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  1. As our dashboard has a lot of white the snow flakes disappear. So I was looking to see if we could put in some that had a shadow or darker outline but I cannot see where the flakes are defined in the code. Can you help please @Graham Quince
  2. Hi Clare Possibly. We only put links to FrogSites in the learning locker so I am looking for a list of what is in all the learning lockers so I can check the links are correct. Would that information be in the report? Thanks
  3. Could we have the embed code for this video please? Ann
  4. Having spent a lot of time adding site links into the numerous learning lockers for all our subjects I would like to be able to produce a report on what is linked in each of them to check that they are all correct. The only way I can see to check them is to go into each leaning locker and check what is there. Obviously a time consuming project. Is there any way I can produce a list? Thanks Ann
  5. I would like to create a page for parents and another for students that just displays the messages that have been sent to them. I have embedded the app on a page and set the group policies to 'Access Messages" and "role.app message inbox" on and the others off.. When I test it on a parent account is does not show any received messages even though they do show on their timeline so I know they have received one. can anyone tell me where I am going wrong. Thanks
  6. ann

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    Ahh, ok that's and idea, thank you
  7. ann

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    We use Class Charts which I believe updates SIMS in real time with behaviour and detentions etc but as i mentioned I don't know SIMS very well so... could you tell me if it possible to put a detention onto a students timetable in SIMS?
  8. ann

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    @Graham Quincewhen you say 'Timtabled' do you mean added to the students timetable in SIMS? I don't use SIMS much so I don't know how it all works
  9. ann

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    HI Sorry I misunderstood the teachers request. Is there a way to add a detention to a students calendar and then get the parent to sign to say they have seen it? The form idea would work for the signatures but can we bring detentions through to the students calendar from SIMS?
  10. ann

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    Thank you for your suggestions I did think of a form but I was just wondering if there was anything specifically tied up with assignments that could be used Ann
  11. ann

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    Is there a process for parents to electronically sign to say they have checked their child's homework Thanks Ann
  12. @Graham Quince Can you tell us what else is currently planned for the App?
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