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  1. I was about to post a screenshot that I think showed the problem you've mentioned. Thanks for looking at it and good to hear there will be a fix applied in the next release.
  2. There were a few HTML widgets on the staff dashboard but no real CSS included in them (mostly java script). I tried removing all the HTML widgets from the staff dashboard, clearing my cache, cookies etc and tried reloading but that didn't change anything...
  3. I've just done a test post from scratch and initially the spacing at the top of the post isn't there but when you reload the page and go back to the post the large spacing appears again! Really odd. See the screenshot showing the post I just put on...
  4. The updated Noticeboard Widget is great and I'm loving the new features. However, there seems to be an issue with the spacing around posts... in simple terms they are quite big. You can see it on the attached screenshot. Has anyone else noticed this?
  5. All these updates the Noticeboard widget look great - this will certainly help with our quest to reduce all staff emails! I know I'm being impatient (and I may of already asked this) but when will we get this update?
  6. That's the main one for us. At the moment staff could edit or delete other posts on our noticeboard. Auto refresh or an icon to do it without having to refresh the whole platform please!
  7. Thanks for getting back to me... for a while I thought I wasn't making any sense! It's good to hear the MIS team are aware and hopefully it's something that can be implemented in the near future.
  8. Is it possible for FrogParent to display any detentions a student has been set alongside the individual behaviour and positive points it already shows? There is murmurs at our school to get parents to use ClassCharts to view behaviour information as our new behaviour team and a member of SLT likes the idea of parents seeing which detentions their child(s) has been set. But of course I want parents to continue using our parent portal in Frog to view behaviour data so having detentions shown through there would be a big win! There is a idea on the IdeasPortal which could use some more votes https://ideas.frogcommunity.com/ideas/FRG-I-356
  9. Like the look of these new features for the Noticeboard and Forum widgets - no more putting custom HTML in to insert a link! It would be great if they also had the ability to refresh the posts like you can on the Wall widget...
  10. What's the latest information on when this release will be rolled out to all Frog schools?? I did see an email at the start of December that said it had been pushed back till the w/c 8th January...
  11. The Booking Calendar is the last thing we need to replace on our platform to get us off Frog 3. Has there been any mention of MIS timetable data being pulled through into the FrogLearn calendars like in Frog 3?
  12. C Wilson

    Pupil Premium

    The ePortfolio seems like it would tick all the boxes... Did I mention she wants it this week
  13. C Wilson

    Pupil Premium

    Hi Sam, Not really I'm afraid! It's not a user group we are after. We have the list of PP students but the member of staff wants an area/page/site/folder for each PP student and a place for staff to upload documents related to that particular student plus their photo. I can't see how this can be done without creating a site for each student manually or even just a folder... unless there is another way... Chris
  14. C Wilson

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    I've had the following requests above from a member of staff. Can anyone think of a way of doing this through Frog or even outside of Frog?! Any advice welcome. Chris
  15. We have a red and blue week timetable. Any way of changing the colour of the text depending on the week??
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