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  1. Today is my last day at work! Just wanted to say thank you to everyone on the forums for the help, ideas and creative sharing! All the best!
  2. I think the original issue was the use of the word "Assignment" This school and my last school both use the word "Homework", if there was an option to choose between these two terms that would please everyone
  3. @Graham Quince CSS to hide the calendar application would be perfect. In the meantime I've used a create booking widget and hidden it from non-office users and haven't told people about the Calendar app and so far have hoped for the best!
  4. Hi @Graham Quince Ticket has been open since the end of September #QQC-725-11652 "experiencing issues" I'm a patient person most of the time!
  5. Having major problems with it not converting in testing, haven't told the staff about it yet for that reason
  6. Where can I find the sharing permissions for individual calendars? All I can see is calendar owner?
  7. Hello We're a Frog 3 / Learn school, slowly chipping away at the 3 bits! We currently use the Booking Calendar as an iPad Booking calendar where staff can enter their own bookings, if it's taken it's taken. For room requests however they use a form which goes through to the receptionist. She then checks the booking against the school calendar then adds it to a Frog 3 calendar which is accessed by a separate dedicated user account set up in Frog 3 (not my design just what I inherited!) Is there a way I can set up the booking calendar so only the receptionist can add items to a 'Hall' or 'Room 221' calendar, but other staff can add what they want to the 'iPad' Booking calendar. I've checked Groups and Policies but I can't see specifics for setting permissions on separate calendars. Thanks in advance Paul
  8. Just something fun for Halloween! Adapted from the Bouncing Frog head tutorial. Halloween.mp4
  9. paulmitchell1989


    Forgot to add - the teacher in question also said the kids who didn't get marks are the good kids
  10. paulmitchell1989


    Can I add my name to the list please? I had this a couple of weeks back with a teacher, Frog looked into it but I thought it was the pupils fault not completing the quiz correctly. Ticket number #MBU-524-77470 has all the details. Thanks
  11. Ah yes - we seem to have it as well https://www.wheelerslane.bham.sch.uk/frogos/app/os#!parentguide/welcome-3
  12. @Graham Quince Does this no longer work in Da Vinci? Only seeing glimpses of them under the new frog bar Thanks in advance
  13. If it's a dashboard site you have to search for the page to open it again, then use the data viewer. Da Vinci however broke this so I set the admin dashboard page as something different so I could search for the page and get the form results. This is going to be fixed on Wednesday though apparently according to the Hotfix email I got today
  14. @Matt My noticeboard widget underneath is set to 'Hide', the Frogcode widget however displays the full message
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