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Opinions on Dataviewer submissions from/about Archived users

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Hi all! 

We've currently got a decision to make in development (fixing a bug) on the best way of dealing with Form submissions where a user has either:

1) Submitted a form

2) Been picked in a form submission via the new 'User Picker' field

The bug is that if the user gets archived - you get an error when you try and EDIT the submission (viewing / exporting / deleting the submission seem to be okay, it is just editing that has the problem).

Rather than just making this decision without checking, I though it would be a good idea to get your opinions.

So which of these would you prefer:

A) Just fix it so that you can edit the submission (you can see which users are archived as the account will say _archived... so they will be distinguishable from existing users.)

B) When the user is archived, their submissions (from them / relating to them) are hidden from the dataviewer. (Are they no longer relevant?) If a user is archived accidentally / returns to the school - if they are unarchived the submissions will appear again!


Any other suggestions welcome!




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A from the outside would seam the easiest for you!! ;)

And from an "us" point of view... we use forms to collect behaviour data!!! So if a member of staff leaves we still would want to see the data, as its also about a student!!  Hope that make sense!!

So an A from me!!

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