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  1. ann

    MyFrog app

    @Graham Quince Can you tell us what else is currently planned for the App?
  2. ann

    MyFrog app

    Get voting 😃😃😃
  3. ann

    MyFrog app

    Hi Graham We have been looking at the app (as you know 😃 ) and would like to suggest the option to be able to schedule messages. Do yo know if this will be an option in the future? Ann
  4. Hi This code is almost exactly what I need. - can anyone help me with amendments to achieve the following. We would like to automatically show the tutor dashboard to tutors during tutor time. all other staff would go to the default staff dashboard so for........ Staff in usergroups "tutor year 7" & 'Tutor year group 8' etc logged in on School IP address Mon - Fri between 8.30 and 8.55 show the Tutor Time dashboard rather than the default staff dashboard I would guess that the showing of a different site could be dealt with using rules but how do change the code to show a frog site rather that 'not show a widget' as it is currently written Any help gratefully received Ann
  5. HI I understand how Sims updates behaviour point to Frog and that it is a one way process, so we have to use the Frog Parent Manager to manually delete entries when necessary. I'd love to know how other schools manage this? If staff don't tell me they have removed behaviour points or updated the record in SIMS then Frog is going to be out of sync with SIMS. We have a lot of historical behaviour points that have been removed form SIMS but are left in Frog and obviously as this is were the parents look for information about the child, they are potential getting incorrect information. Currently we are only showing the total number of points (and even that cannot be guaranteed to be correct). The ability to give parents access to information about the child is really useful but not when it is incorrect. Some parents are questioning 'everything' based on the idea that if one thing is wrong how can we be sure anything is correct? Ann
  6. ann

    Google Calendar widget

    @gblich We use google calendars and use the features @pconkie suggests, It does work really well once you get to grips with it, Ann
  7. Hi @Graham Quince Strangely the display is centred today!
  8. Hi Is there any way I can get a nested page to be centred on a page? I have created a number of pages with three equal columns - each one has an text widget containing an icon image linked to various places. Each of these 3 column pages are then nested onto one page. It looks fine on a PC as all three columns show across the page but on a phone it justifies to the left.upsetting the design. Thanks Ann
  9. Hi @Graham Quince All sort out now, I hadn't 'deployed and updated package.. Thanks Ann
  10. Hi @Graham Quince. I can see in code editor that the image is now a double frog . However,It is not showing on the widget in the widget selection panel it still has the original black icon with a white W Ann
  11. HI I am trying to update a the widget image on a widget I have created (well @Graham Quince created really) . I can't get the image to change. I have called it icon.png.. I have clicked on Update Image in the assets / Icon.png section and it uploads the new image but does not use it. I have logged out and logged in again . The original image that was in place is still used when I look at the widget list, but it has disappeared under assests/icon.png Ann
  12. Another (small) problem In order to give the staff with slow computers the choice I created a page with 3 HTML widgets that were set to open Google, office 365 and Class Charts. I put a link on the dashboard.to the page Issues I had with this, because I am linking to a page with the html, that page (quite correctly) then opened alongside the others. which caused an issue until I tested it with the page hidden and then the additional page left opened was defaulted to the dashboard home page.. The only problem with that is now the user has two dashboard pages open (in addition to the other 3 new tabs)- can anyone see a way round that?. Or a better way of doing it Ann
  13. Hi Graham I've talked it over with our IT manager and he also said that for staff with slow computers this could more of a nuisance than a benefit so we have decided to create a link to a page that will open all the regularly used programmes at once, whilst still having individual links available too. Thanks for your help, the code will be very useful Ann
  14. HI Graham Thanks for you help, We do already have a link to google on the staff dashboard but wanted to have google open automatically. I have done some testing on creating a different landing page with only html widgets that first points to google and then to the staff dashboard (so the dashboard is the one that is displayed) . That seems to work well, do you foresee any issues with doing that? In addition to opening a google tab we are also looking at logging the staff member straight into their 365 account (also on a new tab) , do you know if that is possible? Ann PS how do you have two homepages - do you mean using the frog dots?
  15. Hi Do any of you clever people know how we can make Google open into a new tab when staff log into Frog. We used to do it in Frog 3 with "autorun" but I can't work out how to do it in Html Thanks Ann
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