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Seating Plan

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Can anyone point me in the right direction of the Seat Planner code which was referred to in one of the Frog Conference presentations? It is something teachers have been asking for (and would be great if it could link with MIS systems, like SIMS).

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Hi @Sue Busher,

Paul is happy to share FrogSeats with the wider Frog community, but as a deputy head, he is concerned about finding time to support his code.   Paul's code relies heavily on Frog's internal APIs which are subject to change by our developers.  When we update FrogLearn's code, the seating app may stop working.  I do not think any changes we are making in the Da Vinci release (October) will have an impact, but cannot guarantee that is the case.

If you're still happy to proceed, I can install FrogSeats for you and talk you through how to get started.

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9 minutes ago, Sue Busher said:

Are you planning on developing a widget that works with SIMs (or other MIS systems)? I can see how popular it would be, but, as you say, the issue is that it would be too risk to roll out and then it not work.

It's not on our immediate roadmap I'm afraid, which means it will be some time before we consider it.

We do partner with MINTClass, which has SSO from Frog and is really quite powerful.  It's worth taking a look at.

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