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    HR Administrator

    Hi Chikur Hope you are well I have raised a ticket on our Frog Service Desk for this particular issue which we will investigate this further, and contact you shortly with an update. If you have any issues in the meantime please let me know Thanks Jamie
  2. Hi @pdurber Hope you are well I have created a support ticket for you and I will respond on the ticket regarding this issue. Many Thanks Jay
  3. Jay

    Due Dates changing

    Hi @emoseley I can see that a Support ticket has been created for you under ticket reference: WFT-174-91352 and our Development Team are currently investigating this further which we will update you with further feedback on the support ticket as soon as possible. Many Thanks Jay
  4. Jay


    Hi @pdurber The Messages application is only turned ON for admins in Frog by default, which I have created a help section for this application on our Knowledgebase which is currently being reviewed and will be published shortly. In order to turn this feature ON by profile / group you would need to login to Frog as an Admin > Open the Groups and Policies application > search for the profile for example "Staff" > select the profile / group > Click the "Edit" button > Make sure you are on the Policy tab > On the right click "Apps" > Click "Messages" > You can then add the relevant roles for the Messages application by click the "+" buttons > Turn "ON" the roles on the left menu > Click the "Save" button. Please see screenshot attached of these roles in Groups and Policies required to use the Messaging application in Frog. If you require any further assistance or have any other questions please let me know Many Thanks Jay
  5. Hi @ADT I will get a support ticket created for you regarding this and update you on the ticket regarding this issue. Many Thanks Jay
  6. @ADT For example if you click into "09d/It1" on the row for J Dunn you will see that there is a blue dot which indicates the unread message. Many Thanks Jay
  7. Hi @ADT The icon indicates that there are unread messages related to assignments within those Markbook's. If you open the Markbook and click on one of the columns it will then take you to that assignment and you will be able to find the unread message as a blue dot will appear next to the student. You should also be able to find further information regarding the assignment messaging by clicking the Help icon in Frog > Markbook > Assignment Messaging. If you have any issues or questions please let me know Many Thanks Jay
  8. Jay

    Parents signature

    Hi @ann As per @ADT response I would also suggest creating a site and using the Form widget and asking parents to complete this when they have checked student's homework. If you have any questions please let me know Many Thanks Jay
  9. Jay

    Select Date Widget

    Hi @pdurber The Select Date widget will not facilitate this functionality in Frog, however you could potentially try using the HTML widget on the site and enter custom code into the widget in order to facilitate this in Frog. @Graham Quince Are you able to assist with this one? If you have any issues or questions please let me know Thanks Jay
  10. Jay

    Duplicating Sites

    @ADT No I have checked and that ticket which is with our Development Team is relating to downloading the site which was due to the amount of photos on the timeline. Thanks Jay
  11. Jay

    Duplicating Sites

    Hi @ADT Happy New Year When you duplicate a site it will only duplicate the widgets and pages on the site and if you have set a background image or have a media widget that has an image on this will also be copied across, however this will not copy any files or uploads that have been uploaded to any File Drop or Timeline widget's of the original site and these will need to be uploaded manually to your duplicated site. If you have any further questions or issues please let me know Thanks Jay
  12. Hi @MarkB Yes as @adamw has said I would suggest when assigning the assignment when you add the group, if you click "Convert to individuals" this should then allow you to reopen the assignment for each individual student rather than for the whole group of students. If you have any issues or questions please let me know Many Thanks Jay
  13. Jay

    Group randomiser

    Hi @pdurber You can create a site and have the "Random Name" widget on the site and then using the minimise button the windows which will shrink the window so that you can then open other sites or applications in Frog. I have provided a screenshot below which shows how you can have multiple sites open at once in Frog. If you have any issues or questions please let me know Many Thanks Jay
  14. Jay

    Text widget issues

    Hi @R Naylor I have raised a support ticket for you regarding this issue on our Service Desk and I will investigate this issue further. Many Thanks Jay
  15. Jay

    CS Teacher

    Hi Nejat I can see that my colleague Connor has logged a ticket on our Service Desk which he is currently waiting for a response from you regarding the name of the assignment so that we can investigate this further. If you can please provide the name of the assignment so that we can have a further look into this for you. Many Thanks Jay
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