting default values for the date filters too please! I get so many parents asking why they can only see this months data.  Have to explain about the filters!

So do you mean having an option to select month/three months/year or entering a start and end date into the widget when you put it on a page? The only downside I see to that is that you would need to remember to change that date every year.

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