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    Any update on this? I logged a support call on Monday regarding it expecting it to be a quick fix TBH! ?
  2. Is there a particular trick to actually updating the widget? I thought I managed to get it to update but I still have the broken image so I'm assuming I'm still on the older version:? I've managed to get it to show that there is an update available which seems to work but the version appears to be identical. If I disable, reimport/reinstall, then it just shows an error instead..
  3. Hi Graham - sorry to hijack an old thread but is the IT Helpdesk only available for install on request or should it be showing via the Frog Templates inside of Frogdrive? Had a quick look and didn't notice anything showing there!
  4. Hi - we have recently launched our portal for Governor Access based off the template that Frog graciously made available which has made our Governors happy. However, they are after some sort of notifications informing you of new files being uploaded or if new forum posts have been made. That way, our governors have an idea if something has been uploaded or posted at least when they log into the site. This could literally be a widget on the home page of the portal but I don't see anything which will do it for us. Am I missing something blatantly obvious or is it something which cannot be done?
  5. The height issue is definitely an issue for mobiles and sliders for sure! I was even toying with mobile detection code to serve up a different slider with different formatted pics to make it look nicer but I couldn't find a perfect solution. External links would be fine - we hardly ever use internal links on website sliders. More relevant for us to send people to documents hosted on Google, external websites and other links outside of Frog.
  6. Yeah - the problem with Assignment Monitor for us is too much data being made available to everyone. If it at least had a way of making data relating to assignments set by that member of staff only, then it might be more useful for us overall. As it stands, our SLT and Department Heads are the only people who are allowed access to it as we had a situation of a Key Stage coordinator trying to take his HOD to task for not setting homeworks due to his access to Assignment Monitor. That didn't go down too well within that department!
  7. Do you know if it something that will work on public-facing sites? We are looking at finding ways to add our twitter feed to our website homepage so if this something that could potentially work, then I'd be happy to try it out?
  8. Is it tweakable to resize the images when viewing in portrait on mobile? It fits fine when I view in landscape on a phone but the images are just cropped off on either side in portrait. Also, if you could in theory make certain slides clickable, then that would be even better!
  9. That is pretty handy that! Might well be a nice solution! I'm assuming that is something you have constructed yourself?
  10. Yeah - we have Assignment Monitor restricted for SLT and certain key members of staff due to issues with the amount of info it displays. So a solution that worked outside of that shows homework only set by that teacher (or classes co-taught) would be a much cleaner solution for us.
  11. Hi I've had a few teachers in recent months ask whether it is possible to see an overview of a particular class groups' assignments? They are after the facility to be able to click on a class, have all the tasks (with dates ideally showing) at the top, the students listed on the left and then 1/2 columns saying Handed In/Not Handed In and Completed/Not Completed. This would save those teachers having to do a lot of digging around either within Frog or having to dig into another mark book elsewhere and then exporting information out of that. They would just like this overview to be inside of Frog instead which I agreed should be something that seems do-able. The information is pretty much there already but I don't think there is a screen within either Assignment Manager or Monitor which shows all the info on one screen. The info is more limited to what I can see within a single assignment but if you have set a number of tasks, and you have a Parents Evening coming up, then it would be very handy to just see an overview to show to parents. Does this seem like something actually doable? John
  12. johnmorris01

    SMTP Email

    We ended up using a local server to relay the emails to Gmail ( we have a GSuite for Education setup and a 365 one as well) via IIS/SMTP, The 365 one was going to require some tweaks to our DNS configuration but we can only change that via RM Support Helpdesk each time so was just less hassle going via Google instead!
  13. @Sue Busher - should be most of our slider code. Some slight tweaks with links removed which aren't necessary to make it work.
  14. Did this ever move along? Our Governors are still interested in finding out more on which areas of our school website are being accessed and I've literally nothing to tell them other than overall visits/types of devices used via using Woopra. Frog Analytics of no use at all either in terms of this and we've still zero ideas on how has at least linked up their phone to the MyFrog app so cannot feedback at all in terms of the take up of it!
  15. Yeah - we have the same issue (amongst other gripes with the Booking Calendar!) and so I have to manually delete the bookings via the Booking Calendar app instead.
  16. That was what I thought - we only need it on our externally available website so there should be unique links displaying for folks not logged in. I can see the increase in Woopra stats so it is definitely tracking more but the actual page visit info is still just app/os or app/os?website so we still don't know which actual pages have been looked at. Not sure if I need to alter the tracking code or whether the #! in the URL causes the Woopra tracking to truncate the URL?
  17. We've had our tracking code inserted into our website theme so that it should appear on all of the pages but we still just see /app/os or /app/os?site=website as the URLs viewed.
  18. Did you get ever get anywhere with publishing a widget which also captured the page name? That side of it would be very useful for us with our school website as we are very keen to ascertain which sections are visited! We have the standard Woopra tracking code which is useful in capturing info in terms of visitors but obviously no good for Froglearn sites as we just see a lot of "app/os" page visits!
  19. I don't think you can have it on for one user, I think it is a case of toggling the 'Display Name for first and/or second name from within System Preferences/MIS Importer/Display Name.for all users.
  20. Still a problem - we are awaiting the next hotfix to fix it but still no date given yet as to when it is being released. I was hoping for this week during Half Term for us but doesn't seem likely.
  21. I was just messing around with this finally and noticed something odd. If I have this within an HTML widget on a page, it seems to mess up the External Link widget for some reason. The widget options for the External Link widget are removed and if you click on an existing External Link widget on the page, it just resets that link back to default when you click off it. Any obvious reason why it seems to interfere with the External Link widget?
  22. Apparently a bug that has been discovered on sites that had been given publically shared before the latest update was installed. Newly created sites since the update aren't affected but if you had an existing site with public access, then you will see the glitches!
  23. I have just logged a call with the Helpdesk but wondering if anyone has noticed this issue. Since the Hotfix last week, it seems the 'Responsiveness' aspect of the Frog sites have become a bit broken! We are seeing scroll bars appearing on sites that are shared publically, sites don't dynamically resize when resizing your browser window and just generally misbehaving! We also see an Error 500 on some API call inside of the developer console so don't know if that is related to it? Just wondering if other folks have noticed any weird visual issues since the patch was installed?
  24. IGNORE MY LAST POST - finally realised I think what I had set wrong!
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