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Graham Quince

Custom login screens

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Nice. Just got the site setup for our new install, and cobbled this together for now.

I'm sure we'll come up with something more adventurous in the future.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 12.09.44.png

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    • By emoseley
      The tadpoles at our school have a hard time logging in.   I have already suggested a graphical login but this (QR Codes)  might be even better.    I was going to add it myself when it turns out @Graham Thorpe had added it.   Vote if you can at the link below if you agree.  
    • By emoseley
      We are using FrogLearn with our younger students Object-based password would be ideal for our tadpoles ages 3-5 to log into the platform.   Example instead of typing in a password student would be able to select an icon combination. If you like this idea please vote for it.   

    • By K.Ermit
      I'm trying to design a banner for the default theme, but I'm not sure what the correct resolution / size should be.
    • By Pete Foulkes
      I wanted to change the background of the sub-menu tabs on the default theme '250'. The tabs currently have a translucent background but I would like it to be a solid colour to make the button text more visable. If anyone knows of the HTML code I need it would be greatly appreciated as i'm relatively new to coding.
      Many thanks in advance.
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